Log Out Correctly in Gmail  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Gmail has become one of the most used and indispensable applications that currently exist in our lives, Due to the ease that all its functions present us to be able to save contacts, see online classes by Classroom, perform video calling by Hangouts, organize the calendar, photo roll, save information, location and synchronization of some computers and networks.

The truth is one of the few and most useful to have on our mobile or computer. But just as she is a great ally, she could be an enemy, because it contains so much information that it can be compromised if we leave it open on other devices other than us.

That is why in this article We teach you how to correctly log out of our computer and how to close it if we have left it open on a device that we are not close to, so you can keep your information safe.

Why is it important to log out of a non-owned device after using Gmail?

Gmail It is an essential tool in the world of technology, as it has the ability to save personal and professional information such as contacts, agenda, addresses, classes, meetings and banking information; and how everything is synchronized to all the applications that the mobile has and to some of the web pages that we visit on the computer, our e-mail has a high degree of confidentiality.

Learn step by step how to properly log out of your Gmail account to improve security

Our data stored in Gmail is important, but it goes without saying that it is necessary that they be stored correctly, because otherwise they may be revealed to an outsider and obtain personal information, which could be used against us.

Therefore, you must exactly follow these steps that we explain below:

On a mobile

Generally, in our mobile phone the Gmail account, this happens especially when we change it or when there is an access problem. The fact of closing our email requires a different process than the one we would use conventionally, since if it did, it would cause a desynchronization of most applications.

The protocol to follow would be the following:

  • Enter the present option on your mobile phone like setting.
  • Within setting look for the option ¨Accounts and synchronization¨.
  • Select Google account that you intend to close.
  • This option may or may not be presented, but if the option of “Plus” or three points select there. In other mobiles this step is not carried out, since it is sent directly to the option “Put off”.
  • Select option “Remove account”.

On a computer

Now we are going to see how to apply the procedure on a computer to maintain our privacy and take care of the integrity of personal data:

  • Open Gmail in any browser.
  • Find the upper right corner, where your profile picture is in Gmail.
  • Select the account to close and choose the option “Close session” or “Exit”.

close gmail session

Learn how to log out of Gmail on a device remotely quickly and easily

Now, as already mentioned before, Gmail is associated with practically all our technological devices, but this may play a trick when it comes to sharing information with another device, as it can happen

What to do when I leave my session active on a computer that is not the main one? OR What to do when I lose my main computer or mobile? It happens that there is a practical, simple and remote way to log out of other devices that we access even when we are not close to them, from another device that we have at hand.

This happens thanks to the synchronization of Gmail with all the other personal computers:

Opening Gmail

Enter your computer’s web browser, search Gmail and log in to your account.

Manage account

When entering your Gmail account, locate the option in the upper right corner by clicking on the profile photo and selecting “Manage your Google account”.

manage google account


Once this is done, a new tab will open and we will look on the left side for the option to “Security”.


Entering security, look for the option “Your devices”, there will appear all the mobile devices or computers that you have accessed.

devices with gmail access

Device selection

Observing all mobile devices or computers, search for the particular device you want to log out and click the dots in the upper right corner.

Exit device

At this point you are almost ready, you just have to to select “Exit device”.

close gmail session


Confirm that really you want to delete the session on the device and that’s it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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