Make Skype Call on Android and iOS  Step by Step Guide 2021

Skype is one of the most popular and free Internet communication services of the momentTherefore, it has become a fundamental tool to overcome the distance between loved ones or communicate at work. Learn step by step how to make a Skype call from your Android phone or iPhone for free.

Through this platform we can communicate by text, audio and video as long as we are connected to a network with internet access. Notably its paid version allows you to make calls and send SMS to mobile phones.

With just one click users can connect instantly to and from any space in the world. Skype is the most advanced and complete of all communication applications and that is why it is important to make the most of it.

Learn step by step how to make a Skype call from your Android smartphone or iPhone from scratch

Making Skype calls through Android or iPhone smartphones is extremely simple, we explain the procedure below:

On Android

In this section we explain how to do it through the Android system quickly and easily:

  • Login to the app “Skype” through your smartphone.
  • Look for the person what do you want to call on your list “Contacts”.
  • Once the contact is located you must click at the option of “Audio button” and initiate the call.


  • When you finish the conversation, press the button “Finalize” call to hang up and go

On ios

The process is the same as mentioned above, the only thing that changes is the operating system:

  • Opens the application of “Skype” on your mobile.
  • Choose from your contacts to the person you want to chat with.
  • Now press the button “Audio” to start the call.
  • Press the button “Finalize” and hang up the call.

We show you step by step some extra things you can do from a Skype call

Skype has a wide variety of options that many times we do not know, but that can make our communications much easier.

Take note of the following options that this messaging application has:

Go back to chat during the call

If you wish go back to chat during the call you should press your avatar. This way you will return to the call screen.

Activate or deactivate the loudspeaker

For this Skype feature you must open the app and log into your account. Later, you will select the contact you want to communicate with and press “Call”. Once the call is in progress, you will click on the option “Speaker” to switch to speaker. To turn it off you can press it again.

Turn subtitles on or off

Skype subtitles allow you to read what is said in both a video call and an audio call. Choose “Plus” and then “Activate subtitles.” You can enable them as the default for all calls you make. For this select your profile image and go to “Setting”. There you select “Calls” and finally “Call captions”.


If you wish turn off closed captioning during an audio call, click the button “Plus” followed by “Turn off subtitles.”

Record the Skype call

Call a contact from Skype and press the icon + (more) in the lower right corner and there you must select “Start recording.” A red dot will appear on the screen, as well as a message at the top of the mobile window to remind you that you are recording. After the call, hang up and click the + (plus) icon again and select “Stop recording.” The call recording will be ended and processed.

record skype call

Add participants

Among the functions it has Skype, there’s making group calls. To add participants you just have to open the application and in the lower area of ​​the left panel select “Add a contact”. Pressing will open a new window showing “Add contact”. Following this you must locate someone on your list using the name of as you have registered by their phone number. Once selected, you must send a request to join the call.

List of the best alternatives to Skype to make free Internet calls from your smartphone

As we know, Skype It is the most used platform to make calls on the Internet. Nevertheless, there are other alternative applications which are also free.

Here we tell you what they are:

Google Hangouts

One of the most classic applications, although not as well known as Skype is Google Hangouts. Allows meetings of up to 10 people completely free from phones Android or iPhone. For to register you only have to have an email account in Gmail and you will be able to access.

Google Duo

Beyond Hangouts, Google also has Duo, a messaging and video calling application which has become very popular in recent times. Works on any device and it is fully compatible with Android and iPhone.


It is one of the best alternatives to Skype to make free calls. As an advantage, currently WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world, most people have This service that allows calls, in addition to group and individual chats and video calls.

Facebook Messenger

This Facebook instant messaging application also allows you to make calls and video calls between its users. It is available totally free for iOS and Android and can accommodate up to 50 different profiles. The strong diffusion of the social network is one of the great advantages that support this popular tool.


This is one of the oldest communication tools out there. But nevertheless, Since 2020 it has become a trend especially with the aim of teleworking. Zoom offers the possibility of make calls and video calls with up to 100 participants. This makes it a very interesting option if you want to meet by mobile or gather your entire company.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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