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One of the most common practical jokes is to make a friend believe that their mobile or laptop screen has broken. If you are interested in knowing how to do the broken screen prank and laugh for a while, keep reading this step by step guide.

Social media users like Instagram or Facebook millions of videos are shared daily about “Pranks”. The themes are diverse, but the purpose is the same: to make laugh.

The broken screen joke is a practical and versatile joke, since you only need to download one application to fool all your friends. If you want to have fun for a while and make the split screen prank, we recommend paying attention.

What is the split screen joke on your computer or mobile?

What is the split screen joke on your computer or mobile?

Although its name makes it seem quite obvious, it is necessary to explain what is the split screen joke on your computer or mobile. First of all, we must clarify: You are not going to really break anyone’s screen. The joke is much simpler and less risky than that. You only have to access the search engine Google and write “Broken screen prank” to see the many videos available on platforms such as Youtube. The practice has even migrated to other media such as TikTok and Instagram TV.

The mechanism is quite simple. You must take the mobile or computer of the person you want to play the joke on. Then download an app or wallpaper that simulates shattered glass. After a while, you can leave the laptop or mobile somewhere in the room, pretend that it has fallen or hand it over to your victim, making him believe that you have broken the screen of his device.

Finally, admire the despair in your colleague’s eyes as he puts his hands to his head. Let the frustration take over your person, and when you’ve laughed enough, you can tell the truth to bring the relief back to the body. Yes, you must bear in mind that we can all be victims of a practical joke, so don’t be surprised if your colleague starts to come up with something against you. Therefore, try not to leave your mobile alone.

Learn how to make a friend’s broken screen prank so they think they broke your mobile

Learn how to make a friend's broken screen prank so they think they broke your mobile

If you are going to search the app stores like Google play wave App Store from Manzana, you will be able to find multiple programs to prank your friends.

For that reason, we are going to teach you how to do the broken screen prank to a friend so that they think you broke their mobile:

Install an app

Enter your device’s application store and search for a broken screen app. The vast majority are quite simple to use. Others have additional features, such as sounds or mini-games. Review the comments and ratings to select a competent App.

Activate the app

Download the app of your preference on the victim’s device, or on your mobile. Then, install and run the App. Check that it works correctly. Keep in mind that some applications may remain active in the background. The next step will depend on your aptitude for the theater.

Lend the mobile to your victim

Plant your mobile in a room. It can be in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. You can then act as if you were never at the residence, or lend the device to your colleague. Not without first activating the application from the notification bar. In this way, your friend will believe that he has broken your mobile screen just by touching it.

Laugh in his face when you see his reaction

The breaks begin to form on the screen, as the victim slides his fingers over the glass. At that moment, the nerves begin to increase. Get carried away by the situation and laugh out loud at the panic of your friends.

Make your friend believe that their mobile or computer is broken with the split screen joke

Make your friend believe that their mobile or computer is broken with the split screen joke

The best thing about practical jokes is that they are not limited only to mobile devices. As we mentioned earlier, you can make it believe your friend that their laptop or computer is broken with the split screen prank.

You just have to carry out a few simple steps:

Access the mobile or computer of the “victim”

The procedure is exactly the same. Sneak up on a friend’s or relative’s computer or laptop. Make sure no one sees you so as not to generate suspicion. Next, you have your malice arise.

Install a split screen app or program

It should be noted that it is not necessary to download a program to the computer. In fact, unlike carrying out the prank on a mobile, on the laptop You will only need to download a wallpaper that simulates broken glass. Save the image in a folder, right click on it and press “Set as Wallpaper”.

Die of laughter when you see their reaction

Quickly walk away from the crime scene and wait for the owner of the computer or laptop to approach the device. Have fun with their reaction and allow the scare to go on for a while. When you’re satisfied, tell him the truth or let him figure it out on his own.

List of the best split screen applications and programs for mobiles and computers

In Internet you can find numerous practical joke programs to your friends.

For that reason, we provide you with a list of the best split screen applications for mobiles and computers:

Broken Screen (Prank) Joke

Broken Screen (Prank) Joke or Broken Screen (Prank) is an application that is available in the store Google play for devices Android. Its functionality is to simulate, as its name implies, a shattered screen. It is a lightweight App that will not compromise the integrity of your mobile or that of your friends and family.

The application displays a brittle glass effect the instant the person slides their fingers across the screen. At the same time, it makes a sound of breaking glass, to bring more realism to the joke.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • Wallpaper realistic.
  • You can shake the mobile to break the screen.
  • Mobile Screens with effects.

Crack & Break It

Crack & Break It is an application exclusively for Apple devices. It is a program that contains various mini-games. The main one is to simulate a broken screen. You can touch anywhere on the mobile and see how it cracks to the touch. The rest of the games are:

  • Import a photo, in the style of a framed portrait, and destroy it just by touching the screen.
  • Breaking glass blocks. They appear on the screen and you must eliminate as many as you can.
  • Breaking glass bulbs. It is an infinite game to pass the time. So destroy accounts you want.
  • Breaking fluorescent lamps. Quite similar to the previous one, but with a slightly different design and very realistic sound effects.

Broken screen (Joke)

It is an application that simulates the effects and sounds of a broken screen. But also is available on Google Play, is a little less known than the first App mentioned in the list. However, it offers the same results. You can prank your friends at any time just by installing this fun application.

In addition, it also has the following features:

  • It has three varieties of effects to choose from.
  • You can schedule a time to activate the joke, or make it work by touch.
  • Offers effects vibration, animations and sounds for added realism.


Since there are no programs available to perform the broken screen prank on a computer or laptop, your best option is turn to Pinterest. It is a platform on which you can find numerous creative images for various purposes.

In this case, it is only necessary to enter the term “Broken screen” in the search engine Pinterest or from Google, and download the image that best suits the dimensions of the computer or laptop. Next, save the image in your files and right click on it. Then press “Set as Wallpaper” to carry out the joke.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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