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We’ve heard a lot about cache, but we don’t always know what this piece of software is and how it works. That is why here at you will find all the information you need to understand it..

Here we will see how important it is to have a careful cache memory on our computer, since everything in excess is bad, so we will have to clear the cache from time to time.

If we don’t know how to delete the cache, here we will also learn how to do it, both for our mobile device and for our PC.

What is the “cache” in computing and what is it for?

In computing we can say that a cache is a kind of memory that is located between the CPU and RAM. in order to have a faster exchange of information. This is widely used by all people, although many do not know what it really is.

Every time we access a portal or load a resource on our computer. This leaves information in the cache so that when we access again, the information exchange time is shorter, since the internal memory of the computer has a kind of copy of images and protocols required by the page.

This cache is not only present in software, but also in some hardware, implying that the cache is present in each of the things we do with our computer. For example, when we are writing a document in Word and the software closes unexpectedly without us saving, the computer makes a temporary backup of the file, this is also known as a cache.

What is a cache and what hardware does it depend on?

As we already mentioned, a cache is a kind of memory, so We can also consider it as a data storage layer to increase the speed of connection and transmission of information, usually transitory. So when we want to access some place again, software or perhaps a website, it first sends a signal to reuse the stored information (cache) since this is the first thing it loads and then updates.

All cache or cache data is automatically stored on fast access hardware, which is known as Random Access Memory or RAM, so it is used in conjunction with some software components. But what is the main reason for caches? The main reason is to increase the efficiency of data recovery while avoiding forcing the system to access the underlying layer of storage, which is much slower.

At the time the cache information exchange is done, a subset of data and files is stored transiently, which does not usually happen in the database whose elements are complete and durable.

How does a cache work?

Imagine having to do some calculations in Excel, and you will use it again later as it has the ideal formulas for what you are doing. After using it you save it, and when you want to do calculations again with the same formulas instead of doing all the programming again you just open the Excel document that you did previously in order to get the job done faster.

Well that’s how simple the cache is, it saves the necessary information such as images, HTML structure or other things, that when we use the software again with the same path, it does not need to start again from scratch since it will go to the information that is already saved on your computer.

If you are one of the game lovers you can always experience it, since when the game is started for the first time the loading and unloading of information necessary for it to work correctly, but when you want to access the day after the game, the load is faster. This is due to what we have already mentioned, because the games page downloaded the necessary information to the computer so that the next time you do not have to do it again.

Steps to clear your computer’s cache to improve its performance

There are several ways to clear the cache of our computer, but these many ways can be summarized in one. As we had already commented previously, this memory is present in almost everything we do at the computer level.

Follow the steps below so you can delete the cache on our computer:

On windows

First we look in the Windows menu for the option “Team” There a window will open, in which the volumes or labels of the disks that are available at the moment appear. Then we select the disk that says “Local Disk” mostly this label has the letter “C” as it is in our case. Then we right click on the disk and a menu of options will be displayed.

In the menu that appears, we are going to look for the last option that says “Properties” and we click on it. It will open a small window that has the name “Properties: Local disk (C :)”.


We locate the tab that says “General” and we go to the option of “Free up space.” When we click on the option we will see that a small box appears with the name “Disk Cleanup”. This protocol is to calculate the amount of things that can be removed (cache). Depending on the number of files that our PC has, it will take time to load, so we have to wait a few minutes for the process to complete.


Then another window will open with the same name as the previous one, with a list of the files that can be deleted, where We can also see the total accumulated space as a result of the sum of the junk files (cache).


After we select each of the files we click on “Clean system files”, the process of cleaning all the files that can be deleted will automatically begin, when the process is finished we click on “To accept” to close the window and finish the whole process.

Later we will see that our computer will perform better, since a PC with a very loaded cache shows symptoms of slowness and low capacity.

On Android

If what we want is delete the cache of our Android device we can do it easily. There are many applications today that do it automatically and simply, but if you don’t want to use any app, follow the steps below.

First we go to the Android menu, and select the app that we want to delete the cache (the app that you use the most has more cache stored). Then we go to “Information”, and there we see an option that says “Clear Cache” and we tap on it. In this simple way you can delete cache of all applications.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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