Make Collaborations on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The collaborations On Instagram are the most common activities in Marketing. The growth of this social network, it is not only useful for distractions and entertainment, but also for companies and organizations.

If we own a mark, we will always seek greater recognition by the public. The most feasible way to obtain that impulse we want is with a collaborator.

Here, we will explain the details you should know about the collaborators, and what we should look for in them. We will also let you answers to important questions, as it is Advertising or collaborator? To understand its benefits.

What is a collaboration on Instagram and what is it for?

Why is it important to maintain a frequency of posts on Instagram?

Collaborations on Instagram it’s a practice related to the growth of the community of this great social network. A collaboration It is the negotiation that occurs between a brand and an influencer. The influencer seeks collaborations with the idea of ​​monetizing your profile. It is very normal in profiles with more than 5K followers, for its large active public and the great feedback that exists between it and its followers.

On the other hand, the brand owner looks for influencers to grow their community, be it in recognition or in sales. For this, the brand must be well identified with the profile. Because it is a negotiation between both parties, the influencer requests some economic incentive or gifts, to access to promote the brand and its benefits.

What are the main benefits of collaborating on Instagram?

instagram benefits

Make collaborations in Instagram it can bring us many benefits. Speaking of marketing strategies, this is one of the best practices better recommended and with greater benefits than others.

Let’s see below:

Increase in traffic on our website

The collaborations bring to our profile more visibility, and can be related to our blog or online store. We can redirect those visits to our website, leaving in our profile the Url that connects to the site.

The leave the website link in the profile it is just one of the methods of directing people. Other activities that can be carried out are the watermarks with the Url in our photos, or leaving the web address in the description of our post.

Increase in engagement

Instagram is the social network with higher engagement today. The commitment of the brands is very well seen by customers, a detail that significantly increases sales and the positive impact on the community.

The brand recognition It is the first step to increase engagement, in other words, it allows us to capture new customers, and have a better positioning within the great social network and the world.

A more humane brand

This is the most important benefit we get from collaborating. That a person represents our brand, indicates that the company or organization It is not made up of robots but of human beings who feel.

East human aspect that our brand obtains, is, without a doubt, the impulse we need not only to attract more customers, but for those we have to affirm and fall in love more of our products and services.

New followers – higher audience

This is related to all the other positive aspects that we obtain when hiring a collaborator in Instagram. The followers they are our audience before a world digital, so that it increases, it translates as new customers and greater impact.

Recognition in the market, or positive feedback and other characteristics they cannot be paidThat is why having a large audience with a good appearance of our products is the best publicity that can exist.

Is it better to collaborate or pay for advertising on Instagram?

This is the most common question when we want to boost our brand. To evaluate which method is more convenient for that impulse, we must compare the costs of both parties first. According to the costs that Instagram itself gives us when requesting advertising for our posts, it can be said that the price for advertising is € 0.72 by impression or interaction.

While the average cost per print according to analysis, A micro-influencer with 1000 followers at most, charges € 85 per post, profiles with more than 100K followers charge € 763 per publication.

In another way we can say that collaborations is the method to sponsor our content or cheaper products. For example, if we look for a profile that has 500 followers, and they charge us € 85, it is much more economically feasible than paying Instagram € 360 for 500 impressions. Although fine, it is not the only difference we can find, but if it is the main, because the reason is not only to increase followers but to generate more profits with the minimum possible investment.

Learn step by step how to collaborate on Instagram

What types of advertising campaigns can you do on Instagram Ads and what are their objectives?

Doing collaborations on Instagram is not something we should take lightly, so it is highly recommended to follow the steps that we leave below:

Identify the collaborator

Fundamental step to do collaborations, is to identify the person who will do the work, because it must identify or relate to our brand. It is illogical that we look for a person who talks about health and aesthetics, to promote our brand of spirits.

Raise collaboration

Many skip this step, and leave the arrangement last, however, it is not recommended, because, with this we will know the compensation required by the profile owner, and we will evaluate the cost of working with him.

Let’s evaluate the history and comments of the collaborator

This step will save us headaches. Because the influencer will represent our brand, it is very necessary to know how good reputation has among his followers and the general public of Instagram. If the person does not have a good reputation, it can affect negatively our business or product.

Similar audience

We must ask ourselves Is your audience ours? In other words Is your audience the population we are looking for? These questions are very necessary, because if the audience that offers us is not the right one we run great risks. For example, if our brand is adult content, and the profile influences children and adolescents in a large percentage, we would not have the result we seek.

Interaction with the public

With this step we must confirm audience activity with the person. The fact that a profile has many followers does not indicate that it has a great impact on the community, because many of the followers may not be as active on the social network.

Verification is done through the posts. We enter your profile, and review each of your publications (Likes, and comments), if it has the scope and activity we are looking for, meets the requirements.

Let’s finish

To finish, we simply request the advertising strategies and there is an exchange of ideas, of what you want, and what you can. With both parties agreeing, proceed with the fulfillment of the agreed.

How to find good partners to make deals that suit my brand?


So that the deals we make suit our brand we must first know what we need. Fulfilling this first requirement we proceed to understand what are the characteristics of the profile we are looking for. For example, if our brand promotes women’s clothing, it is not advisable to ask a man to model or talk about the quality of the clothing, since it would not be very well received by the public.

We must always be clear, what is our brand, and what do you need. Then we must search among different tools that the Internet provides us to find the profile that best suits us. Comparing profiles, we will find the one with the best prestige, greater impact and a very active audience. If you meet these details, it is the one that suits our brand.

Note: It is recommended people who know our products or services, although it may not be indispensable. If the person knows about the brand, he will express in a more securely what we promise.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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