Make Money on Twitter  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

If you want to know how to earn money with a Twitter account onlineYou will have to read this post because we will teach you all the secrets you must know to be successful in this task.

We will explain to you if it is true that Twitter is not a good social network to earn money and why the social network has this perception.

In case you want to advance with marketing strategies on Twitter, We will explain the step by step you must do to earn money online quickly and easily. Don’t miss out on anything to become an expert.

Is Twitter the best social network to earn money online?

Is Twitter the best social network to earn money online?

You could say that the social network Twitter is not also valued as it should be, as many people think that this is just a platform for publish posts with a character limitation. Y’all know that Twitter Over time it has proven to be one of the best tools for doing business, since on this platform there are people who are interested in a wide variety of products and services that they cannot find without moving the social network.

If you have the support of marketers can quickly and easily find out how to earn money directly and indirectly. Furthermore, in Twitter There are different monetization methods that can increase your monthly income considerably.

Learn step by step all the methods to make money with your Twitter account

Learn step by step all the methods to make money with your Twitter account

We will show you below the step by step of the different methods there are to make money on Twitter:

As an influencer

You can make agreements with different brands to promote a specific product or service. This method is usually successful as it generates a great expectation from the consumer because you mentioned it a benchmark in the sector. These deals can be a bit difficult to make because brands want to pay less than their fair share to sponsor their by-products.

We will tell you some tips for you to become a true influencer:

  • You must take care of your profile and use quality hashtags. It is very important that your profile is different from that of others, since it must stand out from your competition and generate a good first view. In this way, you will have a much greater chance of being followed and contacted by brands.
  • Only publish content from your sector. You must publish content that is related to your sector and area of ​​knowledge, so you do not have to deviate from that path because it will generate confusion among your followers.
  • Tweet manually. Currently there are platforms that allow you automate all kinds of content, but this is a long-term disadvantage because you are going to look like a robot in the eyes of your followers. This will generate that they do not feel identified with you and that they do not interact.
  • Don’t buy followers. This technique is not recommended at all if you want to create a quality white label in front of your followers, it is true that it can make a good impression on you at the beginning, but in the long term it can harm you since you will not have any likes, neither comments, neither RT.
  • Be a real person. This seems very obvious, but there are people who feel more important because they have gained a good number of followers. From this it emerges that you should always be humble and interact with your followers in a respectful way.

Selling advertising

Selling advertising

Brands today not only want to be promoted on Twitter through Twitter Ads, but also like to interact with influencers because they are more effective when it comes to promoting their products and reaching the audience. So it’s a hole in the market if you want sell with Twitter advertising.

We are going to explain you step by step how to do it:

  • Use emojis. These elements contribute to a very attractive visual impact. Users prefer that the cover of the videos always include a drawing of these animations, so advertisers will seek at all times to hire attractive channels that incorporate these marketing techniques.
  • Use hashtags reasonably. If you are in any branch of business, it is very important to use hashtags in your tweets, since these tags will allow you to connect with your followers and interact in a more fluid way. This gesture will also allow you to increase the amount of retweets and clicks on links, which is of interest to companies that want to hire you.
  • Take advantage of Twitter to have contact with customers. If you sell a service or products you will have to communicate with the target market in the most efficient way possible. To achieve this, it is a good idea to use a Twitter to generate empathy. You will have to answer all the queries that come to you, explain the functions of your products and especially why advertisers should choose you.

As a company

In addition to all the tips that we have been mentioning in this post, which are compatible with this section, you will have to carry out additional actions that will allow you to earn money on Twitter.

Pay attention to these tips:

  • Use only quality hashtags. In the previous paragraphs we mentioned that you should use tags to promote your tweets, in this part we will tell you that in addition to that advice, you have to search quality hashtag. This means that you try to attract the customer by incorporating words that attract attention and that are representative of your brand.
  • Striking images. If you use striking images you will improve your visibility in Twitter since many more people will be willing to retweet and give I like. By this we do not mean that you should put a yellow background to make it stand out more, but rather a worked tweet that includes your brand logo.
  • Don’t waste characters. You sure know that Twitter it is limited to 280 characters per tweet, which can be a disadvantage for many companies. But you can make the most of it, you just have to enter the main idea in the tweet to save time for your clients and you. You must not forget that you must include the hashtags, which will help you a lot.

Selling exclusive photos

This is a business that is constantly growing. More and more people and companies are looking to photography agencies in order to obtain better results and lower costs for their advertisements.

So, if you have the ability to be a model, this is the ideal business for you. Let’s start with the tips:

  • Hire a photographer. You can hire a professional photographer to do one or more photography sessions. This will result in the best shots and with the highest quality in every detail, which will benefit you to sell your photos.
  • Use the hashtag related to your photo. As we mentioned before, it is very important to use a hashtag to increase reach, so using a tag for your photos will also be a good practice. You should only use the hashtags that are related to your photography so that the people who see that photo are 100% interested in you.

So far we saw the part of a model, but if you really have the ability to get the best images with your camera, Twitter is ideal for you too. This is because you can earn money by selling the images you capture with your professional camera. You must not forget that more and more people consume content by video and images, so you will have to put together a good marketing strategy to be able to sell your photos easily.

Affiliate products

Affiliate products

This can be a great option if you are going to start on Twitter with a single topic, since it will allow you to obtain income without having to take care of the logistics of the product.

For this, you will have to take into account some concepts:

  • Try to be as transparent as possible. You must clarify in the publications that your links have products of membership and that if they buy it you will have some profit. Don’t try to hide this because in the long run it will hurt you if someone notices.
  • Focus on a theme. Do not start to expand your theme too much since you will lose followers and visibility when it comes to create a new post. Also, people won’t know what they can find on your profile.

Sponsor a contest it can be a very good idea if you want give visibility to your brand.

Please note the following:

  • Join. A good option would be to partner with other brands that also want get more visibility in the market and are willing to provide some products or services for the draw. This will help you gain prestige and be recommended by users, then you will be able to sell your brand’s products more easily.
  • You must opt ​​for quality prizes and that they are real. This will attract a lot of attention and attract more users, you should not forget to thank the companies that collaborated with these objects that you will deliver.
  • Create conditions. If you want to get retweets and more visibility in your brand, you will have to include conditions to participate in the draw. You should not set aside the option that they should follow you Y share with other users your giveaway.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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