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This usually happens, especially with software packages, that we have software to which we do not pay more attention. Especially if it is one that does not match our activity. But this implies that we are wasting a tool that we might need and that we do not realize that we already have it.

In the case of people who are dedicated to design, the arts, or even writing, many are unfamiliar with Excel functions. Which they are usually very useful In different aspects.

If you are one of them, or you just want to know what this program is about and not wasting resources that you already have installed on your computer, we recommend the following post.

What is Microsoft Excel and what is this program in the Office suite for?

What is Microsoft Excel and what is this program in the Office suite for?

Is about a program that is included in the Microsoft Office package since its first version. Although in its beginnings it was designed to meet the needs of administrative activities, functions have been added that extend their usefulness to organizational tasks, database, financial and many others. This program contains spreadsheets, which are used for perform math or financial tasks.

Within each one of them, it is possible to create custom tables that include calculations and functions through alphanumeric formulas. Among other utilities, they can be detached from the tables, different types of explanatory charts, which are updated according to the information contained in the boxes. But its functions do not stop there. If you want to know what other things can be done with this program, keep reading below.

What kind of documents can be created from Microsoft Excel?

What kind of documents can be created from Microsoft Excel?

Like the entire suite Office, their programs have evolved over time. Thus have more utilities and add-ons than before. In this way it is possible to include all kinds of content in your documents. But nevertheless, in essence, they are still tools with a certain specificity.

Among the types of documents that we can make with Excel we find the following:

  • Comparative tables. It works the same way as in Microsoft Word, although with fewer limitations and more features. If you are of school age, you can organize your schedules by subjects with this program.
  • Data tables. Enter numerical or word information in a table, after that you can make graphs that represent these values. It is very simple.
  • Performs basic functions between boxes. Add, subtract, multiply and divide between cells is possible thanks to formulas that you can place in the top bar. Doing it within the same box is even easier. You should only use the numeric keyboard with the sign “=” before the operation.
  • Use the templates offered by Office or from the Internet or simply create your own to write invoices, remittances and all kinds of accounting documents.
  • Link cells to others within the same document, in this way you will work in a more dynamic way and the updates of the values ​​will be done automatically.
  • You can make a huge amount of different documents with the same program, to learn more about Microsoft Excel we recommend that you search our site for the courses we offer.

List of the best alternatives to Microsoft Excel that you can use

List of the best alternatives to Microsoft Excel that you can use

While Office It’s one of the leaders in office programs, is not the only one on the market. And as it is a payment tool, there are some developers who have taken advantage of it.

You can know the best alternatives to Microsoft Excel, below:

Google Docs

Specifically the spreadsheets. With this web application you can access a large number of resources similar to Excel. You only need have a Google account (Gmail). Some advantages over software Office is that it is totally online. Your files are stored in the cloud, so there is no need for a physical storage device. In addition, it allows edit documents simultaneously, making work more collaborative. Above all else, it is free.

Apache OpenOffice

It is a open source suite. Which is available in different languages ​​and is compatible with Office’s own extensions. Within the program package we find software for spreadsheets, writing and others similar to Microsoft’s. Can be used in mode offline and it’s free.

Download Apache OpenOffice Windows

Download Apache OpenOffice Linux

Download Apache OpenOffice MacOS

If you are looking for something more exclusive, for less than 80 euros you can purchase this program. To which it is possible access from any device with an internet connection.

IWorks Numbers

An interesting alternative if you need a calculation program for your Mac. It is completely free and offers complex functions for data analysis and reporting. And like the hardware for which it is intended, the elegance of its design makes it an option. very nice to look at. Also, you should not worry if you have to send the file to a person with another operating system, since it is compatible with Microsoft Excel.

WPS Office

It is a android app. In which we can open, read, edit and share documents typical of an office. It is one of the most used by users who prefer to work from their mobile. Works great as desktop software plugin.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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