Locate My Lost or Stolen Android  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

If there are situations that contain greater stress, it is when we experience the loss of our mobile phone. Many times we do not know if we left it in the bar we were in, it fell on the way or it was directly robbed without us noticing.

When we go through these moments our mind tends to block all the good ideas and actions that we can do quicklyThis is why there are methods or tools that can find our lost device without making major changes to our Android.

If you have already heard about technology “Find my device”We want to deepen this knowledge and show you in detail what it consists of, what are its great benefits that it grants and what requirements you need to be able to quickly find your cell phone.

What methods to find my lost mobile exist on Android?

As we said, when we forgot somewhere or the phone was not stolen, we have different ways to find it as long as it is linked to a Google account.

We present the different ways that exist to reconnect with your Android mobile, for this you must know the different methods:

Android Device Manager

It is not necessary have any application previously downloaded to our mobileWe can simply perform these steps from any other phone with an Android system.

This method offers the possibility of reproducing a sound so that we can locate it and remove the doubt of knowing if it is close to us or not, or simply in case of having lost it, we have the possibility to block it.

The few steps we need to take in this process are designed for times when our nerves do not allow us to think clearly.

Find my device or where is my mobile?

This way of tracking our mobile also gives us the possibility of blocking the phone, exit the account that we have associated with Google or simply make it ring to know where it is close to us.

We will have to enter through a browser and we will follow the instructions that will appear on our screen.

Google Timeline

If what we need is to establish a timeline or know where our mobile went in the city, with this tool we can obtain all that information.

Works associated with Google maps and we will have to enter a browser and write Timeline. The difference from the previous tools with this system we cannot block our phone, we will simply know where it was in a certain range of dates.

Third party apps

In Google Play Store there are different applications, highly sought after by users in which their procedure is very simple.

You have to install them on your device and associate it with a Google account or with our mobile number. There are some applications that, even though the phone has been formatted with factory settings, these software do not disappear and we can still track it.

What conditions must be met in order to find my lost Android mobile?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find our lost mobile phone that has been stolen from us on public roads. In order to use the methods that we named you in the previous point, certain requirements must be met.

We will name these conditions below so that you take them into account and do not despair if a situation of this type happens to you:

Location activated

GPS condition must be met in order to find my lost Android mobile

It is a fundamental requirement have our GPS activated when we are looking for our mobile, since if Google is deactivated it will not be able to locate in real time where it is located.

It should be clarified that if someone (other than us) activates it at any time, we can immediately know their whereabouts.

Mobile on

Something similar to the previous pointIf the mobile is off or without battery, Google services will not be able to access your location.

There are currently different smartphone models that include a system which will indicate to us through an email when our Android device has been turned on by a third party.

Be connected to the internet

The way that Google connects with our phone is through the Internet..

If this access service is interrupted, it will be impossible for Google to track our Android device. Have an account open in Google at the time of the search

It can offer these services to find our mobile phone as long as the search engine knows our data and knows what devices we handle.

For this it is necessary to activate our Google account when we acquire the device. In addition, we will have access to different tools that Google provides us, such as Gmail.

Be visible on Google Play

Google will need us to have the service activated “Find my device”, for this we must download the app from the Google Play store.

Steps to track my lost or stolen Android mobile phone

When we find ourselves in the situation of having to look for our device due to our forgetfulness or because we were robbed in the streets, we will have to carry out the steps that we detail below.

Of each of the options we have to track our mobile, you must comply with this guide:

With “Find My Device” of Google

For this Google service we will do the following steps:

  • We write in the browser from a browser “Find my device”, there are other options that will lead us down the same path, for example, we can write “Where is my cell phone?”
  • We click on the “Feedback”
  • A list with all phones that we have registered in the Google account
  • We select the one we need to search
  • We enter the password what we have in google
  • It will show us the last synchronization it had with the Internet
  • We will choose between blocking the phone, calling the mobile phone, leaving the Google account that the phone has, communicating with our telephone provider or trying to erase the data that our devices have

With Google Maps

There is the possibility of tracking our mobile through Google MapsWith this tool we will find the different places where our device walked according to the dates that we can choose.

In order to access this service it is necessary that the device had the GPS activated.

Perform the following steps to obtain this information:

  • We wrote “Timeline” in Google
  • The last locations that our device had will appear through Google Maps
  • We select the date we need
  • It will indicate us with red dots within the location it had for that type of filter

With an External App

There are different apps to find our mobiles, we will take the application as an example “Cell phone locator by number”

This application has more than ten million downloads and the procedure to use it is like this:

  • We’re going to Google Play Store
  • In the search bar we write “Cell phone locator by number”
  • We choose “Install”
  • We click on “Open”
  • We enter our phone number Y birthdate
  • We select “Registry”
  • Let’s check the number we want to find
  • We select “Locate cell phone”

Android Device Manager

Steps to find my device with Android Device Manager

In order to use this tool we will have to do each of these steps:

  • We enter the website with this name (we can search it directly from Google)
  • Without doing any additional step, a window will appear which we will have to click on “To accept”
  • Later, the different phones that we have registered with Google will appear.
  • We can choose between one of the following options: “Play sound”, “Protect the device” or “Clear device data”
  • In this way, our phone will be blocked, if we wish, from intruding hands or it will provide us with the place where we have forgotten.

List of the best external applications to Google to find my lost Android

Among the best external applications that we can recommend, we choose the following:

Mobile number location tracker

AppX Apps company application, is highly chosen among users since not only helps to find our mobile phone, but also locates unknown numbers, identifying the cities or the operator that belong to that incoming number.

Find Lost Phone

This is a user favorite because GPS tracking can find a lost or stolen phone.

If our phone is in mode “Silent” With this app it will allow us to locate it in the same way. Handling this application is simple, it has other additional functions.

Track Cellular GPS

This tool uses the latest GPS technology in development and will help us find our device that we have lost or not stolen.

The system offered by the developer company allows, among its functions, activate camera and microphone to know exactly where it is and who has our mobile.

*Note: This application is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

Find our phone clapping

The features offered by this program are find our phone clappingIt also tracks its location on a map and shares them with family or friends.

A prominent feature of this app is that the phone it will lock if you change SIM.


With more than five million downloads, this application offers locate a phone through its number and find it on the map.

Among its services is also the identification of incoming calls showing us from which city and from which provider the analyzed call is.

Block unwanted calls, so our privacy will be protected from spam, fraud, etc.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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