LinkedIn Product Pages  What are they? + Examples ▷ 2020

LinkedIn is a professional network with multiple interesting functionalities for companies to publicize their services. Such is the case of LinkedIn product pages. What are they, what are they for and how can you make the most of them? If you want to know, keep reading.

With the product pages, you make the presence of your business portal much more visible. In addition, your content gets a greater reach, with which you can reach a specific audience.

By means of extension, your customers will have easy access to the product or service in specific that interests them of your company.

What is a LinkedIn Product Page and what are they for?

What is a LinkedIn Product Page and what are they for?

In addition to being able to subscribe to a version Premium, and link your social media profiles, LinkedIn it also provides the ability to create product pages. What is a LinkedIn Product Page and what are they for? The product pages They are extensions of LinkedIn that fulfill the objective of highlighting the services of a company. A page manager uses the platform to highlight a business unit or an organization’s initiative to a specific audience.

They are designed to build long-term customer relationships. You can use them to share updated content to members who follow the page. The extension has its own url, which you can post on various social networks. Only the admin of a LinkedIn homepage is allowed to create a product page. In total, you can create up to 10 pages of products from the same home page.

What are the benefits of having a Product Page on this social network?

The product pages allow you to differentiate the product lines of your company in different sections and in a personalized way. However, What are the benefits of having a product page on this social network?

Let’s see below:

  • Greater visibility: Both the business line you are looking to promote and the company in general benefit from use product pages to highlight services.
  • Greater reach: Product pages can appear multiple times in multiple groups, independent of your company’s home page. Therefore, you cover more digital terrain. In such a way, you can receive more visits, both for the main page and products.
  • Segmentation: As mentioned above, you can segment your company’s business lines. This way you can target content to a specific audience, without overwhelming them with information that is not of interest for that audience.
  • Independent analysis: The analytics of a product page are totally independent of the performance of the main page of a company. So, you can see with greater accuracy what interests you to your target audience.
  • Features: Product pages offer interesting features for the company.

Among those functionalities are:

  • Notifications about the activity on the page.
  • Upgrades with sponsorship.
  • You can highlight groups of the community.
  • You are allowed manage social media content.
  • The product pages appear in search results for business ads on LinkedIn.
  • The community members can follow the page of products.

Learn step by step how to create a Product Page on LinkedIn

Learn step by step how to create a Product Page on LinkedIn

It is possible to make a product page from the home page of LinkedIn or from the main page of the platform.

Learn step-by-step how to create a product page on LinkedIn:

From the home page

  • Enter the LinkedIn home page. Next, click on the icon “Job”.
  • In the next window, click on “Create a company page”. Then click on “Products page”.
  • It will request to enter required information. All required fields are indicated with an asterisk.
  • You must click on the confirmation box. Thus you accept the right to act as a representative of the company or organization to create a product page.
  • Finally, click on “Create page”.

From the main page

  • Enter the administration center of the page that will be associated with the products page. You must log in.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, tap on “Administrator tools”.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the option to “Create product page”.
  • You must enter a new name for product page and Url of your company page.
  • Finally, click on “Create page”. You will be redirected to the admin center screen for what edit the product page to your liking.


Products page can only be associated with a LinkedIn homepage. It is also not possible to migrate from a LinkedIn to a product page. The analyzes of both pages are worked independently on the platform. You also can’t transfer followers from a home page to a product page. Finally, members of the platform can follow as many product pages or main pages they want.

5 Examples of Successful Products Page on LinkedIn to Inspire You to Make Your Own

5 Examples of a Successful Product Page on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, product pages are quite common, as large companies use them to stand out in a personalized way its lines of products and services.

If you’re still not sure about creating one, here are 5 examples of successful LinkedIn Product Pages to inspire you to build your own:

It is a product page created by Google and offered from the LinkedIn platform. Nowadays, has more than 700,000 followers. It is a space that deals with topics on digital marketing, profitable practices, search trends, industrial intelligence and knowledge about marketing. Further, Google has multiple other product pages.

Is a product page associated with the e-commerce giant. Notably Amazon has another 9 pages to its name. In this case, Amazon Pay is responsible for presenting information about the check-in and check-out of the users of the platform e-commerce. Currently, the product page has more than 38,000 followers.

It was previously known as Microsoft Office,is now Microsoft 365. It is a product page referring to the services offered by the technology giant. He has around 200,000 followers, and share content about the most used applications and how to adapt them to your work environment for greater productivity.

Facebook It is one of the most used social networks in the world. Of course, it also has a product page developed on the platform of LinkedIn. He has just over 100,000 followers, and handles topics on how to boost your business, tips and practices to achieve your business goals, and much more.

It is a product page associated with the media outlet The New York Times. They take care of create and share marketing content and influential communication tools for the global audience. He currently has more than 7,500 followers.

Tips to get the most out of your Product Pages

If you are thinking of create a product page for your company, you must know how to make the most of its performance.

For this reason, we offer you a series of tips to get the most out of your product pages on LinkedIn:

Is a product page better than a company page?

The product pages They are quite useful to publicize the main page of the company. You only include a brief description, your work sector, the URL of your homepage on LinkedIn and the company’s website. You don’t need to overwhelm your followers with additional information.

Product pages offer multiple benefits

Unlike a company home page, product pages allow you to segment communication with your followers. As an administrator of a product page you have access to independent statistics, so you can analyze in more detail the performance of each service separately.

Organize your management time

A product page is a new medium which also takes time. Necessary make frequent updates to gain more followers, and get users interested in that specific product. If you go to create a product page, take into consideration if it’s worth it develop a new segmentation of services of your company.

Evaluate your type of company

Product pages are designed for businesses that need maintain efficient communication with target audiences interested in specific lines of business. For example, services that differ from each other, such as electricity and water. It is also designed for multinationals that manage different brands in the market.

How many pages are necessary?

LinkedIn allows you to create up to 10 product pages associated with a main company page. If your company has multiple lines of business, and you need a platform to make them stand out separately, it may suit you use LinkedIn extensions.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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