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Facebook is one of the most active and well-known social networks in the world. Today, you can create an account on multiple web platforms, with just log in with your Facebook account.

Logging in with Facebook is a simple and effective method to quickly access any authorized website or mobile application. The service is available for all devices Android, iOS, computer software, among others.

Using the Facebook session has two purposes: Authenticate the identification of the person and request the permissions to access the user’s data. However, it has its downsides. Do you want to know how to log in with your account Facebook on websites and applications, and know what privacy risks it has?

Steps to log into a platform with your Facebook account

Steps to log into a platform with your Facebook account

Login with Facebook has multiple advantages. You provide your real identity, you receive a personalized experience, you access any platform much faster, among other details. The process is extremely simple, and it won’t take you long.

Then, Here are the steps to log into a platform with your Facebook account:

  • Enter the platform or download the app.
  • Click or tap “Create an account”.
  • Press on “Login with Facebook” or “Log in with Facebook”.
  • If you have already logged in before, just click on that button. Automatically, you will be connected to the application or platform with your Facebook account.
  • If it’s your first time, you should select your Facebook profile, or enter your email.
  • Enter password from your Facebook account.
  • The application will probably notify you about the information it needs to collect from your profile, or request some special permission. If you agree, just press “To accept”.
  • You have managed to log in with your Facebook account.

List of the most popular platforms that allow you to log in with Facebook

Most popular platforms that allow you to log in with Facebook

Many web platforms and applications allow you to create an account with the Facebook login. This implies that it is not necessary to generate a password or username. In addition, you promote that said website or application provides you with information based on your preferences on Facebook.

Here is a list of the Most popular platforms that allow you to log in with Facebook:


Is a social network where you can upload images, photos and videos. It is focused on audiovisual content. When creating an account, you can use the option “Continue with Facebook”. Next, you just have to customize your profile. In this way, you can start uploading your best photos to the popular platform.


Spotify is one of the most successful music platforms of the moment. Its musical catalog exceeds fifty million songs, and includes modern and classic artists. You can create a user from scratch, or click on “Continue with Facebook” to save you the registration process. In this way, you will have access to all its functions, playlists and more.


Is a e-commerce platform focused on auctions. On eBay you will find a wide variety of products. From clothing and footwear, to household appliances and mobile devices. The prices of the portal are usually much more accessible than the giant Amazon. In addition, it allows payment methods such as PayPal. You can create an account by clicking “Continue with Facebook”.


It is a web portal where its user community is in charge of upload illustrations, photos, designs, templates, images, and many more; in various formats, colors and sizes. You can register with a new profile or login with Facebook for make faster the process.


Is a music app, and one of the main competitors of Spotify. Contains more than fifty million songs, and playlists. As a Deezer user, you can create your own music library, listen to music from any device and offline. You can register with your Facebook account for its free or premium version.


Is a online dating portal, where people have the opportunity to find a love interest in their nearby territory. The application analyzes your profile and makes suggestions for potential partners. You can provide your profile with striking information, photos, preferences, age range, among other things. You can create an account with Gmail, Facebook or register from scratch.

Risks of using Facebook to log in Why should you stop?

Risks of using Facebook to log in

As you can see, using your Facebook account to log into other platforms is a quick way to access new applications. However, it presents a vulnerability: Your information is exposed. The platforms collect data from your profile. While professional applications are not dangerous, there are others that are to be feared.

What are the risks of logging in with Facebook and why should you stop ?: The profiles of the social network are the new identity card for people. By using your account to log in, you are making use of the API; the universal login system that belongs to the social network.

Through the API, users can transfer your profile information to other platforms, applications or websites. However, when used on lesser-known portals, this can represent a very serious security problem for people.

Researchers from Princeton University released a document explaining how computer crooks use tracking commands to capture user information that travels across the API login to Facebook, without your consent.

When a user consents to a web platform to access their Facebook profile, cyber attackers trackers embed themselves on the site to obtain your information. What data do they collect? Well, the age and date of birth, full name, email, among others.

These trackers are found on more than 400 pages on the Internet. However, not all of these pages are connected to the Facebook API. They also determined that there are about 7 kinds of trackers They are capable of extracting information from Facebook users. With the data they obtain, attackers can easily locate the person’s profile, both on Facebook and on any other social network.

Some companies purchase tracking software to track their customer information, although not necessarily to manage user data and properties. Facebook users have no idea what they are up against. According to data published by Cambridge Analytica, around 87 million people have shared their Facebook data with Facebook apps “Personality test”.

Facebook, for its part, has spoken out about these investigations and have promised to take charge of solving the problem. Meanwhile, it is essential that people don’t use the Facebook API for inconvenient sites.

Although logging in with Facebook has its benefits, it does not modify the site’s interface in any way. For this reason, it is recommended leave the function only for trusted sites. On the other hand, it is recommended to download ad blockers, which are responsible for reducing the number of trackers on a website.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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