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In 2021, the use of the internet has increased by more than 10% compared to the previous year, online training is one of the reasons why people access the digital world more.

Webinars are still a preferred format for people, due to their content preferably in video, live and due to the high interaction rate what’s in them.

Even if you have no experience in Facebook, you can do webinars like a professional and without the need to use third-party software, although you can add a plus to your course by using additional applications.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Live to broadcast professional Webinars?

Modern webinars are, in essence, videos and content with attractive designs. However, you can base a webinar with an incredible narrative, a good environment pleasing to the eye and other details that we will explain to you.

In addition, Facebook lets you interact in several ways with the audience:

  • With comments: people are attracted when they are allowed to ask questions and clarify doubts in an online training. They are even more comfortable asking questions from a distance than when it comes to face-to-face training. If you find that doubts invade your ability to respond, you can ask someone else to respond to comments while you continue with the class.
  • Surveys: Another way to generate quality interactions is through surveys. Facebook lets you do one poll at a time, with between two and six possible responses. Once the first survey is finished, you can take as many as you want.
  • When sharing screen: One way to make training dynamic is by showing people processes while you do it live from your computer. Facebook makes screen sharing available to you, but this is only possible before starting the transmission. The only downside is that when you start up this way, you can’t switch to camera mode.

Carrying out your training on Facebook is advantageous if you want to get closer to the public that uses this social network on a daily basis, so you can better segment the niche you want to reach, you can also do a paid webinars if you want because you can change the privacy of the live and let only the people you select can enter.

By last, when you choose to promote your live you manage to reach more people through the payment platform that Facebook has and that mixes with Instagram users, everything will depend on the settings you make.

Learn step by step how to broadcast a live webinar from Facebook Live like an expert

You should know that, in terms of the technical, the steps are the same as performing a live for any other reason. The difference is in the strategy in terms of content and dissemination that you are going to carry out. Do you want to present only prints? Do you prefer people to see your face and what you do? The answer will define how your live broadcast is going to be.

If you want to appear on camera, follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook and log in.
  • Select the Fan Page where are you going to broadcast from, although you can do it from a Profile and a Group.
  • Once you are in Creator Studio, Choose “Broadcast live”.

Broadcast live Facebook Live

  • When you access Live Producer, you may “To transmit” at once or “Schedule live video event”.
  • The recommendation is to schedule and warn people that there will be a new webinars.

Schedule Facebook Live video

  • Choose “Use camera” as a video source.
  • Start the dynamic with your followers.

If what you want is to show what you will do on the screen, then you must make an additional setting that is not modifiable during transmission:

  • In the same “Stream settings”, you will find the option “Share screen”.
  • Choose “Next”.

Share screen on Facebook Live

  • You will see a pop-up window in which you will choose what you want to share.
  • It is most recommended that you select “Whole screen”, although you have the options “Window” Y “Chrome tab”.
  • Choose “Share”.

Share screen on Facebook Live

  • Now in the preview, you will see what you do on the computer screen.

When you want to stop the video broadcast, you just have to select the option “Stop sharing” which is at the bottom and center.

Schedule the lives

When barely you start broadcasting live, you are unlikely to have a large influx of people.

But you can help prevent this from happening by scheduling a broadcast, so you draw up strategies to publicize this event:

  • Instead of selecting “To transmit”, choose the option “Schedule Live Video Event”.
  • Now press “Next”.

Schedule on Facebook Live

  • Fill in the fields “Name of the event” Y “Description”.
  • You have the availability to publish on more than one page and set the age of your audience.

Programming fields on Facebook Live

  • Press the button “Next”.
  • Upload a picture cover.
  • And you can “Create an event”.

In addition to these settings, before creating the event you can give Facebook more details about this event, such as displaying friend lists and choosing whether people can ask questions privately via Facebook Messenger.

Take advantage of interactions

There are several ways in which Facebook brings you closer to followers, we will explain what each of them consists of:

  • Comments: People who are interested in your live can make comments if you allow it, it is even possible that you filter the type of comment that followers make in different ways, such as if they follow your Fan Page or profile or if they have been followers for two weeks . Live you can reply with text to those comments, but it’s best if you reply live.
  • Surveys: Facebook lets you post as many surveys as you want, but one at a time. That is, you must wait until the first survey is finished to make a new one with answer options between two and six. At the end of the webinars, you can review the specific statistics of each survey you have carried out.
  • Ask them to share and like: Facebook highly values ​​that the followers interact with the accounts, so it does not hurt to remind the audience to comment, like and share the transmission with their network of contacts. You can run contests and encourage participation according to your creativity.

Discover how to make private broadcasts for your paid course Webinars from scratch

There’s a couple of reasons you want to broadcast privately: first because it is a specific and profound topic that does not interest most of your followers, then there is the economic reason, in which you aspire to earn income with your knowledge.

Whatever the reason, Facebook offers you the possibility of making a private live:

Set the live as private

  • Schedule your live with the section “Live Producer”.

Live video program

  • After fill in the title and description fields, two addresses appear that you can use.
  • With the “URL of the page” you can get people to go directly to live video.

Page URL on Facebook

  • Remember to modify the “Privacy” of the publication, by selecting “Hidden”.

You should have an administrator role to make changes smoothly. Only people who have the address and match the privacy criteria will be able to view the video.

Spread the event

When you have the address of the page, you can draw one or more strategies to generate income with your Webinar. It may be profitable for you to publish the call (with the URL) in WhatsApp or Messenger groups. The idea is that more people know the reason for the call, the day, the date and part of the content they will see. You must try to be as useful as possible for your potential clients.

Should you be left alone with your audience on Facebook? Not necessarily, that’s why We have left you ideas that, with a good striking text, an image with a structured design, and the selection of your broadcast channel, you can reach many people that are off Facebook and that you can add to your broadcast.

Invest in advertising

After you see favorable results in your first free webinars, it is advisable to invest in paid and cross advertising from the platform itself Facebook, which is now integrated into Instagram and enhances the number of people to attract.

Forever it will be a smart investment to get Facebook to promote you from the news section, in the stories, in the videos that people watch and in all the products that people have access to.

Tips to get your Webinars to have a larger audience and earn more money with them

To close everything you have learned in this article, Let’s make a list of tips on how to get a bigger audience and money in your webinars.

Let’s see:

  • Define a target audience: Believe it or not, the more specific your point to develop, the better to get followers interested in your topic. The web is full of generalities, people seek to specialize in something.
  • Offers quality: More than saturating people with webinars, it is better if you offer little, but what you offer should be very useful, people prefer to pay for content that meets their expectations.
  • Choose the best platform: Either to do the live, in this case Facebook, and to promote your event, you should always have good arguments to use one or more than one platform.
  • Have luxury guests: That gives added value to paid courses, they must be people who support your abilities, recognized people and who provide great value.
  • Invite to action: attracts the attention of people with more participation on their part, those monologues in the formations were left behind.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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