Mentions and Reactions in Slack  What are they? + How to Use ▷ 2021

Know how to use mentions and reactions in a Slack workspace they will help you organize tasks within the group and to improve communication management. For this, it will be necessary for you to know what this tool is for within the platform.

You will find this information later where you will also We will teach you the necessary steps to mention in Slack in a simple way and in any workspace.

Pay attention to what we will talk about how to react to a message in Slack and give dynamism to your conversations. Take a look at everything we have prepared for you.

What are mentions and reactions in Slack and what are they for?

To effectively organize communications within a work group, it’s necessary that all members belonging to a Slack channel or workspace know the queries made by the other members. It must also be taken into account that, to obtain that effective administration in the conversations it is important to get the attention of a person or a group quickly and easily.

To meet this goal, Slack has created the Mentions and Reactions. They are functions that belong to the platform and that allow to notify a user, a channel and a Slack bot about a certain topic. This tool is also used to demonstrate to the other members that such user (and not another, even if they have the same name) is the one who is quoted in a precise situation. Everytime that someone is mentioned receives a notification of the platform, so you will not be able to ignore the message.

Learn step by step how to easily mention in Slack in your workspaces

In order to get the most out of the Slack platform We will show you below different tricks that you should know to attract the attention of others.

Go for it:

Mention user

Mention user

If what you are looking for is to quote a specific user, you will have to do this step by step:

  • Sign in to Slack Y look for the channel in which the person you want to mention participates.
  • Then go to message board. Located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Start writing what you want and at the moment of notifying a user you will have to write at (@).
  • The previous step will allow display a popup menu, in which a list will appear with all the members that belong to that group.
  • Select the person to which you want to receive a notification.
  • To finish, press Enter to send the message.

If you cannot find the user with the naked eye, start typing their name so that the automatic filter is applied and you can see the person you are looking for faster. This will also help you choose between two or more members with a similar name.

Mention channels

Mention channels

What you did in the previous step will allow the platform send a notification to a single member of a channel, but if what you need is to cite all the members of a channel you will have to use another type of mention.

Which we will show you below:

  • Login to the Slack platform and then head to the main screen.
  • In the left bar From the menu you will find a list of all available channels. Choose the one you want to mention by clicking on it.
  • Then start writing your message and then write at (@). This action will take you to see a menu in which you will have to choose the option @channel Notify everyone on this channel.

If you want all users who are active at the time you send the message to receive the notification, you will have to select the command @ here Send a notification to all members of this channel who are connected.

Mention bot

Mention bot

One of the great benefits it offers is that you will be able to mention a bot of a channel, which will help you better organize the tasks of the work team.

To perform this action you will have to do this guide:

  • When access your Slack profile you will have to go to the left bar of the screen.
  • Later you will have to look for the channel in which you want to notify the bot.
  • Type in the message bar at (@) to display the menu. Then choose the bot you want to mention and keep writing.

Find out how to react to a message in Slack and spice up your conversations

Find out how to react to a message in Slack and spice up your conversations

So far we have talked about how you can quote a member in Slack, but we still haven’t said anything about how to act when we are the ones mentioned. Namely, every time a user places our name preceded by an @. exist different ways of reacting before a message to which you were notified.

The alternatives you have are:

  • Continue the chain of messages by choosing an emoji. For this you will have to enter the Channel and then click on the icon Emoji, located below the message bar. When the menu is displayed you will be able to choose the drawing that you like the most and then press on Add emoji.
  • Create a conversation thread. When you are mentioned you will have to move the mouse or hold down with your finger (in case you are using the mobile) the message and then you will have to choose Reply in the conversation thread (represented by a talk call).
  • You can react with a new mention. To do this, you must follow the entire process that we explained to you before.
  • You will have the possibility to share the message or save it. In addition, you will be able to react by creating an event with the message or forward it to another person. All these functions are found when you activate the pop-up menu on the conversation and press on More Actions (the 3 dot icon).

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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