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The Internet and new technologies have changed many facets of our lives. People already turn to their computers or mobile phones to make purchases, to talk with others, to watch movies or series, listen to music or even carry out different professional tasks; but they also resort to these devices to meeting new people and even forging relationships.

Flirting has also changed, and now there are platforms that have been born with the purpose of connecting people and letting what has to arise arise. The clearest example we have with Badoo, a kind of social network designed for its users to connect with each other, chat and start something that could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or something longer, lasting and special.

More of 300 million people have already registered in this online portal, and many of them continue to wonder how to sign in to Badoo for free. If this is your case, go preparing a pencil and paper, because you we are going to explain what you have to do to log into this website after you have registered, regardless of whether you use a computer or a mobile phone for it. This guide that we bring you explains step by step, and with attention to every possible detail, what you have to do to access your profile on Badoo without having to pay anything.

Steps to enter my Badoo profile

It is something you can do from PC, but also from iPhone or Android through the applications that are available. In addition, we also take the opportunity to solve some questions that are quite frequent among the community of users of this gigantic platform. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to meet new people of all kinds, or even find someone very special, keep reading everything we tell you below.

Depending on the device from which you want to connect, the steps to log into your Badoo account they change in some respects. In general, the login process is very similar on all platforms, although there are small changes that should be taken into account so as not to get lost.

Access from computer or PC

Access to Badoo from your PC or computer It is done through the online portal of this platform. You must have created a user profile before, obviously, and after this, follow all the instructions that we are going to give you in the points that follow:

Connect to Badoo quickly and easily

  • Open the web browser that you usually use. Go to the search or address bar, which is usually at the top, and type the following URL: https://badoo.com/. This is used to enter the main page of Badoo.
  • When it loads and you are already inside this online platform, you will see an indicator in front of you with the number of people who are part of it. Move the mouse to the top of the window and click on the option to the far right, in “Connect”.

Access registration form to enter Badoo

  • The screen that appears now ask you to enter a couple of data necessary to login with your user profile on Badoo. First, you must write email address that you establish when registering and, later, the associated access code. Remember that you must respect the use of upper and lower case where appropriate. After this, click on “Get in”And you will be inside.

*Note: In case of not remembering any information necessary for the start, such as the password. Under the access button you have the option “Do not you remember your password?”, you have to click on it and follow the procedure indicated on the screen to recover it or generate a new one.

Login from the Android or iOS APP

Steps to enter Badoo from Android

In case you want to enter Badoo through a mobile device, the best alternative is to use the APP that is available for both Android and iOS. Mobile devices have a dedicated program to quickly access and use all the functions of this platform without intermediaries. Here are the steps to follow to login with the Badoo app:



Developer: Badoo Ltd

Price: Free

  • The starting point is clear, you have to install the app first. To do this, enter Google Play Store if you are an Android user or in the App Store in case of using iOS. When you are already inside, go to the section to find applications and type “Badoo”. You have to choose the option “Badoo: The Chat and Dating App” to follow.
  • Now, press in the indicated place so that the phone makes the download the app on your memory and install it. This process is automatic, so you just have to wait for it to finish and you will be notified.
  • Once finished, open the app to be able to start the login.
  • On the main screen, go to the option that is available at the bottom, “Get in”, and click on it.
  • You must choose whether to log in with Google+ or with your email address. Here, we will continue with the option “Enter with email”.
  • The step that remains to be done is very simple. You have to write the email address that you will link to your profile as a user And below, the access password to be able to connect. Fill in the two fields for it and then click on the button “Get in”. We are already inside!

From the Facebook or Google profile

This is a different alternative in case you don’t want to create a totally new profile. You can easily log in through your Facebook or Google profile. There are many more alternatives available, such as MSN, Yandex or even Mail.Ru; but these two that we are going to focus on are the most common:

  • Enter as usual in the Badoo website through your usual browser and access the login part as explained in the first section.
  • Now instead of filling in any fields, scroll to the right and choose the option you want:
  • In doing so, a pop-up window will appear in which you will have to enter your user data in the corresponding network. If the session in this has already been started previously, you will only be asked if you want to connect. Accept and you will be in Badoo through your social profiles.

FAQ: Problems with accessing or signing in to Badoo in Spanish

I can’t access my Badoo profile. How do I fix it?

There are many, many reasons why you may not be able to log into your Badoo profile. You may have made a mistake writing the password to access or even the email address that you will link to your user account. Review the use of upper and lower case and make sure you have not been confused with any of the terms that you have written when trying to access.

If you keep having problems, you should try another web browser, since it is possible that there is some type of incompatibility that blocks your login. Change and clean both cookies and browser cache so that they do not have possible residues that can cause compatibility problems.

If the problem persists, you must contact Badoo support service. On its home page there is a section full of tips and even a way to contact the team and request assistance to solve situations like this. It is possible that this way you can remedy it, since otherwise it is possible that your account has been completely deleted and that is why it is impossible for you to enter.

I have forgotten my password to access Badoo, how do I recover it?

In case you have forgotten your Badoo access password, there is an option available in the login area that serves to enter. The first thing you have to do is, through your usual web browser, enter the Badoo home page. After doing so, Go to the login section (“Connect”) and click on it to access its menu.

Now, instead of trying to fill in the fields that are available, scroll down a bit until you reach the option “Do not you remember your password?“, Found under the”Get in”. Click on it and you can start recovering your password.

Recover forgotten password when entering Badoo

Automatically, you will be redirected to another section in which a pop-up window appears requesting that you enter the email assigned to your profile or the phone number that you will connect, if you have. Fill in the field with either of these two data and click on “Get new password”. Then, type the string of characters that appears and press the same button again.

When you’ve done it you will be notified of the sending of a message. Since we have chosen to use the mail, it is time to check the email inbox to find the message sent by the Badoo support team. Once you find it, open it.

Now, you will see that there is a button with the text “Create a password”. The Badoo chat platform does not allow password recovery; but it does contemplate the possibility of creating a completely new one in case of forgetting. Click to do it.

Fill in the two fields that just appeared with your new password to login to Badoo. Remember that it should be something easy to memorize and containing a minimum of 5 characters; but also that it is advisable to alternate letters and numbers to complicate things in the event of an identity theft attempt. When you have decided and filled in the two spaces, click on “To update” and you’re done.

Can I log into Badoo without registering?

The answer about being able to enter Badoo without registering; if possible. There are ways to access beyond the main page of this network; but nevertheless, It is not allowed to use the functions to contact and others.

To be able to enter without registration, you just have to use a search engine like Google. Through it, there is a way of access as simple as searching for a name, a locality and add the word Badoo in the search.

Example: Barcelona + Badoo

If you write “Roberto 39 Barcelona Badoo”, You will probably see a list of results extracted from this online portal matching your search, you can try different terms to have variety. By clicking on them, you will be sent directly to the Badoo page and the profile of the user in question, so that you can browse without having to also become a user of this platform. Did you like this trick?

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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