LinkedIn Network  What is it? + Tips ▷ 2020

LinkedIn is a good tool to create contacts that help you grow in your business and improve your personal brand. For this it is necessary to have the as many professional connections as possible.

Increasing your network of contacts is not a simple task, since you will need to know techniques that will help you find people and companies that benefit you.

In the next paragraphs you will find a complete guide of what the network is LinkedIn, what are its benefits and how you can do to grow your network. Do not miss anything, if you want to have professional success.

What is the LinkedIn network and what is it for?

What is the LinkedIn network and what is it for?

LinkedIn is a social network in which the people involved seek a business and professional relationship for the permanent improvement of their jobs and activities. In this way members can find update events on different topics that interest them.

Some of these may be courses, new technologies, conferences and publications of third-party documents. For this reason, it is convenient participate in this network of contacts to find new jobs. Or, for the other people can recommend a collaborator when you want to fill a position in your company.

What are the benefits of having a broad network on LinkedIn?

When you have one wide network of contacts on LinkedIn you will have the possibility to create more business opportunities because you will find customers and suppliers more easily. At the same time, it will allow you find jobs according to the activity in which you are an expert. But this is not all, you will also have the advantage that You can be recommended by another member so that you can occupy a job or to advise on a specific issue.

If you have a wide network, you will have more opportunities to promote your personal brand and exchange ideas with other colleagues, since you can contact them directly without any intermediary. By last, you can upload your resume in an easy way, so that anyone interested in your profile will not need to ask you for anything, since they will be able to publicly find the data that interests them the most.

Tips to grow your professional network on LinkedIn

Tips to grow your professional network on LinkedIn

If you want to grow your network you must follow these tips:

Invite your friends

The first thing you should do is invite your circle of trust to contact you. In this way, The LinkedIn algorithm will start looking for profiles related to yours to suggest that you follow some users. The same will happen in reverse, it will appear to other members your profile.

Import contacts from other platforms

One of the functions it has LinkedIn is to allow import the contacts from your email and your mobile. In this way, you will have a great step already completed, since this task is done in a automatic.

Invite people from groups in your sector

When you enter your profile, you include the university where you studied and made specializations and the places where you have worked. With this, the LinkedIn algorithm will show you professionals who have studied and worked in the same placesFor this reason, it will propose that you incorporate them into your network of contacts.

At the same time you can manually search for people who have an experience somewhere that interests you. Therefore, if you want to expand your network, you can invite them to be part of your contacts in this way.

Interact on other posts

When you give your opinion, you recommend posts from other users, you will make yourself more visible. This will start you meeting users who follow other important accounts in which you gave an opinion. With this you will have more chances that the same accept your request because they know your thoughts and criteria.

Study the statistics

LinkedIn offers the possibility that you know which companies have read some of your content and who have made a comment or shared it. This will help you more securely contact those members when you send them a personalized invitation.

Integrate LinkedIn groups

By having the possibility of finding groups that have activities related to your interest, you can find a large number of contacts to whom you can invite to connect. For this it is convenient that you inform them that they belong to the same group and that you like their contributions to it.

Invite reference professionals

One of the great advantages it offers LinkedIn is that you will be able to connect with personalities who have a criterion recognized at the public level and it is considered a good contribution to the profession. Listen to his podcasts and watch his videos, then invite him to connect by telling him all the things you do with his content.

Post content of interest

When you do interesting posts for your colleagues, they are likely to make the invitation to connect with you. For this reason, It is a good idea to upload motivational stories, videos according to your profession and any other new information that exists in the industry..

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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