Make Group Video Call on Skype  Step by Step Guide 2021

Skype allows us to communicate with people from a distance. It is one of the most used applications both to contact the family, and to hold virtual work meetings. We explain, step by step, how to make a group video call from your phone Android or iPhone free, easy and fast.

This software is located designed for both two-person conversations and group calls from and to anywhere, regardless of the quality of the connection.

Skype allows you to perform Online video calls with up to 100 people on any device. It’s a free service that makes it easy for you to talk to coworkers around the world or catch up with people who live in another country.

Learn step by step how to make a group video call in Skype from your Android or iOS quickly and easily

A very important point that you should know is that there is a limitation and that is after 4 hours in an individual video call, this will be cut off and you will go to an audio call.

Now, take note of what you should do according to your type of device:

On Android

The first thing to do is download the app on the Play Store.

If you already have it, confirm that you have the latest update so that you can do the steps as explained below:

  • The first thing will be to go to the lower right corner and start a new chat (pencil figure).

Start a new chat in Skype

  • There select the option “New group chat”. You should choose an image if you want and give the group you created a name.
  • Next, select the contacts you want to belong to the group and press “Ready”.
  • Once the chat loads, in the upper right corner, select “Start call”.

Activate new group chat in Skype

  • Click on the video camera and press again “Start call”.
  • Now click on “Make sound for the group” so that everyone receives the call simultaneously.

There is also another way to do it if you do not want to create a group and it is through an established chat to add participants:

  • For this you must go to the “Video camera” of the chat you already have with the person you want to participate in the video call.

Start a video call on Skype

  • When you already have the video call active, press on the three dots and select “Add people”.
  • Locate the users you want to join and press “Add”. This way you will be calling the rest of the people you added.

On ios

The procedure is the same as mentioned above, the only thing that varies is the location of the icons.

And it is that in iOS, the figure of the pencil is in the upper right:

  • Click on the pencil icon and it will take you to the tab “Conversations”.
  • Mark “New group chat” and once selected give it a name.

Name a new group chat in Skype

  • Add the contacts that you want to be part of the group conversation and on the final screen, already in the group chat, click on the button “Video call” to start the conversation.

Start video call from group chat in Skype

  • With all the members selected, start the video call and press “Finalize” to hang.

How many people can join a group video call on the free Skype account? How to increase the limit?

Skype allows 100 people in its video calls

Since 2020, teleworking and the use of applications to communicate remotely have increased. Skype was not far behind and updated its free video call limit from 50 to 100 participants on any device. The users they can choose the video option and call from anywhere in the world for work arrangements or to be in contact with friends or family.

Although of course, if this amount does not seem enough to you you can increase the limit hiring any of the Skype payment plans. If you have a business environment and want to increase the limit of connected users, you can do it through Skype Connect ™. For now, the maximum number of simultaneous calls is 300 for each SIP profile. However, you can create as many SIP profiles as you want and have multiple conversations at the same time. You can also buy channel plans for each one.

We show you some things you can do from a group Skype video call to make them more dynamic

In this section you will know different actions you can take during a video call to enjoy more virtual time with your friends. While written conversations are mostly accessed, video calls make a big difference because you can listen and speak in real time, almost as if you were speaking in person to the other individual.

Go for it:

Share screen

Share screen in Skype

This action is available for voice calls and for video calls. It allows the interlocutor to be seeing the same thing as us on his computer, It is very useful for when you need to do a tutorial, give a lecture or the like.

At first it was only for desktop computers, but today it works for mobile devices:

  • The first thing you should do is check that you have the latest version of Skype. Then the call begins.
  • Press the screen sharing button, which features a two-box icon.

In case you enter from macOS, you must access the screen recording option from “System preferences”.

You need to apply the following procedure:

  • System preferences.
  • Security and Privacy
  • Privacy.
  • Screen recording.
  • Grant access to Skype.

For stop sharing, you just have to go back to select screen sharing button.

Record the Skype call

How to record a video call on Skype

You should know that The participants will know that you are recording the call because they will be notified by means of a message. It should be noted that you can access the recording in the call history. If you record a video call, the sequence of all, that is, the speaker and the interlocutor will be combined so you can see the two images.

The maximum recording time is 24 hours, which is pretty good by the way. To record a call with another call contact Skype, you must select the icon with three horizontal dots “(…)“to display the menu of more options.

Then follow the steps below:

  • Tap on “Start recording” and a banner will be displayed on the call, which will indicate to all participants that recording is beginning.
  • After the call is over, the recording of the call will be published in the chat that was made. It will be available for the next 30 days. During this time it can be downloaded and saved. To do this, click on “More options”/ “Save to → Downloads from”.

Send a reaction

How to react live on Skype

Reacting is very easy, you can do it in video calls from the heart button, where you will find a range of options to send. There are approximately 60 so you have many to choose from.

It will be seen by all participants:

  • Press button “Emoticon”, It is next to the message you received.
  • You will see a menu with the different reactions.
  • Click on the arrows, until you get the reaction you want.
  • Press on the emoticon that you have chosen and send it.

Ask to speak

How to raise your hand in Skype

To ask to speak on a Skype video call, you must virtually raise your hand. In the desktop version, select “Raise your hand” in the call controls, specifically in the lower right corner of the screen. On mobile devices, tap the More menu (…) and then “Raise your hand”. When one member of the call raises their hand, the rest receive a notification. There is also the option of “Lower your hand”, in case at any time you decide not to intervene.

Take screenshot

Lightshot download site

On the keyboard, you must press the keys at the same time Command + Shift + 4 + Slash space and then click on the window you want to take a screenshot of. If what you want is to take a screenshot of the entire desktop, you just have to press the key “ImPan PetSis” that appears at the top right of the keyboard. You can also use third party programs like Lightshot.

List of the best applications to make group video calls alternatives to Skype that you should know

In addition to Skype, there is a varied list of applications that allow us to make a video call regardless of the location of the participants.

We show you a list:


Zoom for Outlook download site

Zoom It has become a complete revolution due to the way it works and speed, as well as its ability to meet on video calls. Allow up to 100 participants for free with a limit of 40 minutes in length. To use Zoom you must register and have an online platform (browser) and in the same way its own application for Android and to iOS.


Send Google Meet invitation from Gmail

Created by Google and originally called Hangouts, This messaging application is one of the best options for making video calls today. Up to 100 people can connect and the business version allows up to 250 participants at the same time. Between the Advantages of Meet is that it can be synchronized with Google applications. In addition, it is very versatile to hold meetings from both mobile and Mac or PC.


Telegram interface

The latest update of the Telegram application has incorporated a recent function that allows the possibility of make group video calls with up to 30 participants.


Discord interface on Linux

This application allows you to make video calls with up to 50 people connected with chat channels and the option to share screen.

Facebook Messenger

Conversations on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another of the best applications to make group video calls via Android or iPhone. Up to 50 people can participate and it is compatible with web version.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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