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The triptychs are documents printed matter characterized by be divided into three sections. They are considered as a type of information brochure for advertising purposes. It consists of a sheet folded in three parts, whose sides must overlap on the central part. A triptych has six printable sides, for which they may contain more information.

Typically, users turn to advertising companies to design your triptychs. However, with Microsoft Word you will have at your disposal multiple tools with which you can make triptychs quickly and easily.

Do you want to know how make triptychs like an expert and do them professionally ?. Keep reading this post since we have prepared the best guide for you.

What should we consider when making a triptych in Word?

What should we consider when making a triptych in Word?

The triptychs must done on sheets of paper with a specific size. In these cases, size sheets are used DIN A4, which is equivalent to 297 x 210 millimeters. Likewise, each section of the triptych must be identical to the other, as far as size is concerned. Approximately, 99 x 210 mm. The leaves, always, must be horizontal.

As mentioned above, triptychs have six printable sides, that is to say, three interiors and three exteriors. After folding the sides, they should remain visible two of the exterior faces, while the rest is kept hidden.

A triptych has a base structure. The parts that are exposed usually represent the cover and closure of the triptych. In terms of structure, The cover page must contain information used to identify the company, organization or person.

The closure, for its part, must store contact information, as well as addresses, data about the manufacturer and his reasons.

The second page, after the cover, should include an introduction on the subject, or talk in general about the points to develop. The third and fourth page correspond to the development of the theme, while the fifth is used to provide recommendations or provide a conclusion on the theme. You have to take into account what format the triptych is directed to.

The document is mostly used in three fields:

  • Advertising: They are printed documents where the images and photographs are abundant. They are intended for promote a service or product for marketing.
  • Informative: They contain synthesized information. Clear and concise, on a specific topic. They can deal with: Education, health, architecture, business, among many other topics.
  • Artistic: Its objective is not to inform. Rather, they are used to promote the visual or written arts, such as poems or designs. Are aesthetic-oriented documents.

Finally, you should consider the bending type. Although it may seem like an insignificant fact, the reality is that the folding of the triptych influences reception of its content.

There are two ways to dub:

  • Traditional or wraparound dubbing: The center section remains as the background of the triptych, while the sides are placed above. It resembles the appearance of a brochure, or envelope. To have access to the information, it is necessary lift the leaves that are above.
  • Accordion dubbing: The triptych is bent like a spring. The shape resembles a “Z”, since one end is located in front of the front section, while the other is carried towards the rear.

Steps to make a brochure in Microsoft Word like an expert

Steps to make a triptych in Microsoft Word

The triptych is a quite practical printed document and functional, as it allows present informational material on its six printable sides. Even if you have no experience as a designer, Microsoft Word provides many facilities for making triptychs as an expert.

Follow the steps and you will have it ready in no time:

  • Starts with open the app of Microsoft Word.
  • The next thing you should do is change the page orientation. Go to the ribbon and click on the tab “Page design”.
  • Press “Orientation”. Then press the option “Horizontal”.
  • On the other hand, you can also adjust the margins of the page to make better use of space. Press “Margins” and displays the menu.
  • Click on “Custom margins”. A pop-up window will open.
  • Change the measurements of all the edges (Top, right, left, bottom) to 0.5 centimeters. To confirm the settings, click “To accept”.
  • Now, locate the button “Columns” and select “Three”. As you may remember, the triptych is characterized by being divided into three equal parts.
  • To prevent paragraphs in a section from jumping to the other side, you must press the “Jumps”, in the tab “Page design”. It is located right next to “Columns”.
  • Click on “Jumps” and press “Column”. This way, the text will start in the next column, so the information will be kept in order.

From this point on, you should only enter the information you want to develop in the brochure. You can also add images, colors and borders to give it a more striking touch.

If you wish frame each column, you only need to rest the pointer on the edge of the column and click. Then, in the tab “Start”. Locate the button “Borders”. Pull down the menu and click “All edges”.

You must work the inside and outside face separately, that is, in two sheets. When you have the complete design, you must print. Login to “Records” and click “To print”. In the Print Settings, you should change the default setting to “Automatically print on both sides”.

If you don’t have one double sided printer, you have to print one side first. Then turn the sheet over and put it back in the printer’s input tray.


  • In the case that you have a trifold template, you must enter “Archive” and press “New”.
  • In the search bar of the templates available, type the name of the template you plan to use. Once selected, click “Create” and you can start working on it.

Tips for making better triptychs that are more attractive to people

Tips for making better triptychs

Make a triptych It can be complex at first. However, with some practice, good results can be obtained.

If you want the document to be striking, and its information interesting, you should follow these practical tips:

Organize your content

The reader will not feel comfortable seeing saturated with information. Whole blocks of text they are not attractive. You must make sure synthesize the importance of content, and emphasize the relevant points. Use all six face space so that reading by the viewer is comfortable, entertaining and attractive before their eyes.

Who is your audience?

Take into consideration the type of audience to which the triptych is directed. Based on this, you can determine the right format to use. Remember that triptychs They can be artistic, advertising or informative, so you must adapt them to the target audiences.

Brings color to the design

You should never neglect the triptych design, as it will depend on it not ending up in the trash. Readers may be drawn to colors, summarized texts and images. A triptych needs to arouse audience interest, so that the information reaches its destination.

Stay in style

It is important to keep a unique and recognizable style throughout your advertising line. Besides of triptych, the printed documents such as calendars, brochures, catalogs, cards, stickers, leaflets, among others; they have to keep a design that identifies them with the company and relate to each other. If each product has a different design, you can take confuse the target audience.

Make a draft

For experienced users, making a triptych is not complicated at all. However, if it is your first time designing one, it is recommended make a sketch on paper about what you plan to do. In this way, you can pre-organize the information, and get a better perspective of the space and its visual properties.

List of the best brochure templates you can download for Word

Best brochure templates for Word

On the Internet you can find multiple pages offering templates free for Microsoft Word.

The best known portals are:


Here is a list of the best templates for triptychs:


Download Children’s Word Template


Download Romantic Word Template

Of the nature

Download Nature Template 1 Word

Download Nature 2 Word Template


Download 1 Word Educational Template

Download Educational Template 2 Word


Download Tourism 1 Word Template

Download Tourism Template 2 Word

Download Tourism 3 Word Template

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