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Since they appeared, social networks have only spread to internet users. Comfortable, easy to use and with an incredible capacity to connect people, they have become the favorite communication vehicle of netizens and, practically, of anyone who carries a mobile phone. Twitter is one of the most outstanding proposals within this panorama.

Its main mechanics, which lies in the use of short messages (recently expanded to 280 characters), allows information to be shared quickly and at the moment, with an enormous capacity for dissemination thanks to its nature. These premises have led many to want to know not only how to register, but also how to log in to Twitter correctly.

The figures corroborate this claim. In 2017, there was an average of more than 328 million active users per month, something that in turn indicates a slow but steady growth. Such a million connected people have, among other things, a motivation strongly linked to marketing and social media. Companies have resorted to this social network for the ease it offers when interacting with their consumers and potential customers, allowing a direct and reciprocal communicative flow.

How to login to Twitter.com step by step?

For these and many other reasons, We are going to explain in this little guide everything you need to know to login and enter Twitter without problems. In addition to these detailed steps, we also resolve some common login issues and common issues.

There are three great methods for logging in to Twitter. The user can do it through the web browser on your PC, using applications that exist both in Android like in iPhone or even through proposals provided by third parties. Here we are going to review all these variants step by step so that you can access your account.

Option 1 – From the web browser on the PC

Steps to follow to start a free Twitter session

Although we take it for granted, the first thing you have to do is open your web browser. When you have it open and on screen, go to the address bar (usually located at the top) and enter the URL of the main Twitter page: https://www.twitter.com.

  • Already on the cover of Twitter, instead of filling in the fields that appear in the central part (intended for registering a new account), go to the top and click on “Login”.
  • A new window will open with a new form. In the first field you must enter the cemail address, phone number or username for your account. In the second, the password you have set. Once this is done, it only remains to click on “Log in”.
  • You can leave the option “Remember my data“so that in subsequent uses, you are already logged in automatically.

You are already within your user page on Twitter. What appears on the screen is your TL (TimeLine) and the place to write a tweet, access your mentions, settings, follow other accounts and other aspects.

*Note: Another way to log into Twitter from the web to use text messages from your mobile phone number is by following these steps, to do so from the login page, at the bottom you will see a message that says “Do you already use Twitter by SMS? Activate your account »“Click there, and in the next window enter your cell phone number to directly access the bird’s social network. In order to enjoy this form of use, you have previously had to”Activate Twitter with text messages“from your configuration panel.

Option 2 – From the Twitter app for Android and iPhone

In case you do not have the Twitter application installed, the step prior to starting the account is downloading and installing. To do this, go to Google Play Store if you are in a terminal Android or to App Store Yes it is ios. Once inside, write the name of “Twitter“in the search bar and proceed to download the official app that appears as the first result. To go directly follow the download links.

The process, practically automatic, will make sure that you already have the social network software in your phone’s memory. This is when the procedure for login with your user account.

Log in to Twitter from the Android iPhone app

  • Open the application by clicking on the blue icon with white bird. A window will appear with the text “Look what’s happening in the world now”. Here, go to the bottom of the screen and press the blue button “Log in”.
  • The next step is very simple. All you have to do is enter the phone, email or username of your Twitter account and, in the field below, write the password you have to access (You can make it visible or not, by clicking on the eye-shaped icon).
  • Once both spaces have been filled in, all that remains is to click on the “Log in”To enter your Twitter profile and start using the social network from your mobile phone.

Enter email and password to enter Twitter

The procedure, as you have seen, is identical whether you use an Android smartphone or an iPhone, even if you use a tablet.

Option 3 – From other third party websites and applications

exist other web portals from which you can also access your Twitter account to manage it. Some, such as TweetDeckThey also provide a good series of additional functions that serve to better control this and many others that you want to add. They are quite useful tools for Community Managers. In our case, we are going to focus on the access to the Twitter account through TweetDeck.

Enter Twitter through TweetDeck

  • To do this, the first thing to do is enter the corresponding web page by entering the relevant URL in the browser’s address bar: https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/
  • Now, on the page you are on, you must go to the blue button with the text “Log in” and click on it. By doing so, you will go to official Twitter login window.
  • Once in it, what you should do is proceed as has already been explained on previous occasions. To log in to your account, you must first enter the phone number, email or username of your Twitter in the first field. In the second, you just have to do the same with the password. Then click “Log in”. You are already on Twitter through TweetDeck.

There are other websites and third-party applications that allow access, but this is one of the ones that makes it easier to monitor notifications, the terms you want to track and even the other accounts you want to manage.

Then we leave you with a app list for using Twitter on Android cell phones that offer us different functionalities and improvements of this social network, some are free and others are paid, you decide.

FAQ: Problems with access or login to Twitter

Despite having easy access, problems are likely to arise when trying to access your account on Twitter. Then, We solve the most frequent questions of the users of this social network.

Is it possible to log into Twitter with my Facebook account?

There is no way to log into Twitter using your Facebook account. However, it is possible link both accounts so that with each post you make on Twitter, it is doubled on Facebook.

It is an option that many users and companies make to gain visibility and it is as simple as entering the configuration of your Twitter user, going to “Settings and privacy“>”Applications”And click on“Connect to Facebook”Then we must enter the access data of our Facebook account and these will automatically be linked.

I have forgotten my username to enter Twitter

If you have forgotten your username to enter Twitter, no problem. The login page also allows you to enter your linked phone number or even email account with which the registration was made. You have both options at your disposal to solve this problem. Therefore, this problem can be easily solved since you have other totally complementary forms of access.

I have forgotten my password to access Twitter

If you have forgotten your password to access Twitter, you have to reestablish a completely new. The way to do it is, first of all, by entering the main page of the social network: https://twitter.com and proceeding to login as usual.

Reset forgotten password on Twitter

Now, in the window where the login information is requested, click on “Did you forget your password?”. You will be taken to another new website where you will have to enter the email, phone number or username of your account. Do it and click on “Search for”.

Using the information associated with your user, Twitter will suggest you send a link by email to the linked email or an SMS to the mobile phone. On this occasion, we choose the email and click on “Continue”.

Go to your email inbox and you will have a message from the social network team. Open it and click the button “Restore password” to open a new browser screen.

At this point, there is only enter your new user password twice and click “Send”. Save it and do not reveal it to anyone, otherwise you will have to repeat this process.

*Note: In the event that you do not see the password recovery email in your inbox, go to the Spam folder, on many occasions this type of email reaches there.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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