Make References in Microsoft Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

The use of references is one of the tools most used in Word when writing texts in which ideas of other authors are presented.

There is an association that established, almost 100 years ago, the requirements that citations and references in written documents must meet. So you will have to be aware of the APA regulations so that you do not make mistakes.

We have prepared this article for you to consult when you need to include different references in a composition.. With Word you will be able to work in an easy way complying with international standards. Keep reading and you will know.

What are the differences between a reference and a citation in Word?

A reference is a sentence that contains certain formal requirements and that is added in the writing of a text in Microsoft Word. Through this, a general idea is expressed that has been reflected by another author.

Within this sentence you can include ideas, publications, books or any other element that refers to the thought of its owner. There are certain requirements established by the APA standards for referrals.

Instead, a quote is a verbatim sentence that someone else has spoken and that is used in the text as support or refutation of a certain topic. In this case, quotation marks are used to highlight the idea.

What do the APA Standards say about references in written documents?

APA standards were born at the end of the 20s of the last century, through the American Psychological Association. It is in charge of establishing the criteria for the presentation of references or citations in written works. In this way, a uniform criterion is established, at an international level, for documents dealing with research in certain sciences.

In accordance with this, the APA regulations establish that a reference must include, in the order that we indicate, the following information:

  • Last name Author’s full name, followed by the initials of their name.
  • In brackets you must write the year in which the publication was made.
  • Title and subtitle of the work to which reference is made.
  • Edition in which is the idea that is taken as a reference. After the second edition it is abbreviated “(Ed.)”.
  • Lugar in which the publication was made.
  • Name of the editorial.

In case it is a newspaper, in addition to the previous data, you must put the title of the article, the name of the magazine, the volume and page number.

You are getting a reference through the Internet you will have to write:

  • Surname of the author, and then the initials of his name. Or, you can substitute the name of the platform.
  • Date of publication, if it can be known.
  • Name of the document, post or article to which it refers.
  • Consultation day.
  • Url address.

References are arranged in alphabetical order according to the authors’ surnames. If there is more than one reference to the same person, you will have to separate them in chronological order.

In its 6th edition it was established that the font is Times New Roman, with size number 12, a line spacing double space and margins of 2.54 cm. In addition, the indentation must be marked by the tab or leave 5 spaces. The alignment must be left of the page.

Steps to reference your important Microsoft Word documents

Steps to make references in your important Microsoft Word documents

The steps you will have to follow to insert a reference in a Word document are:

  • Place the cursor at the end of the sentence you want to reference.
  • Click on the tab “References”.
  • Find the role group “Citations and bibliography”.
  • Tap on “Insert appointment”. Check that the field “Style:” be the option “APA”.
  • If this is the first time that you are going to reference an author or a book, you will have to choose the option “Add new source …”.
  • When a new window opens, you will have to dump all the data that it requests. This will make you able to comply with the APA Standards, as Word will accommodate your reference automatically.
  • You will have to choose, if the source is a book, a newspaper, a report, etc. Then you will have to write the year of publication, city, edition among other things. When you’re done, tap “To accept”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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