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Who does not have an email address, does not have access to the vast majority of possibilities offered by the internet and new technologies in the 21st century. E-mails have become more than just a system for sending and receiving messages, documents or audiovisual material, they are also the key with which to access numerous portals to take advantage of all its possibilities at the level of products or even services.

It is for this need that many companies have decided to offer users a free mail service, so that they can have their own mailboxes and of course access to that range of possibilities that is the network of networks. In this sense, the main proposals that we can find today are in Microsoft and Google, with Outlook and Gmail respectively; but there are also other platforms that offer interesting services, such as GMX and your mail.

A simple system, compatible with emails from different providers, with mobile support through an app and with the possibility of creating as many emails as you want. The GMX Mail proposal is quite practical and easy to take advantage of, but, in addition to a registration process, it also requires the user to log in to use it. This point is where we are going to delve into this guide, explaining how to log into GMX.

Steps to log in to my GMX webmail in Spanish

Step by step, we will detail the entire login process and, in addition, we will take the opportunity to solve the problem that sooner or later most users encounter both here and elsewhere with a login form: forgetting the password. How do you regain access if you don’t remember the password for the login? We also explain it step by step so you can fix it in seconds.

The GMX Webmail mail is a good client for those looking for a free and different solution. To be able to use it, obviously, you have to log into it, and for this you have to follow some steps that can be carried out both from the PC and from the smartphones through its app. We will explain what to do in both situations below.

Enter from computer or PC

If you want enter GMX from your computer, what you have to do is follow these steps that we are going to indicate:

  • Open your computer’s web browser and go to the address bar. You have to enter this URL in it to enter the GMX Mail home page: https://www.gmx.es/
  • When it loads, you will be on said website, with a cover full of content that may be of interest to you. However, since we are going to log in to the email, go to the upper right and click on the button that contains the phrase “Login”.

First step to access GMX Mail

  • Automatically after doing so, a drop-down menu will open welcoming you and with two empty fields for you to write in. Enter the email address in the first one that you have registered and, in the second, the password to access it. When finished, click on “Login”Button just below.

Login SSl in GMX email

  • And you are already inside!. Accessing this email from your web platform is very simple and only requires two or three steps, as you have seen.

Login from the Android or iOS APP

Access from the mobile phone application It is very similar to the one we have explained before, with the main difference that it is carried out through a totally mail-centric program. Follow these steps below to quickly enter:

  • First, download the GMX app. Open your phone’s digital store (App Store on iPhone and Google Play Store on Android) and, immediately afterwards, go to the search engine you have to write “GMX Mail”. Choose the first result you see on the screen and download it.
  • Once the app installation has finished, open it from the store itself or through its icon.
  • The initial screen of the GMX Mail application, as you can see, is simple and straightforward. As soon as you enter you will have the entry form in front of you. Write your e-mail in the first space and the password in the second. When you finish, click on “Login”And you are done.
  • You have already logged into your GMX email from the application for smartphones. From now on, you will not have to repeat the process and you will access directly each time you open the app.

I forgot my password How do I recover the password for my GMX email account?

Forgetting passwords is one of the most frequent problems among both novice and veteran users. In these situations, and in the case of the GMX email, we are sorry to say that there is no way to recover your password; but yes to regain access. How?, restoring a completely new key. Follow these steps to get it:

  • First, enter the GMX website through your browser as we have already explained (use the URL: https://www.gmx.es).
  • Go to section to log in As usual, only this time, when the drop-down opens, you have to click on the option below, in “Can not access your account?”.

Steps to recover forgotten password GMX Mail

  • On the page that follows, there are several options intended to help the user. You have to choose the first of all by clicking on “Use our password recovery wizard.”

I have forgotten my password GMX email

  • Now, you must write the email GMX you want to access again, click on the box “I am not a robot“And then click on”Continue”.

Recover password email GMX

  • You have two options to choose now. You can request the recovery of access using alternate email you indicated or, conversely, proceed with the security questions. We are going to choose the first case by clicking on “Continue”Within its section.

GMX mail recovery process

  • Go now to secondary mail box to open the GMX message. It may be inside the Spam folder, so be sure to check it before requesting the email again. When you have it, open it and you will see a link inside, click on it.
  • Back on the web of this mail platform, touch to retype your mail with GMX domain in the field there.
  • Now at last it’s time to renew your password. Write it twice, remembering that it must have a minimum of 8 characters, letters and numbers, upper and lower case and, if possible, some special character so that it ends up being safe. Once you do, click on “Save the new password”And you are done.

If you have followed all the steps that we have indicated, you can re-enter your GMX Mail mailbox and use it as usual. Remember, also, that when logging in, it is important to use capital letters, if any, since they count; as you should also write it down or remember it to avoid having this same problem again. In fact, when you log in you can ask the browser to remember the password to access automatically.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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