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The user information is a printed material that works like advertising tool. Generally, it includes four pages, and is characterized by being small. They are frequently distributed in the streets, or in those places where large crowds gather. Is it so geared towards the general public, to get your attention with interesting information.

Saying material it’s a good way to promote activities, functions and events of a company or organization. Many people choose to hire professional designers.

But nevertheless, Microsoft Word offers you the possibility of produce free brochures, quickly and easily, where you can add photos and relevant information.

What are the best tools we have in Word to make brochures?

Best tools to make brochures in Word

The graphic designersare often in charge of design the brochures for any company that wants to be known. For inexperienced users, creating a brochure from scratch can be complex.

Fortunately, Microsoft Word have a tool very useful: templates, predesigned brochures with eye-catching looks that also have suggestions on how to organize content.

On the Internet you can find templates belonging to different categories, such as business, medical services, schools, architecture, institutional, among many others. All template can be printed or mailed.

Steps to make a brochure in Microsoft Word easy and fast

Steps to make a brochure in Word

The most common method to make a brochure in Word is through predesigned templates. However, it is also possible design a file from scratch.

Next, we are going to detail the steps of each one:

  • To use a template, start with open a new document Word.
  • In the tab “Records”, click on the button “New”.
  • The menu of available templates will appear on the screen. Locate among the icons, the one belonging to “Brochures”.
  • You can too use the search bar to find a specific template in the system. Make your selection and then press “Create”.
  • If you don’t have a template loaded, you can download them from the official portal: “”.
  • Add the information textual or images that you consider necessary. When you’re done, go to the tab “Records” and press “Save”.
  • Finally, for print the brochure, enter “Records” and press “To print”.
  • In the Word print settings, change the default setting to “Manually print double-sided”.

If your printer is not duplex, wait for the device to print one side. Next, remove the sheet at the indicated time, turn it, and place it in the inbox.

Here are the steps to create a brochure from scratch:

Create a brochure from scratch

  • For create a brochure from scratch, starts with open a new document Word.
  • In the tab “Records”, click “New” and select “Blank document”.
  • Go to the tab “Page design”.
  • On the new ribbon, click “Margins”. It is located on the upper left side of the screen.
  • When displaying the menu, press “Custom margins”. Next, a pop-up window will open.
  • The boxes that correspond to each margin (Right, left, top, bottom) they have a predetermined measure.
  • In case the measure is expressed in centimeters, change all values ​​to 0.25 cm or 0.50 cm.
  • If the measure is expressed in inches, change all values ​​to 0.1 ”.
  • Then change the page orientation to “Horizontal”.
  • Finally, click on “To accept”.

In this way, you will be making sure use all available space to distribute the information about the brochure.


  • Now, go back to the ribbon “Page design” and click “Columns”.
  • Select the number of columns you need. Typically, a brochure is comprised of a sheet divided into two halves, creating four pages; two on the outside and two on the inside.
  • In Word, you will need to work each face separately, that is, with two sheets. Each one will correspond to the exterior and interior of the brochure.
  • After having chosen a number of columns, right next to the button “Columns”, you will find another button titled as “Jumps”.
  • Click on “Jumps” and select the option “Columns”.
  • Enter the information in each column of the brochure you have created. In addition to text, you can insert images. When you are done, you should save the document.
  • Go to “Records” and click “Save” or “Save as”. In both cases, you will need to provide a document name and location.

Finally you can print the brochure. Since “Records”, click “To print”. Remember to change the print settings to “Automatically print on both sides”.

If your printer it is not double sided, you have to print one side first, turn the sheet, and reinsert it into the inbox.

List of the best brochure templates in Word you can download

List of the best brochure templates in Word to download

Microsoft Word has a Office official website where you can purchase brochure templates. They are ordered by categories, there are free and paid. From “” you can access all the catalog of available brochures.

Similarly, other pages to download free templates are:



The educational brochures are intended for explain school or college activities. Exhibit events, recent events, among others.

The most prominent are:


Are the basic brochures. Those used to inform the general public about the activities of a company, business, organization or other.

The most prominent are:

Of health

The Health Sciences They also make use of the brochures to explain, with clear and concise information, some pathologies, risk situations, prevent diseases, recommended treatments, among others.

These are the most popular:


The children’s brochures, as the name implies, they are aimed at little ones at home. They should not be saturated with information, and the images must abound. They are also used for parents and legal representatives.

See the best here:


A business brochure is the one used by the company to inform your audience and potential customers on the functions that are carried out, the next events to be carried out and also promotions of the year.

Download the best templates here:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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