Make Family Tree in Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Over the years, Microsoft Word has been listed as the most widely used word processor in the world. Therefore, most people use it to create, edit, personalize and manage any digital document, with the purpose of get quality results.

However, beyond facilitating the preparation of a text, this Microsoft program has endless options that allow to do many more tasks. One of them refers to the possibility of create a family tree, easily and quickly.

In this way, it will not be necessary to resort to other tools, even paid ones, to capture the history of your family or preserve your origins. In this sense, below, we explain how can you make an element of this type in Word and much more information about it.

What are the ideal Word tools for making a family tree?

While it is true, a family tree is defined as a diagram or graphical representation that allows reflect family relationships or display family history data in an organized and systematic way. Since, methodically, it exhibits the parental bonds that unite each of the members of a family group.

Therefore, are elements of great importance in many environments, such as: in medicine, in psychology, in anthropology, in biology, in history, etc. Whereby, Many users require an ideal tool to make a family tree easily and Word takes that need into account.

That is why, today, this word processor allows you to create an illustration of this type from a utility known as “SmartArt graphics”. Which, basically, are visual representations that allow display data and ideas in an orderly way and are characterized by provide excellent designs to documents. This means that you don’t need very advanced Word tools to do them.

Steps to make a family tree in Microsoft Word fast and easy

As we indicated in the previous part, the main Word tool used to create a family tree without resorting to other programs, are SmartArt illustrations. But, to do it correctly, it is important to follow the following procedure step by step:

  • To start, you have to find and open the Word document in which you want to build the family tree for any purpose.
  • Next, place the cursor in the precise area where you want that element to start and now click “Insert” from the program’s ribbon.
  • Followed by this, locate yourself in the Illustrations group and proceed to select “SmartArt”.

Steps to make a family tree in Microsoft Word fast and easy

  • Once you do the above, a new dialog box will be displayed where each and every one of the available types is found. In this case, it is necessary to use “Hierarchy” and, therefore, click on that option.
  • After clicking on Hierarchy, you will be able to see all the subtypes or diagram models that there are, on the right side. Whereas, for your family tree, you can choose the one you want clearly.
  • When you select the model of the hierarchy SmartArt, click on “Accept” and automatically, it will be displayed on the assigned Word sheet. So then you can add the information you want in each box.

Steps to make a family tree in Microsoft Word easy and fast

In addition to inserting the necessary data to create your family tree, you can also edit the graphic or improve its design and format from the “SmartArt Tools” tab on the ribbon. Whether it’s adding shapes, changing colors or style, including fill, outline or effects, etc.

Steps to make a family tree in Microsoft Word easy and fast

The Best Family Tree Templates You Can Download for Word

The Best Family Tree Templates You Can Download for Word

But, in case you prefer to display layouts other than the ones Word provides by default, and also want to make your family org chart with less work to save time, you have the possibility to download ideal templates for that. Taking into account that, they are predesigned patterns that they exhibit great quality, as usual.

That is why, in order to facilitate your work, Here we proceed to name 6 of the best family tree templates available to download on the Internet and use through Word:

  • Classic: Yes, before any alternative, you prefer to show a familiar element in a formal, simple and traditional way, you need to download this template for Word. In which, you can easily show everything you need.
  • Generation relations: It consists of one of the most used templates in these cases and its main characteristic is that it has an appropriate design for show family relationships perfectly, around the links that exist.
  • Childish: In case you prefer to go out of the ordinary and show a more fun, eye-catching and harmless design in your family tree from Word, you can make use of this pattern. Which allows to joyfully display each of the family branches to highlight.
  • Business: On the contrary, if you choose displaying a family tree at a more professional, reserved and corporate level In your Word document, it is advisable to download a template of this type.
  • Central genealogical network: This is a type of family tree that allows to highlight a person from the specific family group, so it will have to be placed in the center of the entire genogram. From there, the other members will be derived.
  • Ego: It is an unusual type of genealogical tree, because in addition to establishing habitual kinship connections, it also allows showing a family with same-sex parents, for adopted people and even for those people who were born thanks to assisted reproduction techniques with donation of gametes (reproductive cells).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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