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Social networks They continue to become the most popular platforms in the world, this is how they have been for some time Chinese origin platform has started to become his own place along with the other most popular social networks in the world as they are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is worth mentioning that this application has as original name Doujin, what does it mean shake the music.

But nevertheless, outside china this application is called TikTok and which has quickly become one of the most popular social networks around the world, where their center of attention take them video reproductions. This is how he has managed to have a very good acceptance where is currently one of the most downloaded apps for both the Android and iOS operating systems.

If you are just starting to make use of this platform based mainly on short-term audiovisuals, mostly between 15 and 60 seconds, then surely you will want to know how you can log into your account from different devices, For this it will be necessary that you follow in detail everything that we will teach you next in the post.

Learn step by step how to log into TikTok from any device

The procedure for log in to TikTok It is very simple, but first you must bear in mind that in order to Entering this platform you must have previously registered on it. Therefore, if you already count with a profile on this social video network Y you want to access it, here we are going to teach you how to do it from different devices.

To do this, follow each of the methods that we are going to teach you below:

On Android

On Android

If you’re Android user Y you already signed up for TikTok and you want log in from your mobile device, then from here we are going to teach how to perform this procedure in an easy and fast way.

Before starting with it, it is necessary that you download the app from the Google Play Store and follow each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • Once downloaded the TikTok app on your Android smartphone or tablet you must access it.
  • When you access the app you must select the option account or profile lwhich one is in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Then a new window will open where you must place both you username as password, in this case you must enter the user you chose when you registered or the email with which you registered in it.
  • If this data has been entered correctly, then you should be within your social network profile. This way you can start enjoying everyone the application services on your Android mobile.

On iOS

On iOS

Now if you are a iOS user and you want to start use this social network from your iPhone, then here we are going to teach you the procedure so you can successfully enter your TikTok profile. Like Android the first step you should do is download the app from the social network.

Once this is done, you simply have to follow each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • Once downloaded the application on your mobile you must look for it in the home screen and press on it to enter.
  • When access the app on the main page of it you must identify yourself to access it, in this case you must enter both your username and password.
  • If this data has been inserted correctly, then you must be within the service, in this way you can start to enjoy all its functions.

In the Desktop Browser

If you are one of the users what he does not like to use his smartphone to view his social networks otherwise you prefer to do it from the comfort of your computer, then you will have a chance to open this app from your PC, but for this you will need to make use of a android emulator, since so far TikTok does not have a desktop version so you can use it on these devices.

In accordance with this, it will be necessary for you to follow each of the steps that we will teach you below:

  • The first thing you should do is download Android BlueStacks emulator .
  • Once you have downloaded and installed you must open it. There you must wait some seconds while loading the whole systemPlease note that depending on your machine this software can run fast or just the opposite.
  • When the system has loaded you and appears the main page of the emulator you must click on the search bar that appears in the part top right of your screen. There you must write TikTok, so that the platform automatically begins to search for it within the store Google Play Store to make your download and install in the system. This procedure is done as is as from the tablet or smartphone.

Download Android BlueStacks Windows

In the Desktop Browser

  • Therefore, here you must wait a few seconds while the application is downloading and installing so you can open it.
  • Once installed you just have to access it, in this case you must log in with the account you registered for, there you must enter your name user and password and click “Enterokay”, if all this data is correct, then you can start enjoying everything the content What does it offer the social network, as well as save your videos in favorites and discover new profiles.

In the Desktop Browser

Finally, it is important to mention that open TikTok from an Android emulator on your computer will only help you to make inquiries and see the content that all your friends on the social network upload, as well as for browse and watch videos. In case you want publish content from the computer this will not be possible, so this type of activity if you must do it from a smart mobile phone.

TikTok tricks to get the most out of this social network

If you’re new on TikTok surely you still don’t know all its functions and all its tricks that will help you get the most out of these types of applications. It should be mentioned that you are social networks they usually have many hidden features that not all users are aware of. That is why we are going to teach you below some tricks so you can start get the most out of your TikTok profile.

To do this, follow each of the tricks that we will teach you below:

Make any TikTok video an animated GIF

Make any TikTok video an animated GIF

Undoubtedly Gifs are one of the most attractive and fun elements for most of the users, since they are easy to share on any social network and instant messaging application such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Therefore, if you are a gif lover you can start creating several of them through videos posted on TikTok.

To be able to do this you simply have to go to the video you want to use and click on the arrow “Share” located at the bottom of your screen. There you will have to select the last option that appears in the drop-down menu “Share as Gif”. As if that were not enough, you can edit playback so that you can select the exact moment you want to capture. The Gif created automatically will be saved in your smartphone gallery so you can start sharing it.

Learn to create sequence of images

Learn to create sequence of images

TikTok is a social network based mainly on video views so meet Images or other content is very difficult or strange for many. But the truth of all this is that images are also part of this application and the best of all is that it allows you create sequence of images easily, which will allow you to create a slideshow.

To be able to do this, you need to go to create new video and there you select the “Gallery”, then select the tab “Image” and subsequently the photos you want to publish. Once this is done click on “Next” and you can finish the sequence of images with background music, filters or stickers.

Apply different filters and effects in the same video

Apply different filters and effects in the same video

Another of the functions that this application will allow you to carry out will be modify the recordings you want to publish so that you can give it a special touch and make it much more striking and attractive to other users of the social network. It is usually apply filters and effects before posting the video, this ends reducing the number of options to a single choicebut there is a way to be able apply multiple filters or effects to the same playback.

Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • The first thing you should do is open a new recording and there you select the filter or effect you want to add to the first shot. In case you want you can modify speed or apply beauty changes if you wish.
  • Now record whatever you want and change the modification for the next take.
  • You must repeat this as many times as you want to change the effect fair before recording. This will be applied by TikTok independently and not directly to the full video.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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