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Minecraft has been one of the greatest successes that we have seen in video games. The creation made by two developers eager to experiment in the field of independent development, the well known indie scene, it was quite a time bomb that, in a matter of months, managed to gather millions of users despite not being even finished. Its potential and success were such that, soon after, Microsoft would decide to take action on the matter to get the corresponding licenses and get a significant cut, as well as to provide resources to those responsible to improve it.

To play, it is necessary to have an account registered in Mojang or even created in the Microsoft platform, since it confers access to Xbox Live and, therefore, also to the game of exploration and building with blocks. All those who already have an account, have to know how to enter with it in order to start enjoying the games, and that’s where we’re going to help with this guide.

Let’s explain how to log into Minecraft from your PC, from your mobile phone and even using the aforementioned Xbox Live profile. There are several methods available, and here they will be explained and detailed to the millimeter so that you can follow them and enter without any inconvenience to share games with your friends. Everything so you don’t get lost at any time.

Steps to log into my Minecraft account

Further, if you have problems with the login because you have forgotten the password of your user profile, we also give you the guidelines to follow to remedy it. There is a method for these situations that allows not only to recover the possibility of enter the video game on any platform, but also create a totally new password so you don’t have problems for not remembering the one you assigned at the time.

Since the last quarter of 2017, Minecraft has been updated little by little to unite the players even more. Nowadays, the video game can be played on practically any possible platform, but it is also possible to play with users of completely different systems.

We will explain in this section the steps to log into your Minecraft account from your computer, from the app, and from Xbox Live.

Enter from computer or PC

  • Open your PC’s web browser and enter the following URL to enter the Minecraft home web: https://minecraft.net/
  • When it loads, go to the top right and click “Log in”.

Step 1 to access Minecraft account

  • In the screen that appears now, you have to enter the email first and then the password to access. Once this is done, press the button “Log in” and that’s ityou will be inside!.

Minecraft game access form from PC

Login from the Android or iOS APP

  • First, download the Minecraft app on your phone. Go to Google Play Store if you use android, App Store if you use iOS; search “Minecraft”And download the first option that appears. Remember that it is paid.
  • When the installation is finished, open the game clicking on its icon.
  • On the home screen, start with write your account email where you are requested and, after doing so, proceed the same with the access password.
  • From that moment on, the rest is looking for servers or create a new world to explore at your leisure.

Access on Xbox Live

  • Open Minecraft on your Xbox console, on a device with Windows operating system or on any platform with which it is compatible.
  • When you are in the game, when entering the data to login, use your Xbox Live profile and password to access this. Since support for these accounts has been implemented, you will be able to move on.

Sign in Xbox Live account to play Minecraft Pocket

  • Behind this, you will have finished logging in with the Xbox Live profile that you had previously created.

I forgot my password How to recover the password of my Minecraft account?

If you want to regain access to your Minecraft account, follow the steps that we are going to indicate here:

  • Enter the page minecraft web through your PC browser. Enter this URL to do so: https://minecraft.net/.
  • Now, go to the section “Log in” that is in the upper area and click on it.

Step 1 to access Minecraft account

  • Enter your profile email and any password. Click on “log in”.
  • When the error message appears, click on “Have you forgotten your password?”

Incorrect password when accessing Minecraft account

  • Write the email of your account in the field that appears now and press “Request password reset”.

Reset Forgotten Password Minecraft

  • Go to the inbox of the indicated mail and open the mail received from Mojang. In it there is a link to reset your password, press it.
  • Enter your new password in the two fields that there are and press the button “Reset Password”. You will have a new password activated again and you will be able to access with this, yes, do not forget it again! 🙂

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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