In January 2020, medical component manufacturing company Masimo Corp filed a lawsuit against Apple for the use of certain hardware in violation of patents. Patents that appear to belong to this company. Since then, many things have changed in the meantime. Not to mention the global pandemic, we have that Apple is immersed in one of the most mediatic trials, that of Epic Games. Masimo says that Apple is delaying its response on purpose.

When, in January, medical device company Masimo Corp denounced Apple for patent infringement, it did not expect the apple company to have a legal battle over monopoly issues. Not that the US Congress was interested in that.

But what the company did not expect is that Apple was delaying its response to the January lawsuit. Y deliberately, according to them, in order to gain more market share with the arrival of the Apple Watch series 6 and its blood oxygen measurement.

According to statements Masimo officials claim that:

Postponing the case would allow Apple to take advantage of a critical window of opportunity to take advantage of an emerging field. As in many other markets, Apple seeks to use its considerable resources and ecosystem to conquer the market without regard to Masimo’s patents.

Apple has deflected previous requests for information on whether the Watch Series 6 would have blood oxygen monitors. Apple dismissed speculation about the feature as “internet rumors” and declared that the two parties were not in competition.

As stated, It seems that Apple was not entirely clear with Masimo Corp. You will have to answer sooner or later and resolve this issue that started in January this year.