LinkedIn Skills  What are they? + How to Validate ▷ 2020

Nowadays, LinkedIn is considered the most preferred professional social network for creating work relationships, in order to get business opportunities. Therefore, it is ideal to publicize your work, know how other people in your sector move, improve your personal brand, find a good job and attract potential clients.

Therefore, it is worth knowing how this platform works and How you should take advantage of all the options it offers to make yourself known to companies with which you would like to collaborate. One of these options refers to the famous “LinkedIn Skills” that are essential to distinguish between all the professionals present in the social network.

In that sense, it is important to know in what these skills are and what they are for, like bear in mind its biggest advantages Y how they should be handled, added and validated within the platform. Therefore, below, we will detail all that information of interest.

What are LinkedIn skills and what are they for on my profile?

Basically, LinkedIn skills consist of revealing those skills that you think you have and that define you as a professional, so that other members of the social network, whether they are colleagues, colleagues, managers or bosses, can know what your skills are. Since, once they access your profile, they will proceed to visualize what your professional talents are.

Thus, this type of information on LinkedIn It serves to offer a very fast and global vision about your skills in the professional environment to which you belong. Since, the platform allows you to show each one of them explicitly, summarized and grouped. So that, are described in the form of “keywords”.

However, apart from specifying information of value for the rest of the users of the social network, the skills of LinkedIn they can also help position your profile as a professional. Which is why, they work as an excellent personal marketing tool, since they achieve build trust in a potential recruiter. Influencing, in addition, to give you visibility.

What are the benefits of having verified skills on my profile?

What are the benefits of having verified skills on my profile?

It is no secret to anyone that, in general terms, the professional environment is extremely changeable and It is no longer enough to have an updated CV to distinguish yourself from so many people eager to find a job. Therefore, it is necessary to keep up to date to be able to respond to the real requirements of companies, in addition to knowing yourself and differentiating yourself from the rest with the aim of adding value.

That is why, currently, it is essential to advertise digitally on platforms such as LinkedIn for so produce much more interest in users in your sector. In such a way, they can be evidenced the benefits of having verified skills in your social network profile.

Which, we point out immediately:

  • It allows make a difference on your LinkedIn profile, so it is ideal to distinguish yourself from other professionals in your sector.
  • If bosses do a search related to your skills (by keywords), they will find your profile and you are likely to be chosen as the right person to fill that position.
  • Once you have verified your professional skills in your profile, the platform will proceed to show you job advertisements linked to the skills you have in common.
  • They also influence generate more business opportunities. Since, you get related ads and most bosses will be able to reach you through your verified skills.
  • Thanks to the fact that the social network takes care of associating your skills with those of other professionals and with those of other communities, it will be easier connect with numerous people and companies that may interest you.
  • Without a doubt, verifying your skills manages to generate more trust in other users of the platform. Since, in that way, it will be supporting or “Giving faith” that you actually have the skills indicated.
  • Also, the more validations you get in a fitness determined on LinkedIn, more weight will have your professional positioning for related searches. Reason why, you will gain better visibility.

How many skills can I have in my professional LinkedIn profile?

How many skills can I have in my professional LinkedIn profile?

Regarding the amount of skills that LinkedIn allows adding in a professional profile, we highlight that the social network it only offers the possibility of adding up to a maximum of 50 skills in a certain profile. Taking into account that, in the first place, Only the 10 skills that have received the most validations will be observed and, therefore, they are the ones that companies and / or contractors appreciate the most.

Therefore, it is recommended in these cases not include more than 15 skills in a profile within the platform to further refine the search. In addition to that, it is also advised order these skills according to their importance. Considering also that there is a section called “Core Skills” and in it, you must select the three most important professional skills. Since, will be the ones that will appear as highlighted in your professional profile and they will be able to get more votes in favor or validations.

On the other hand, apart from the main block, certain extra blocks are also available that are more extensive, such as “Knowledge of the Sector”, “Tools and Technologies”, “Interpersonal Skills” and “Languages”. Thus, in each of these sections, you can add other specific skills that have less relevance compared to the three main skills.

Learn step by step how to add skills to your profile and validate them

Now, if you find yourself managing and enriching your LinkedIn profile, you will ask yourself how you can add professional skills to your profile and then validate them and achieve optimal positioning on the social platform.

Consequently, here we will explain each of the steps to follow to do it correctly:

Add skills

In the first instance, the essential thing is to know how to add skills to your profile corresponding to this social network.

Next, we show you step by step how to carry it out:

  • In case you still do not show skills in your profile, you have to start with add this section and an attitude. For that, click on the “I” icon at the top of the home page and click on “View profile”.

Add skills

  • Now, in the new section that appears and under your name, click where it says “Add section”.
  • Next, in the drop-down menu that is observed, it is time to select the option “Aptitudes”.
  • Finally, inside the Aptitude text box, write the one you want to show and choose it from the drop-down menu that appears there. When you click on it and click the button “Add”, it will be included in your skill list automatically.

Add skills

On the other hand, to add more skills on subsequent occasions, that is, after selecting the indicated section, the process to follow consists of:

  • Go to the icon “I” and click “View profile”.
  • Second, scroll down to the section “Skills and validations” at the bottom, to there press the option “Add a new skill”.

Add skills

  • Next, a pop-up window will be shown where you have to type the name of an aptitude from the text box, and then choose it. If the skill in question does not appear, choose to write the full name and click on it to add it.

Validate skills

Now once you’ve added a professional skill to your profile platform, all your skills included can be validated to reinforce your position in the first degree of weighting. This means that when your skills are supported, they will contribute to the strength of your profile and increase your chances of being discovered for a job.

Therefore in LinkedIn, it is not necessary to request a skills validation, officially, to receive one. So that, that process will depend on the connections that approve your skills and when this happens, by default, you will receive a notification.

But, in case you want to approve the aptitudes of a contact so that he can have a solid profile on the social network, you can proceed as follows:

  • First, at the top of the screen specifically in the search bar, write the name of the contact to whom you want to validate their skills and when it is displayed, click on it.
  • Later, in the profile of the user in question, go to the section “Skills and validations” on the bottom.
  • There, find the professional skill you want to approve of that user and press the plus symbol (+) next to it.
  • Done the above, the icon will turn into a “check” and that means you have already validated it.

Validate skills

In the same way, you can proceed with the other skills what you want validate.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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