Make Business Cards in Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

For what a business card is efficient must collect the Main data of the person. In addition, it is needed for these elements to be efficient, that the design is correct.

Yes you don’t want to spend extra money, you can use Microsoft Word as a tool for edit these cards. You can do it in a way quick and easy.

Due to this, we have prepared the following article in which we will teach you all the steps you will have to do to have a unique and professional stylish card. We will also introduce you to best templates you can find to use in Word.

What tools in Microsoft Word are useful for making business cards?

Among the tools that you can use in Microsoft Word for create a professional business card is the “Table”. With this function you can choose single cell and apply different font formats. But if you wish insert an image, you can choose two cells, or draw it with the tool “He drew”.

As you may have already realized, you will also need to use the function “Insert image”, which may be from your computer or from the Internet. You will also need to choose a page color and page borders, these two tasks can be done with tools that have the same name and are in the menu “Design”.

If you want to have a advanced style, you can add to the tool SmartArt or WordArt function, with which you can give a artistic touch to your edit.

Steps to make a professional business card in Microsoft Word

Steps to make a professional business card in Microsoft Word

Next, we will show you the steps you must take to make a professional business card with Microsoft Word:

  • The first thing you should do is open a new document and choose A4 size sheet by default. For this you will have to go to “Start”, then “To print” and in “Pages” choose option “A4”.
  • When you have defined the page size, you will have to choose the menu “Insert” boost in “Table”.
  • Choose a table of two columns and one row.
  • Then write your name and all the information you want in the left side.
  • Go to the second cell. Select in the tab “Insert” the option “Images”. Choose the your company logo and edit it until it is of the necessary size.
  • When you’re done, select all the elements you have incorporated and then right click. Click on the option “Group” and then choose “Group”.
  • If you prefer you can add a colored border and background. To do this you will have to select the table and then go to “Page color” Y “Page borders”. Find the best option and click on “To accept”.
  • In case you need order some image, you will have to go to “Insert”, then click on “Format” and click on “Text position”.
  • Once you have everything arranged, you will have to edit the business card size. You must bear in mind that in a A4 sheet come in 10 cards stuck side by side. This way you can control when the size is correct.

List of the best templates for making business cards in Word

List of the best templates for making business cards in Word

We will show you below a list with best personal business card templates so you can download them for free and then deliver them to your contacts.

The most prominent are:


Count with one minimalist design in which you can put vertical shape the logo your name and company. The size standard is 3.5 x 2 inches so they will enter 10 for each A4 sheet.

Download Minimalist Word Template


That is the name given to this card that has a business style and stands out for its flower. It has the same size as previous business card. It is ideal for those people who like the colors of the red range.

Download Lotus Word Template

Blue spheres

This business card is characterized by a simple design, but standing out one blue dial in which you can incorporate featured information. Its measurements are 9 x 5 centimeters and its orientation is horizontal.

Download Blue Spheres Word Template


It’s another card with minimalist style in which you will find text without any type of image. The user’s name is located on the left of the card and, very simply, highlights the data most relevant in the other sector.

Download Red Word Template


With this 3.5 × 2 inch business card You can include your name, your company logo and any other information in a very clear way. It stands for light blue and gray colors, reinforced by black. His design hexagonal offers an elegant style.

Download Hexagonal Word Template


If you are in the marketing sector of your company, you can use this business card that stands out for its pastel colors. Provides a professional style in which you can put your name and any other contact element with the confidence that it is will stand out for the visual simplicity in their design.

Download Sales Word Template


Is card it is ideal for those who want highlight a female profile. its Vertical orientation offers the person receiving this element a positive impact, the pink color stands out, as well as the font type, generating a delicate style.

Download Flower Template Word


Is another card that has a Vertical orientation standing out for colors in the range of reds. It is ideal for those who want to show a professional profile.

Download Vertical Word Template


Is the business card which is related to green activities, so if you dedicate yourself to preservation of the environment or are you an expert in agriculture, you can wear this style without any problem. It stands out for having a high-quality image to the left of the presentation.

Download Bamboo Word Template

Real estate

Thanks to this business card you can highlight a professional profile when you are in the real estate market. Provides the possibility of have a logo and add a photo of the sales agent. It stands for pastel colours from the brown range.

Download Real Estate Word Template

Tips for making better business cards in Microsoft Word

So that you can have the best professional business card you will have to follow these tips:

Enter only the necessary data

Many people believe that a business card it should include a wide variety of contact methods. While it is true that person interested in communicating will have greater means, many times so much information in a small area makes the visual style not correct.

To solve this problem include your name, an email address and a phone number.

Highlight the most important thing about you

In a business card you will have to highlight, in a simple way, the most important thing you have. This can be your experience, your college graduation or any other link that refers you as an expert in a certain subject.

Don’t forget that, for comply with the advice of the previous point, you will have to include a short phrase, but concise.

The contrast must be adequate

This is a point that few people consider and is perhaps the most important. You must bear in mind that the letters have to contrast with the background of your business card.

Thus, colors they will have to be contrasting colors and the font size must be correct.

Stand out in design

Stand out in design

Try to go out of the ordinary, but without touching the extreme in the style of your choice. Also, you have to ensure that the design must be consistent with the activity you carry out.

That is, if you are a marketing expert, you must place colorful and standout images. But if you are a doctor, it will be necessary to use a minimal concept.

Offer another type of card

Most of the cards are horizontal, but this doesn’t mean you couldn’t use vertical formats. Also, you could add to back certain information that will make the person to whom you gave your card, wake up the interest in knowing more details.

You can also generate a certain type of texture or fold the card in a certain way that stands out from the rest. But you should be careful that the style is according to your activity.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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