Make a Crossword in Microsoft Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Word is a world-renowned and widely recommended word processing tool. Although there is a small detail and that is this program is very extensive in functions and creative possibilities.

But not everyone knows how to use it and get all the potential that this wonderful tool offers us, that’s why when it comes to doing tasks like crosswords or other puzzles, they prefer to pay for someone to do the work.

In this step-by-step guide, we are going to teach you how to make a crossword in Word easily and quickly with a professional finish. We will also name you some other programs for your computer that could facilitate this task in less time.

Steps to make a crossword in Microsoft Word easily and quickly

There are few activities to gain brain agility and dexterity, like a crossword puzzle. Solving it is an activity that greatly encourages learning and the retention of information in both children and adults.

That is why its resolution is encouraged in a brochure perhaps after an exhibition for the children or other activities. So if you need to create one quickly, Let’s go on to see the steps to carry it out in Word:

Settings before starting

In order to create a crossword puzzle in Word, the first thing we will have to do is have at least is the theme of the words that will be in it.

  • Once the above and the words have been selected, we must make a small sketch on paper to get an idea of ​​what we want so that everything fits together.
  • Later when we are in a new document in Word, what we must start doing is adjust the page margin.

Set narrow margin

  • For this, in the upper menu we enter “Provision” and then in “Margins”, we recommend the “Narrow” since it is a graphic representation and not a common text.
  • If the crossword that we are going to carry out has a massive didactic purpose perhaps for 40 or 50 people, you may want to configure the number of columns on the page.

Fit columns

  • From the same section of “Provision” In the columns icon we can choose between two or three, depending on the size and how many we are going to print per page.

With these parameters adjusted to our needs we can start creating the crossword now.

Create the grid

  • In the section of “Insert” there is the option that facilitates the creation of the grid for the crossword.

Insert table

  • We give it in “Table” and then in “Insert table” to be able to create a chord with the size needed.

Insert table 2

  • In this case we have chosen 20 for 20, we leave everything as is and we give it in “To accept”.

Done this we will have our grid, which we can adjust the height and width if necessary from the lower right corner, then you are ready to enter the words.

Enter the words in the grid

In the newly created grid we will enter the selected words, one letter in each square and preferably capitalized.

  • It is important that before you start writing Let’s select the size and type of font that we will use.

Enter words in a grid

  • The words of course must be crossing each other vertically and horizontally, so that our work takes shape.

Once you have finished locating all the words and everything fits perfectly, we can start polishing the crossword now.

Draw the word box

  • If we place the mouse in the upper left corner of the grid We will get an option that will allow us to select it all.

Select the entire grid

  • With the entire grid selected, click on the section of “Start”, and in the section of “Paragraph” we will remove the edges of the grid with the option “Without Borders”.

Borderless grid

  • With this we will get display only the words of the crossword.
  • Then we must with the key “CTRL” Hold down and click the mouse to select each of the boxes containing the letters of the crossword.

Selected words

  • After in “Start” and in “Paragraph” We will restore the borders again, but only of the boxes that we have selected.

Words with all the edges

  • After doing this step we can already see that the crossword is taking shape and only a few tweaks are missing.

Place reference numbers

If we are doing a crossword, the obvious thing would be that the people who receive it should solve it, that’s why we need to eliminate the solutions.

To do this we will select the entire grid in the upper left corner and then press the key “DELETE”.

We will get something like this:

Crossword without the solutions

The next thing we will do is place the numbers that will indicate along with the legend where should the answers be written and in what sense should they be placed. As each number will be placed right where the word begins to indicate to the player that from there he should start writing.

Although this is more important only in more complex crosswords They include words backwards or from bottom to top. For this we can do it in two ways, put the numbers outside each box or put them inside, in this example we will put it inside.

Crossword with selected numbers

To give it a bit of style and that the numbers remain like the number 1 we have to make some small modifications to the cell margins, the alignment and size of the font.

For that we select everything as in the image above and then we go to the tab “Provision” which is located in the upper menu on the right, and in alignment we give it the option “Up to the left”.

Align Top Left

Once this is done, we go to the margin of the left cell and reduce it from 0.19 cm to a considerable amount, and then we reduce the font size.

We will get something like this:

Crossword with ready numbers

We customize our crossword

After the previous step and creating a legend with the questions for the crossword, we must customize it a little to our liking.

We can play with the colors and assign each cell a different color, or adjust the size, and other things to give the final touch to the work. Although we leave that to your discretion. To do this you have to select the cells you want to modify and then in the top menu, in “Start” you can choose what things to modify and what to leave as is.

List of the best tools to make crossword puzzles fast and easy

Here we will show you some of the creators and more accessible crossword generators other than Word. These will certainly speed up a lot plus the work we showed above:

Crossword generator

crossword generator

This first program to generate crosswords It is hosted on the website The Teachers Corner with the next link. As you can see in the image, you just have to give the crossword a name, establish the instructions and add as many words as you want and then click on “generate” and ready.

Crossword Puzzle Games

Crossword Puzzle Games

This is another generator of crosswords and puzzles that we can use by entering your official website. It works in a very simple way and similar to the previous one, only that it does not allow more than 20 words per crossword. Its advantage is that it is free.

Crossword Compiler 10

Crossword Compiler 10

The following tool for creating crosswords is paid, but it is totally sure that the effort is worth it, since offers functions and Puzzles for learning like no other program would. It also offers a very useful free version.

Download Crossword Compiler 10 Demo

Eclipse Crossword

Eclipse Crossword

It is the first free program that can be downloaded to the computer, it is very easy to work with and with which you can create fantastic crosswords. You have the option to print it or export it to different formats.



Developer: Green Eclipse

Price: Free

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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