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Social networks have become the new home of the netizen. These platforms, designed for communication between users and to share information and content, record a brutal daily movement, with a constant and unstoppable flow of information as a result of the non-stop of users. They are undoubtedly one of the large centers of activity on the networks for both home and professional users.

This enormous use has led to the emergence of different proposals, designed for all types of audiences. While Twitter serves for quick and short messages, Facebook for example it aims at more extensive communication. But there are also other firms that seek to further differentiate themselves by giving much more importance to the multimedia sector, as is the case with Pinterest.

Defined as a social network, but also as a microblogging portal (similar to, although different, from Tumblr), Pinterest is a place where images are the protagonists and in which content filtering is much more powerful. A platform that gives special importance to the format of infographics and that moves millions of people every day, millions of registered users who, like you, have ever wondered how to log in to enter and begin to take advantage of all the possibilities that are available in this corner of the internet.

Steps to log into my Pinterest account in Spanish

In this guide we will explain how to login to Pinterest using the various methods that currently exist. Also, in case you have problems trying to open your account because have you forgotten the password to enterWe are also going to be useful to you, since we have dedicated a section to solving this problem and explaining, also step by step, what to do to regain the possibility of joining this network after such a small but important mistake. We give you all the tools to log in.

If you want to enter Pinterest, you have different forms and platforms from which to do it. You can log in from the PC or from mobile phones using the data from your user profile, but you can also do it using the profile you have created in social networks or in Google. We are going to explain the steps you need to take to log into your Pinterest profile in Spanish.

Enter from computer or PC

If you follow these instructions, you will enter the platform from your computer in just a couple of minutes:

  • Enter the Pinterest home page. To do this, open your PC browser and then go to the address bar to enter this URL that we leave you: https://www.pinterest.es/
  • Go to the top right corner and click on the button there, the one with the text “Log in”.

Step 1 to enter Pinterest

  • On the next screen, it’s time to enter data. Write the email or phone number of your profile and, below, the password you will use to access (remember that capital letters are taken into account). Then, click on “Log in”.

Access Pinterest via email

  • You have already entered! on Pinterest from your computer.

Login from the Android or iOS APP

The Pinterest app for Android and iOS allows you to enter this network without the need for browsers or other external tools. Follow these steps and you will log in from it on your phone:

  • Download the app. Go into Google Play Store if you use Android or the App Store if you use iPhone, search for “Pinterest”And open the first result to then have it installed in your terminal.
  • Once the installation process is finished, open the app from the store or by pressing its icon.
  • On the screen that appears as soon as you access, write your user email in the field below the welcome text, and then press “Continue”.
  • Now continue typing the password to enter. After writing it, press the button “Get in”.
  • If you have followed each point well, you are done logging on Pinterest from the app.

Access with Facebook or Google

Access through Facebook or Google is an alternative which seeks to make the login process easier for those who have an account registered on the social network or on the internet giant’s platform. The steps to follow here, as you will see below, are even easier than usual.

  • Open the web browser from your PC to enter the Pinterest website using the following URL: https://www.pinterest.es/. You can also simply open the app from your mobile phone.
  • On the initial screen, both in the application and in the online portal, you will see several options and two important buttons: “Continue with Facebook” Y “Continue with Google”. Click on any of them.

Enter Pinterest with Facebook or Google account

  • Now, a pop-up window will appear asking you enter the login details of the network in question. Fill in the fields that are requested and proceed to do so. It is possible that, if you previously logged into any of them, you just have to grant permissions.

I forgot my password How to recover my Pinterest account password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can follow the steps that we are going to give you now to regain access by creating a completely new password:

  • Enter in the Pinterest login portal. You just have to enter the URL that we leave you in the address bar of your browser: https://www.pinterest.es/login/
  • Then, instead of trying to fill in any form, go down and click on “Problems logging in?”

Problems logging into Pinterest

  • Enter your username, your normal name or email of your account in the field in front of you. Then click on “Search for”.

Search your account to enter Pinterest

  • Then below, you will see the options that are related to the name or email you have entered, if you see your account in the list click on “It’s me“and then in”Send“To be able to reestablish your account, if on the contrary there are no accounts related to the information you have entered, try with other names or simply create a new Pinterest account since maybe you thought you had one and you don’t.

Send email reset password Pinterest

  • Now access the email you have indicated to look in your inbox. In it you will find a message from Pinterest to open to, inside, find a button with the text “Restore password”That you must press.
  • Enter the new password now (twice) and you will be able to login with it!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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