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We must all be clear that all marketing strategy necessarily passes through know how to take advantage certain moments. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate this installment to let you know everything you need to know so as not to miss the train of the social network of the moment: TikTok.

The overwhelming performance achieved by this social network for mobile devices, both Android What iOS, where millions of people share their music and short videos every day, has more than one looking for a way to exploit the possibilities it offers in terms of brand marketing.

We are sure that you are in the same way, so we invite you not to miss any of our content on the subject, so that you start your campaign in this new scenario treading on safe.

What are the benefits of marketing on the Chinese social network TikTok?

To talk about the benefits of starting a marketing campaign using TikTok, The first thing to keep in mind is that, if everything continues as it is, in a very short time this will be the main social network in the world.

Another aspect that we must highlight has to do with the paradigm shift in terms of the generational group of its users, because although it is true that Millennials and Generation Z are still the majority. People between 35 and 45 years old reach up to 25% of those who use the platform. Actually, TikTok it has become one of the most popular social networks.

In addition to allowing many young people to create a new world of opportunities, the app brings with it a wide variety of advertising benefits that you can take full advantage of:


The social network is known for bringing entertainment to people, especially Gen Z, and throughout the years has managed to get millions of downloads surpassing other social networks. Therefore, it is categorized as an ideal platform to promote a brand or company. Its growth was very noticeable in the last two years.


One of the advantages offered by this app is the creation of unique material, since with exclusive content you can get a large number of followers, which makes it a very useful tool for this task. If you want your brand to be recognized in a way, it is best to use this application, due to its current statistics and studies They have considered that this app can replace even the great Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


On the other hand, TikTok It has multiple tools that can help you project your brand or company. And even with its services included, the application continues to work to implement better advertising possibilities. Although the reality is that it does not offer new tools. In other words, they are the same functions as many of the big social networks, but with some advantage: it is its notorious and sustained growth.

What tools do we have available on TikTok to do marketing with our brand?


TikTok It has become a boom in marketing for the advertising content that it has generated for many companies with its practical and high-performance tools, reaching consumers from different parts of the world. Among its main services, the video edition, it also allows you place any music up to copyright without any problem, since the platform does not prevent you from using them.

This gives the ability to generate totally creative content adding filters, labels, animations among other options that make it very versatile. Other functions it offers, is the change from personal account to pro, which will allow you to see how many people have seen your videos in the last 7 days, and the number of followers your account is getting, as well as the number of people who see your profile. This will help you to know if the uploaded content is generating the desired impact.

Anatomy of TikTok Marketing What do I need to start running effective TikTok campaigns?

As we mentioned before, this social network has become very effective for the production of Marketing campaigns and with the use of this strategy you will be able to boost your brand in an effective way. You can accessing the TikTok ad website to create an ad campaign. These campaigns generally produce great results.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to have a planning and complete a series of steps to achieve this objective. One factor that you must take into account when campaigning on the platform is that you need to make a minimum investment, respectively from where you are. This is accurate for the posting of an ad.

TikTok Advertising How does advertising work on the Chinese platform?


Advertising is something recent within the platform, so there is a short variety of ads. On the other hand, TikTok It is considered a very beneficial tool with different functionalities. It needs to be put to the correct use along with the right brand. It should be remembered that this social network, like many others, has much more young users than adults, so it is essential to have some knowledge and a eye-catching brand for the audience you are going to address.

In TikTok there are several types of allowed advertisements, such as:

In-Feed Ads

This method it is about posting 60 second videos on the initial screen that play automatically and feature additional music. Here users have the option to react, comment, share and follow.

Brand Takeover

The format of this ad is one of the most outstanding that is executed in fullscreen. The content, static or dynamic, can appear when you open the app and is intended to capture the user’s attention, although you have a limited time per day.


Working with influencers is another well-known strategy for many advertisers and not only in TikTok. We already know that these, being active in the social network, give the advantage of obtaining more popularity and a greater probability of boosting the brand, causing it to go viral through distribution to its followers.

Learn step by step how to do TikTok marketing like a full-fledged pro

In TikTok you can start work with advertisements in a simple and stable way.

Next, we present a guide with a series of steps with which you can orient yourself without any problem:

Create an account on TikTok Ads

You can easily make a marketing campaign on TikTok, just by accessing your home page of ads. To do this, you must select “begin”. Here you must register through the process that they indicate, and at the end, you will have your account open.

Create your own ad campaign

Being inside the ads menu of TikTok, you will see a tab at the top that says “Bell”, you select it and then click on “Create”.

Consequently, different objectives will appear for your campaign, such as:

  • Knowledge: Scope
  • Consideration: Traffic, app installs, and video views
  • Conversion: Conversions

After having chosen one, you will have to choose the budget. This will appear in two options: “Daily budget” (Daily Budget) and “Total budget” (Total Budget) where a minimum investment will be required depending on your country.

Set up your ads

In this panel you have the ability to organize some details. For example, not only can you post your ads on TikTok, but you can do it on various platforms such as Vigo, BuzzVideo, Pangle, among others.

In the next step, you can start customizing your advertising, so that you can position it, add URLs, display names, images, categories and additionally you can choose 20 keywords to specify your brand. You can also choose “Targeting”, A very peculiar section where you can select the type of audience that will be able to see your ad, setting the location, gender, age, language, among other alternatives.

Manage spending, duration, and goals

In the next part, you will be able to set the estimated budget for your ads again, as well as the time you want to activate them during the selected dates. In addition, you will have the power to program the speed of consumption from the budget to your liking, and optimize target that you have chosen.

Design your ads

We can remember that TikTok ads contain images and videos in their formats singular, and for the most part they are very easy to carry out, so it would not be a problem if we have very useful services.

List of the best tools for marketing on TikTok that you should know

To facilitate your work in marketing, Take into account some of the most feasible tools so that you can make an advertising campaign and design ads in a simple way, and with a distinctive feature.

Let’s see below:

Video Creation Kit

In the first place we have the Video Creation Kit, a very helpful tool for creating personalized ads. The platform has several customizable video and image templates, along with background music with up to 300 options to choose from and found outstanding ads.

Automated Creative Optimization

On the other hand, there is the “Automatic creative optimization”, which offers a special service to combine files such as images, videos, different ad texts, and a call to action in various ads in an automatic way. This tool works on its own to find the best possible combination of content, and then present it to users.

Branded lenses

Branded effects are a kind of 2D and 3D filters, which you can use as an entertainment medium to promote your brand. These filters tend to attract the attention of the public and also get more followers. We must bear in mind that as a Marketing strategy it is recommended to offer the best illustrations of our brand or product, so that the greatest number of views can be obtained, or in other words, visual impact on our audience.

Gamified Branded Effect

Another very particular tool is Gamified Branded Effect, specially designed for advertisers content. Its service includes different types of filter formats to include them in brands and interact with users, encouraging them to use this expressive effect.


The hashtag is categorized as being a increasingly used tool for marketing. It can be used in a campaign by uploading content with a challenge and a specific hashtag, with the intention of encouraging users to try it, so that it can go viral in a few days. Using the hashtag method is the most common in all social networks, since, through contests or trends, many brands have managed to position themselves and earn great recognition without the need for large investments.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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