Men in the Middle Attack  What is it? + How to protect ourselves ▷ 2020

There are methods to enter a device and manage the information that is stored in it. This is done so that the hacker get your own benefits which are generally economical.

One of these methods is called Man in the middle. This has a great potential risk because its presence cannot be easily detected. But luckily it is possible to identify this situation through symptoms.

To protect your device from these attacks, you will need to read this post. We will tell you the most important tips so that you avoid being a victim of this situation.

What is a Man in the Middle attack and what is it for in computing?

To understand what this computer attack is about, it is necessary to translate the expression “Man in the middle”, which would be “Man in the middle”. So that, an attack of these characteristics occurs when an intruder intercepts the communication between the user and the Internet server.

In order to read the data that is transported, modify them and carry out any activity for their own benefit. This is generated mainly because no browsing with secure protocols. Or, because the DHCP server presents vulnerabilities just like the DNS of a Public IP. Attacks can also be generated by simulating a gateway.

How to know if we are victims? Symptoms of the Man in the Middle attack

How to know if we are victims?  Symptoms of the Man in the Middle attack

When you are the victim of a Man in the middle attack you will notice due to the following symptoms that your computer will suffer:

  • Poor performance of resources. This is one of the most common characteristics that exists when your PC has been hacked. You will notice that the time it takes to process the information, both the RAM and the microprocessor, is much longer than before.
  • Decreased battery. If you have a laptop you will see that the battery consumption has increased, this is because applications are running in the background that you do not realize.
  • Appearance of advertising banners. Do not forget that the hacker intercepts the communication for their benefit, so it is very likely that it works for certain online shopping sites. This causes invasive advertisements every time you surf the Internet.
  • Redirection to unwanted websites. If you want to enter the browser and it redirects you to a page that you have not requested, it is very likely that you are being the victim of a Man in the middle attack.
  • Strange behavior on secure credential sites. If you notice that a website that you always access and have your credentials saved, asks you to enter your data and password again, you must be very careful because there may be a third party intercepting this information.
  • Sending emails from your account. When you notice that some of your contacts have received emails from your user, you should change the password immediately because the presence of an intruder is notorious.
  • Social networks with strange behaviors. The same thing that happens with your email can happen with the user accounts you have on different social networks or instant messaging. If you notice any anomaly, it is advisable to immediately modify the access PIN.

Tips to avoid suffering a Man in the middle attack and keep your WiFi network safe

If you want to know how to avoid a Man in the middle attack, pay attention to the following tips:

Always browse with HTTPS protocols

You can find this out by clicking on the URL address bar and you will find it at the beginning. In this way you will have to avoid all those sites that start with HTTP. When you have to enter data for credit cards, bank accounts or any other private credential you will need to check the SSL certificate which will be issued by a competent and reliable authority.

Update your browser

As with operating systems and other software, browsers also receive updates to adapt to new malware that were recently launched and create security patches against detected vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is important to update your browser frequently. It goes without saying that it should be reliable and recognized. In the most prominent are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera Y Tor, among others.

Use reliable VPN servers

The virtual private networks They are a solution for security, always reliable in the companies that provide these servers that are found all over the world. So that, You will need to hire providers that do not record your activities and can encrypt your data end-to-end.

Avoid open WiFi network connections

Avoid open WiFi network connections

This type of wireless networks are one of the preferred elements and hackers, because they can enter your device very easily, since they are also part of these WiFi. In case you need to access an open network, do not carry out any type of financial transaction, log in to the platforms that you usually use.

Don’t open emails from strangers

Another very common method used by intruders who want to hack and intervene a communication between the computer and the server is to do it through links that they send to the email addresses. Thus, every time you receive an email of these characteristics, do not click on the link they sent you and send it, immediately, to the folder Spam.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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