METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK  What is it + How to create ▷ 2020

These last few years have served to give a evolution of technology which has considerably helped the world of virtual networks. This is how thank you all the new technological implements that exist, new knowledge has been created capable of achieving things that were previously unthinkable.

Due to the new technology implementations a breakthrough has exploded in virtually all existing areas. This is how the data transmission networks, among which we find networks LAN, MAN and WAM, and they have become something necessary for society today.

According to the importance of them, here we are going to explain what specifically a MAN network, what is it used for and what types of this network exist.

What is a Metropolitan Area Network and what are WMANs for in computing?

What is a Metropolitan Area Network and what is it for in computing

Metropolitan Area Network or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). It can be said that a MAN network It is the intermediate point between what is a LAN and WAM network. Specifically when we talk about Metropolitan Area Network we mean those high speed networks that are capable of offering coverage to a fairly extensive geography.

However, so far it has never exceeded dimensions of a city. They can reach speeds of up to 10GB / second using cables of optical fibers.

These MAN networks are commonly applied by different organizations worldwide, in companies, corporate offices in and around cities, among other. Which do not contain any type of switching element. That is, they divert information packets through various lines of potential output. In addition, these networks can become public or private.

What types of metropolitan networks exist?

Metropolitan area networks are mainly characterized by offer many applications, among the main ones we find the following:

  • Interconnection of digital telephone exchange (PBX and PABX).
  • Computer-to-computer interconnection.
  • Interconnection of local area networks (RAL).
  • Image and video transmission.
  • Transmission of CAD / CAM.
  • Gateways for wide area networks (WANs).

Components of a MAN network What do you need to create one?

In order to create a MAN Network, it is necessary to know what its components are:

Job positions

When we mention the jobs we refer to the different systems from which the different users the applications demand Y services provided by the network. In general, within these jobs we find:

  • Central computers.
  • Work stations.
  • PCs or compatible.

Wiring system

It is made up of the wire used to make the connection between the nodes of the network and the jobs corresponding.

Network nodes

These devices are the ones whose main mission is to be able to provide services to the different Job positions that are part of the network.

Among its main functions we can find the following:

  • They allow obtaining the rights of access to the transmission medium.
  • Offers a temporary storage of the information to be transmitted until the transmission channel is released.
  • Filtering the information circulating through the network, where it only accepts the own information.
  • Offers a information conversion, serially, to job information.

Communication protocols

These are the rules and procedures that are used by the network to establish a communication between nodes. Within these protocols, different levels of communication are defined or classified. It is because of that metropolitan area networks they support what is level 1 and a part of level 2. All of this serves the higher-level protocols to follow the hierarchy OR IF for open systems.


In the applications we find the MHS message handling system, the management, access and transfer of files (FTAM) Y EDI so that network applications are possible.

Components of a MAN network What do you need to create one?

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