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Every time we move more information through the networks, we enter and leave more online portals and send and receive more digital content. All this, in addition to helping us to do countless things more comfortably and quickly inform us, also makes the risk of receiving a virus that endangers our computers multiply practically by infinity.

The best solution to avoid the problems of these digital infections is, in addition to always moving through safe environments and not opening strange emails or files, have a good antivirus. Virtual protection is a growing sector and something that is increasingly demanded by users, as well as something that companies like Symantec, with Norton Antivirus, puts a remedy quickly, easily and safely.

Its platform is access to endless tools designed to guarantee not only the security of your computer or your smartphone, but also to improve its performance with programs dedicated to it. Accessing all this is something that requires a user login, since allows you to link all the information and even get extra discounts on certain products that they have for sale; which automatically makes many ask the question of how to sign in to Norton.

Steps to sign in to my Norton Antivirus account

If you are one of those who do not know how to do it, this guide will help you see, step by step, what you have to do to be able to login. In fact, in addition to explaining the procedures both via PC and smartphone, possible thanks to the app for iOS and Android; too we help you in case you have forgotten your password and you don’t know how to regain access. There is a method to do this, although it is to completely erase the old key and prepare a new one.

Signing in to your Norton Antivirus account allows you to take full advantage of all its functions. As you will see in the two sections that we leave below these lines, the way to do it is something slightly different on PC or on smartphones, where it has an application.

Enter from computer or PC

To enter Norton from your PC or computer, you need a web browser and follow a few simple steps that actually take just over a minute. Follow the instructions that we are going to explain to you:

  • Open your web browser of trust, go to the address bar and, in it, enter this URL: https://es.norton.com/
  • After doing so, you will enter directly into the Norton Antivirus home page. Now, you have to look for the section “Log in” on the top right. When you find it, click on it to proceed.
  • In the login section of the platform, you have to click again on “Log in”, only this time on the button that appears in the central area.
  • Login button Norton Antivirus account

  • After doing so, you will be redirected again; but now to the login form in your user profile. Write in the first space the mail address that you registered at the time and, in the second, the password to access. When finished, click again on “Login” and you will have finished.
  • My Norton account login form

Login from the Android or iOS APP

The Norton Android or iOS app allows to count on all the protection in your terminal, something fundamental today. Logging in is as easy as following these instructions that we leave you below:

  • Go to your phone’s digital store to download the app. Open Google Play Store if you use Android or App Store if you use iPhone. Inside, you have to search for the terms “Norton Antivirus and Security”To find the official application and download it later.
  • When you have finished downloading and installing, you can open the app from the same store to start access. Do it.
  • The first step below is to accept the terms of use and the notices by checking the first two boxes (the third is optional). Then click on “Continue” very bottom.
  • Already on the home screen, go to the upper left corner to press the three lines there and enter the options.
  • In this submenu, click on “Log in”, which is just below the photo at the top.
  • The following is as simple as write your profile email and then your password To access. After doing so, press the button “Log in”And the login process will be finished !.

I forgot my password How do I recover the password for my Norton Security account?

Yes you have forgotten the password and need to regain access, we are going to explain what you have to do to create a new one and re-enter:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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