Make Money on Facebook Live  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

At the moment social networks have become one of the best alternatives for earn money online, this is how each of them has been implementing their own means of monetization.

As it was expected Facebook It could not be missing from this list, it is yes as the Facebook Live service to its users so that they can earn money being a streamer.

Therefore, if you like a camera and have skills to make videos, then this social network service can be a very good alternative for you. That is why here we will teach you how to make money being a streamer on Facebook.

How much money can you earn on Facebook Live? Can you make a living from it?

How much money can you earn on Facebook Live?  Can you make a living from it?

There is no doubt that the most famous streamers can easily live off their salaries on social networks, and it has been shown that a large amount of money moves in this world and Facebook like any other platform it is no exception. Today there is talk that this social network would be paying certain stars and television media an amount of 250,000 euros for 20 videos every 3 months, which means that each video has a value of 12,500 euros.

However, it should be mentioned that not all Facebook streams they will earn an amount of money like this, since this will basically depend on the amount of followers, subscribers and views that they have in their live videos. Which means that streams need to upload quality content that allows them to attract a sufficient number of viewers who want to donate a star for their work.

So that you can have an estimate of how much they can pay you, it is said that the social network pays a € 1 value for every 3000 views your video has, but keep in mind that this may be more or less, since it will depend on different factors that greatly influence, one of these factors is the origin of the person. Therefore, if the viewers are Spanish or European, then the person will generate approximately 10 times more income that in case the spectators are Latinos.

This is because a Spaniard has greater purchasing power, so companies pay more to compete in the market and you, when you click on the advertising breaks of your videos, you will earn higher income. In accordance with all this, it should be mentioned that if you manage to become a famous streamer without a doubt you will be able to live on your income, but keep in mind that this requires a lot effort and work.

Learn step by step how to execute the best strategies to make money with Facebook Live

Keep in mind that in order to be successful as streamers on social networks such as Facebook, it is important to be able to apply the best strategies that they allow you earn enough money so that you can have economic stability thanks to it. In accordance with all this, here we are going to teach you the best ways to power earn income on your live broadcasts with Facebook Live.

To do this, follow each of the methods that we are going to explain below:

With stars

With stars

The stars are the main characteristics of Facebook Live, which are small scores that each of the viewers leave you in the live broadcasts what you do, these are like a kind of donation that each of them can give you as a reward your work and effort. Keep in mind that you will only receive this if the viewer wants to give it to you.

The best of all is that each of the stars you receive can be exchanged for money. It should also be mentioned that this is the main method of FB Live in order to earn money on the platform, so you should wait for your followers to start awarding stars so that the social network changes them for real money.

In this way, here we leave you the amount of money that you could receive according to the stars obtained:


1 star € 0.01 100 stars € 1 1000 stars € 10 10000 stars € 100 100000 stars € 1000

Therefore, if you want to get a very good amount of stars it will be necessary that you make an effort for them, for this you must offer very good quality content that motivates your viewers to help you grow on the platform. Keep in mind that the payment of these stars becomes effective 30 days after the month when you have received them. Which means that if the January 1 you received 1000 stars, these you are going to charge the February 01 and so on.

However, in order to withdraw your money from the social network to any of your accounts it is necessary that you have as minimum 100 € to be able to claim it. In addition, most of the Hispanic countries are included in the platform so you can easily charge. Finally, it should be mentioned that not all users of FB Live they will charge stars, since for this it is necessary to enable this option by meeting certain requirements such as belonging to the Level UP program.

To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • If you’re an admin partner of FB Live you must direct to “Creator Studio” and then to the section of “Creative tools”, once there access the “Active panel”.
  • If you are in Level up, then go to your Panel for streamers.
  • Then you must select the option “Set stars.”
  • There you will have to access the “Payment method”.
  • After that you will have finished activating the stars in your account.

Partner Program

Another alternative that users can find is that of the Partner program, This is how this social network made the decision to take its own reins of the monetization system in Facebook Live, so it offers payments to content creators who achieve get 2000 followers and a minimum of 300 viewers in each of its live broadcasts. All this as a kind of reward.

It should be mentioned that the exact amount of money each earns is not yet known for sure. FB Live streamer, but the platform has ensured that advertising advertisements paid by the companies will be shown in each of the transmissions, so that 55% of the profits for it will be taken by the streamers, Meanwhile he 45% will remain for the company.

In this way, this new method has become a kind of advantage for influencers, celebrities, media companies and many others who make a living from this. Since this new alternative has become an advantage for everyone, so it is worth it search 2000 followers that are present in each of your transmissions and that way you can start monetizing something extra.

Sell ​​on Facebook Live

Sell ​​on Facebook Live

Sales within Facebook may not be the best choice for streamers who are just starting out on the platform, since for obvious reasons they will have a fairly small audience, but it can be for all those who already have a fairly large number of subscribers. In this case, being able to sell your own merchandise is a very good way to make extra money than you get with your transmissions.

It is about selling products with their own designs that can range from t-shirts, mugs, hats, pants, among many other things that you can think of and that your followers may like. For this it is important that you have your own brand that allows you to differentiate yourself from the rest. Keep in mind that Facebook Live it is a very good alternative for the streamers that is getting bigger every day, characterized by being a fairly solid social network and where you can connect with people from all over the world.

Company sponsorships

Company sponsorships

Another very important point that you should pay close attention to are the company sponsorshipsThis can be achieved when you have already managed to have a fairly large audience and your name is well known within the platform. Note that if you get enough popularity within the platform this will make some companies want to do a sponsors program.

In this way you can take advantage of all this to achieve an important and interesting contract that allows you earn much more money and at the same time continue to grow as streamers. One way to achieve this is for you to create videos of food and a restaurant to be interested in you. and I hired you to advertise on facebook to your kitchen products.

Private subscription program

Finally, we find what subscriptions are and which has become one of the latest tools added by the social network. In this case allow the followers of the streamers may pay a fee on a monthly basis to support them. But in return, content creators must offer them a different and special treatment.

Which means they should provide you exclusive content, special discounts on items, more access to creators and a badge next to their name that indicates them as collaborators. Subscriptions have become one of the best alternatives for get money, since all this allows you to have a constant flow of income. In addition, you will be able to customize the benefits that you offer to your collaborators and select the prices that best suit you, these must range from € 0.99 to € 99.99.

Therefore, these subscriptions can be helping you to generate a lot of income, especially if your followers participate a lot, so you can get the following benefits:

  • Income periodically: By having monthly subscriptions you will have an income stream that allows you to plan in advance, keep in mind that the greater the number of subscribers, the greater the flow of money they move on a monthly basis.
  • Creative flexibility: When the content creator has a fairly participatory community, then they can find in subscriptions a way to increase their income without having to modify their style or change the content in order to reach a larger audience. Keep in mind that in this case both the creator and the subscribers become a single community.
  • Greater sense of community: As just mentioned, all this allows it to become a single community, so fans will be willing to support their favorite creators for different reasons, either because they believe in what they are doing, they want to. approach them or simply because they want to have access to their exclusive content.

In this case the streamers they will have the opportunity to personalize each of the experiences without having to get out of your own mind. They will also have the opportunity to create new specific content for fans.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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