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The best way to finalize a distance business deal or the best way to connect with people who are thousands of miles away, will always be by voice calls and it is a fact that they have a more powerful persuasive effect than an electronic message or a simple email.

When borders prevent phone calls from being made, the best options are always most common electronic media such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Zoom.

But the truth is that there are applications of the same size when it comes to voice calls over the Internet and today we are going to know in detail which ones it offers Google, specifically Gmail.

What Gmail tools can be used to make free calls on any device?

For a long time Google has provided us with many tools for free that allow us to communicate quickly and effectively, being very helpful for companies and schools because they provide better communication between users. In addition to this, it can also be a great personal benefit, since sometimes we want to communicate with people who are in other countries and the best thing is always these virtual media.

In this case, Gmail has provided two tools that can be very useful to communicate, these are the following:


A little known application but with great advantages, Google Hangouts is a tool provided by the Google company that can be used from your Smartphone or PC. With it we can communicate through calls or video calls, but not only that, because it also has its own messaging service.

If you have one Gmail account you can enjoy it, you only need to have the application installed on your smartphone and have a good internet connection. In case you are using your PC, you should keep in mind that your browser needs to be updated. Hangouts allows you to create conferences where users can share their screens and presentations, in addition calls and video calls are totally free, which allows you to work comfortably.

Google Meet

One of the tools that has been used in recent times is Google Meet, which is designed to allow users to creation of video conferences through a Gmail account. It is extremely useful, since it has important features such as being able to enable and disable the camera and microphone while the meeting is taking place. This tool has been very helpful for the school and business sector, since up to 100 participants can connect with no time or cost limits.

Learn step by step how to make a phone call with your Gmail account using Hangouts on the web

Google knows that it is very important for you to stay connected, so it has been in charge of perfecting communication tools day after day, shortening the distance through calls. In case of Google Hangouts, As we have already mentioned, it is a totally free platform that It will allow you to establish a connection with the world through calls.

So let’s know how you can start doing them from the web:

  • First of all, we must have access to our Gmail email from the browser of your choice.
  • Once we are on the main page of Google we click on the nine points “Google applications”, that are next to our profile picture.

google apps

  • There we must search “Google Hangouts”.

Google Hangouts

  • By clicking, it will immediately redirect us to the page of Google Hangouts.
  • As what we are looking for in making a call, we proceed to give it in “Make phone calls.”

make Google Hangouts calls

  • This will automatically make the contacts that we have linked to Gmail appear, We choose the one we want, fill in the requested information and accept the terms and conditions.

select contact Google Hangouts

  • By the end it will be done and we can talk everything we want.

We show you step by step how to make a phone call with Hangouts and Google Meet from your smartphone for free

You should know that the steps that are carried out for a call from Android or iPhone are the same. The only thing we have to do to start is to download the application on the computer and enter it.

The advantage we have is that we can do as many as we want without any cost, so let’s see what it is like to start enjoying:

In Hangouts

Mostly almost all Android Smartphones come by default the application Google Hangouts.

If this is not the case, download it from the Play Store or Apple Store if you have an iPhone:

  • We first verify that we have installed the app.

Google Hangouts app

  • Now we check that we are connected to a WiFi network or mobile data.
  • We click on the create button “+” to create a new conversation.

create Google Hangouts conversation

  • We look for the contact with which we want to initiate the call.

create Google Hangouts conversation

  • We press at the top in the “Camera” icon and we select to call with audio.

initiate call Google Hangouts

  • We allow the application to run correctly and we enjoy the call as long as we need.

On Google Meet

Google Meet has become a crucial tool in the world of telecommunication. Although this it is especially for video calls, you can also enjoy the calls.

Using it is very easy, we just have to execute the following steps:

  • First we must have it downloaded on our Smartphone.
  • We continue to create the space in “Create meeting” and clicking on “Create an instant meeting.”

create Google Meet meeting

  • We share the invitation with the people we want to talk to, removing the camera so that it is only an audio call.

share Google Meet invitation

  • Once the person is connected and take the call we can talk as long as we want for free.

These are the applications that allow you to register with your Google account and make phone calls

It is very important to know what applications we can use benefit to keep us contacted 24/7 for free.

That is why here we leave you the fundamental applications that should not be missing on your mobile:

Google Duo

Google Duo

A well-known platform is Google Duo that even has its own app and that has come to revolutionize calls, as it is quite simple to use, very intuitive and secure thanks to the fact that it contains end-to-end encryption. It allows you to connect with at least 32 users in a single call, as well as make video calls and chat with your friends and family. The application when entering will ask for a registration, which you can do with your mobile number or, failing that, with your email Gmail.



It is one of the best known platforms in the world and the one that is evolving and adding more tools that allow effective and high-quality communication. Skype It can be used from your computer or mobile device. It allows a wide variety of things ranging from video calls, chat, calls, to SMS and much more.

One of its characteristics is that it can be used by up to 24 people simultaneously, It has mechanisms that make this possible without reducing its quality. In it you can share all kinds of information you want through private chat in a comfortable and safe way. If you want to exploit its full potential, we recommend having it on your Smartphone and creating an account with your Gmail email.

Google Voice

Google Voice

Google always provides us with all kinds of applications so that we stay connected with each other no matter the distance. For this Google Voice is part of the tools of the large conglomerate that is linked to Gmail, so when it is downloaded, it is automatically synchronized with all our contacts.

One of its functions is to be able to make calls for free, this can be done from the app previously installed on your mobile phone, or failing that on the main page of the application on Google. In addition to making calls, we can chat with our contacts and send voice notes. It is important to note that this is only available for some countries such as the United States and Canada.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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