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One of the major phenomena experienced within the video game industry and mobile telephony. One of the most popular franchises in that first sector, Pokemon, made the leap into the smartphone field in 2016 with the launch of Pokémon GO, a video game that invited and invites players from all over the world to take to the streets to capture creatures digital, fight and conquer territories.

We are talking about an application that, since its launch, has accumulated a total of 800 million downloads worldwide, something that clearly marks its path as something successful. Millions and millions of people have signed up as coaches in this mobile game In order to play through the streets, meet more players and keep accumulating pocket monsters by throwing balls from the screen of their phones.

Many hours and walks they need before the players register to create their characters and, above all, enter their profiles to access. In this guide we are going to focus on the entire login process to explain how to log into Pokémon Go from your smartphone and even from your PC. This is a totally mandatory process for all those who want to play, but it also usually brings the odd headache due to the options shown on the screen.

Steps to log into the Pokémon Go Trainers Club

Steps to access Pokemon trainers account for free

In addition to explaining all the steps to carry out in this section, we will also answer the most frequent questions and problems when entering. Forgetting the password, forgetting the email used in registration and even account restarts at level 1 They are usually the problems that cause more complications for both novice and experienced players, and here we are going to solve each and every one.

Enter from computer or PC

If what you want is enter Pokémon Go using your Trainer Club account on PCWe are sorry to tell you that it is not possible 🙁. This game is intended to be used on mobile devices, Unless you use an Android or iOS emulator to play from your computer.

If you choose this option, something not recommended since it is a game that involves moving around with a terminal in hand, just follow the steps that we are going to explain in the login section from the mobile app. Go to the next section and heed those instructions.

Login from the Android or iOS APP

Being a game for phones, the login from the Android or iOS app is the only way to enter Pokémon GO. If you want to know how to do it, follow these steps that we leave you:

  • If you don’t have the game installed, download it. Go to Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone and search for “Pokemon go”. The first result is the Niantic app, so go ahead and download it.
  • By having it already, open the app through its icon or the digital store itself.
  • The first screen you can interact with is the login screen. Here, you have, among the options, that of using the account of “Pokémon Trainers Club”. Click on this button.

Enter Pokemon Go account Access Club Trainers

  • Then you will be asked write email and password access to this profile. Write both in the two spaces that appear for it and move on.
  • After this, just let the game load finish and you can start enjoying it on your terminal. Now you can go out there to capture these virtual monsters.

FAQ: Problems and errors with access to Pokémon Go

Given the number of players who use Pokémon Go almost daily, it is normal for many different problems to arise, as well as certain errors that can complicate things when playing. In this section we are going to answer the most frequent questions, such as what to do if you have forgotten the password to enter, or if you do not remember the email of your user profile.

I forgot my password How do I recover the password for my Pokémon Go account?

The Pokémon Go platform cannot store any password data of its users, so that, in case you have forgotten your password and wanting to regain access to your account, you have the same options as the available ways to login. It all depends on the profile you usually use.

If you used your coach club account, you should go to this URL: https://sso.pokemon.com/sso/login, click on “have you forgotten your password?”And follow the instructions given to you.

Pokemon Go account password reset form

In case your profile was connected to the Google Account, what you should do is enter here from your web browser: https://accounts.google.com/. Once inside, write your email and, in the password field, click on the recovery option to proceed.

By last, if you used facebook, enter the home screen of the social network with this address: www.facebook.com. Then, click on “Have you forgotten your account details?”And follow the prompts that appear.

I have forgotten my email address

It is possible that what you have forgotten is the email with which you connected your user profile in Pokémon Go. If so, it is important that remember your “nickname” or Coach alias, since you will need it to be able to regain access to your game. You have to enter this address through the browser of your mobile or your PC.

Then, fill in the fields that appear on the screen with an email, the nickname of your identity in the game and the option “I don’t know what email address I used to register for Pokémon GO” in the access problem section. Then fill in the extra information space detailing what happens to you and shortly you will receive a response from the support team to give you a solution.

My account has returned to level 1, what should I do?

If what happens to you is that you enter the game and appear with level 1, most likely you created another coach profile and logged in with it. Exit the game and re-enter to login with any of the other options that are available, or with other emails that you may have used.

You will end up with the one that corresponds to your usual game profile, which will have the authentic level that you had reached. Can’t find him? Then, head here.

Inside, fill in all the fields that there are and check the option “My game progress appears as reset to level 1” in the account access problem section. Niantic will give you an answer in a few hours or days with the remedy to fix it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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