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Have knowledge about the operation of tools that can alter the identities on the web, it’s totally convenient. Especially when there is a risk of being a victim of the appropriation of personal information, or the creation of false profiles for the purpose of extortion.

The getting important data exposed on the internet seems to have too many obstacles, and therefore, we usually underestimate the fact that anyone using the precise tool, you can get valuable information.

Here we present a didactic display about Maltego IA, a service to go to in case you need to acquire exclusive data.

What is Maltego and what is this open source intelligence tool for?

What is Maltego and what is this open source intelligence tool for?

Maltego is a tool to collect information on the web, and the power it has, allows you to find profiles on any social network that raise any suspicion of malicious operations. Maltego is capable of searching for domains, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc..

And with that information, any person could be facilitated contact with a company or particular individual regarding a work interest. Or also, it would be of great help, for detect the location of whoever is attacking the information and personal security of another. Notably Maltego is frequently used for forensic investigations, and cybercriminals often use ways like this to obtain data from Internet Y execute cyber attacks.

How does Maltego work? Main functions of the tool

How does Maltego work?

First you have to install Maltego to be able to use it, and after that register on your website with the creation of a user to give us access to the tool. After that registration and installation process, the next thing would be to log in. Later, enter the application and search for information by creating a new sheet, and the subject to be investigated is placed in the search engine, waiting for the results it produces.

Maltego currently manages two types of servers, one professional and the other basic. The difference between the two is the modules that each one has. Basic server comes with module TAS. The sending of the client’s query reaches the servers in the format XML through a HTTPS. Then that request goes to the servers TAS who dominates the service, and at the end of the complex collection process that the programming performs, the resulting conclusion is sent to the user.

If there are still doubts in your head about the information that this tool can collect, we remind you what Maltego is able to get through the web: phone numbers, domains, subdomains, email addresses, names, locations, social media profiles, etc.

What are the advantages and limitations of Maltego? Why use it

What are the advantages and limitations of Maltego?

Maltego is made with a simple enough format so as not to confuse the customer, given the enormous repertoire of data that can be obtained, and the reading of unfamiliar graphics. Furthermore, the scope for gathering information that often warrants deep exploration is truly powerful, and totally advantageous for detect cyber threats.

And among those advantages, likewise the fact that the software can run on any operating system, also highlights the possibility of having servers with TAS own to ensure privacy. However, limitations also appear in this case. Remember that to acquire Maltego With absolutely its full range of features, a payment needs to be made. But the free version has what it takes to get the job done, without forgetting that the results are conditioned to a limitation.

Download Maltego Windows

List of the best alternatives to Maltego that you should know

List of the best alternatives to Maltego that you should know

In case you make it difficult to acquire Maltego or some problem arises, there are alternatives whose functionality is equally beneficial.

Here we leave you three options:


To locate metadata and data hidden in files made in Microsoft Office, PDF or Open Office, FOCA it can work perfectly. Data can be extracted and then crossed to obtain information important about a company or an entity. It is recommended that any activity to use these tools have an ethical purpose.

Download FOCA Windows


Security audits are possible with Nmap, a free open source program. It has the ability to discover threatening networks and computers, to monitor in real time for probable attacks, and to obtain data from the host, such as names, ports, etc.

Download Nmap Windows


Wireshark serves as a shield because it monitors any data leaks that the personal file and security system is suffering. It is an ideal tool to prevent cyber attacks. It can analyze total networks, and even ports and protocols.

Download Wireshark Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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