Manage your physical library with the ExLibris app

Although it is true that in the last few years the book consumption market has changed, with many people switching to digital format, due to the practicality and little space it occupies, we can still find many avid readers who continue to prefer physically consume content, through a book and not a screen.

What is ExLibris and How to Download?

If you’ve switched to digital format, one of the best apps for managing your digital library is Caliber. But if you are a traditional reader and would like have an organization and classification of all books that you read and have in your library, an application that can help you with this task is ExLibris.

ExLibris is not a digital book reader. ExLibris allows us to create, manage and print the information in our library, independently or globally. This application allows us to create a file for each of the books we have in our library, a file with all the data we need when looking for titles, authors, similar themes.

Each of the cards that we can create for each book on ExLibris allows us to add the title, author, ISBN, publisher, who edited it, type of binding, gender, site condition, tags and whether or not we read it.

Price of ExLibris App

We can also add details of the store where we bought them, the price and, even after reading it, we want to sell it, we can write at what price we sell it. It also includes a Notes section, where we can write what we think about the book, a brief summary, similar or recommended books …

The application allows us go directly to the Google books section To find information and a statistics guide, we can quickly see the number of books that make up our library, the authors that make it up, the genres, our favorite books, the ones we haven’t read yet.

ExLibris is priced at 1.09 euros on the Mac App Store, it supports dark mode, requires macOS 10.12 and a 64-bit processor. The application is available in Spanish, so the language will not be a problem to interact with the application.

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