Live Streaming  What is it? + Benefits for Companies ▷ 2021

Broadcast live is an activity that, with increasing frequency, users incorporate into their marketing strategies. The main reason behind it is that it allows you to establish a close bond with those who are interested in your brand or company.

In a slightly more technical way, this practice is known under the term of Live Streaming. If you want to learn in depth about it, in this post we will explain What is it, how does it work and what advantages does it have to enhance your marketing campaigns?

In addition to this, we will indicate some ways in which large companies apply this type of transmission to boost their brands, as well as the best live streaming platforms available today.

What is Live Streaming and what is this form of live video for?

What is Live Streaming and what is this form of live video for?

Before starting, it is essential to know what Live Streaming is. In a simple way, it can be said that is the transmission of data (audio and / or video) that occurs live, hence the use of the term “live”. Consequently, anyone who has access to the relevant tools can transmit content in real time to other users, regardless of their geographical location.

It is worth mentioning that Internet speed plays a major role for both the transmitter and the receiver. This means that the loss of connection negatively affects the enjoyment of the content. This format allows you to consume any type of material without having to download it, which represents a complete evolution in the digital environment.

What are the advantages of Live Streaming for brands and companies today?

Live streaming has become a powerful tool used by brands and companies today. It serves to publicize products, services, events, or improve their visibility on digital platforms. They represent an alternative to communicate with the consumer in a clear and organic way. Apart from that, you can approach any topic in a much more fluid and comprehensive way.

However, more specifically the following main advantages can be mentioned:

  • High profit margin: Compared to other audiovisual productions, live videos do not require more resources for transmission. This reduces costs.
  • Attractive way to communicate: This type of format is one of the most attractive and with the greatest potential to attract users, since they represent a more open and transparent way of connecting.
  • Increase the quality of viewings: Most users spend more time watching live video than pre-recorded content. This means that it is a great way to retain their attention.
  • It allows to incorporate graphic resources: you can place graphic resources to improve understanding by your audience. For example, the use of charts, graphs, and even body gestures are helpful.
  • They are interactive: because people who join Live Streaming can comment, ask, react and much more. As a consequence, videos achieve greater reach and retention capacity for users.

Uses of Live Streaming How can this live video streaming technology be used?

Uses of Live Streaming How can this live video streaming technology be used?

In the first instance, It should be mentioned that lives have a wide variety of benefits within a marketing strategy. However, you have come to wonder How can it be used?.

Well, we will show you some methods where it is worth implementing Live Streaming:

Interact with your audience

It is one of the most common uses, since during this type of transmission you keep in touch in real time with your followers. Therefore, you improve engagement and even the conversion rate many times over. If you want have close contact with your target audience, you can always turn to Live Streaming to get it. Remember to do it naturally and show real interest in answering user questions, reading their comments, etc.

Transmission of events

Another use of this type of material is to broadcast events. For example, it is possible to share a soccer game, an event that is of relevance, a contest that is taking place in person, etc. Anyway, serves to make users feel part of the event. Even today many personalities monetize these activities. In this same vein, they sell a ticket virtually, to enjoy events such as concerts over the Internet.

Test products

One of the best ways to show the quality of a product is testing it in real time. The reason is that this way the possibilities of falling into material edited at the brand’s convenience are eliminated. Therefore, if you are launching your product and you want the public to know its benefits live, planning a Live Stream for it is an excellent idea. Due, you will generate greater confidence.

Present a company

When you are launching a new company, it can be of great help to resort to the use of Live Streaming. For example, there are some who have taken advantage of this resource to share relevant content or facilities with your audience.

Share important information

Finally, another use that can be given is to share priority information. In this sense, if you have something to communicate to your followers. What better way to do it than live? The positive thing about it is that you can help clarify doubts that are present in the moment.

Learn about the ways in which companies are using Live Streaming to boost their brands on the Internet

This trend is growing, so it is not surprising that today there are already large companies that have taken advantage of Live Streaming.

To give you a general idea of ​​how recognized brands apply it, here are some cases:


Spotify is a streaming music service, so they know very well the advantages of this type of method. So they took advantage of Periscope to execute a very interesting and creative marketing strategy. This way, use the Periscope platform to broadcast exclusive performances. Some examples are live performances by famous guest musicians.

Marc jacobs

The renowned fashion brand used Live Streaming to its advantage. In this case, via Periscope, carried out the launch of its spring-summer 2016 collection. What’s interesting is that not only did people get an exclusive view of the collection, they were also given the opportunity to ask the designers questions.


It is another fashion brand that knew how to make smart use of the reach of Live Streaming. They designed a whole strategy around Facebook Live, which achieved surprising results. Specifically, developed a contest with a dynamic in which the followers had to correctly answer a series of questions. Over 300,000 comments were posted, and the number of views increased rapidly.

List of the best Live-Streaming platforms that you should know to boost your online brand

List of the best Live-Streaming platforms that you should know to boost your online brand

Now what you know all the data about this tool, it was time to put its effectiveness to the test. To do this, pFirst you have to select an app that suits what you need.

To guide you on the subject, we provide you with a list of the 5 best Live-Streaming platforms to enhance your online brand:

Facebook Live

This is the most popular Live Streaming social network. The most obvious benefit of the platform is its user base. Remember that Facebook It is the most used social network, so there are greater facilities for your brand to grow.

In a more technical way, Facebook Live puts at your disposal a series of data and metrics with which you can analyze the efficiency of your marketing strategy. Besides, live videos are displayed in the latest news section and they are in a prime position when it is broadcasting.

Twitter Live Stream

It is possible to take advantage of live streaming via Twitter. With the help of Periscope, the platform got the live streaming service fully integrated into it. One of the great advantages here is that the contents can be viralized more easily, because they are re-shareable. Many important personalities in the world have used this way to communicate with their audience.


Currently, Instagram is one of the most used social networks along with Facebook. For that reason, it is not surprising that the incorporation of live broadcasts has been a complete success. Some of the main advantages of this platform is that increase brand visibility and interaction with your audience. Added to that, it allows you to incorporate other members so that the dynamics is much more entertaining.


It is one of the great titles in terms of leaders in Live Streaming is concerned. Among its main characteristics, it is found that facilitates the launch and moderation of lives, through the customization of materials so that it continues with the visual identity of your brand.

In addition to this, offers a fairly intuitive interface. It is ideal for less experienced users. From here, you can schedule the broadcasts in advance, which means it has an access link that you can share with your audience.


This app has been enjoying a live video function for a long time. Nevertheless, does not compete with other great references like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. The popularity of this platform has dropped, so it is not the most recommended on the list. Nevertheless, can work quite well for young audiences. In addition, it should be noted that the contents here are ephemeral, so after 24 hours they disappear.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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