Microsoft Outlook tips: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2020 List

Since its inception, Microsoft has always been known for presenting the best software on the market, and when one of its services was not giving its full potential, they made a migration, so it was from Hotmail that Outlook emerged.

Even so, this one arrived a little late to the market, and that is why there are many objections from users when it comes to creating an account in this email service.

That’s why today we have brought you some of the features that make Outlook stand out from its competition, and some tricks that will help you get the most out of your account.

What features make Microsoft Outlook unique?

Despite the adversities that Microsoft has faced in the past, with the previous “Hotmail” email service, this company has learned from its mistakes and today provides a high quality service with nothing to envy to other companies.

This great service from Microsoft will be online from 2013, and since its release it has only stood out for its excellent features. There is a powerful feature that defines very well the quality of their service and this is the “Active View”, this feature allows the user to interact with anything you receive by mail without leaving it or having to download the file.

For example, if you receive an email in which you are sent a link to a YouTube video, or any other video bank, it can be played from the email without the need to open it directly on the platform.

The active view ensures that users can view information more conveniently from the same interface, and even provides real-time information on some services, to mention one, the online tracking of a postal shipment.

It also stands out for its efforts to ensure that customers have all their trays sorted and cleaned of irrelevant information. To this end, it has a sweeping system that organizes the information and makes it possible to eliminate large amounts of mail at once.

Another of the peculiarities that most enhance and make it a unique service, is the integration that has with the word processors and numbers better known in the world, this is the office suite of Microsoft.

With Microsoft Outlook you have access to Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs online, so with this account you can access and share all your documents that you have anchored there. It also has integration with almost all social networks, which makes it possible to respond to messages from these platforms by this means, for example those from Facebook.

Top 20 list of tips to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook mail

Below, we’ll look at 20 better ways to take advantage of Microsoft Outlook with some tips and tricks that we’ll mention:


All computer software has strategic commands that allow the orders of certain processes to be accelerated. These shortcuts usually speed up the basic processes of the application, so now we will see some of the most useful ones in this application.

  • “Ctrl+R”: Reply to mail.
  • “Ctrl+M”: Menu to answer and receive mails.
  • “Ctrl+U”: New e-mail.
  • “Ctrl+D”: Delete selected mail.
  • “Alt+W”: Go to the next email.
  • “Alt+R”: Reply to everyone in the mail.
  • “Alt+S”: Send email.

Quick elements

A great way to save time writing emails is when we have an introduction or some phrases that we usually use in many of these, then to not write them every day and repeatedly we can save them in the quick items.

In case you need them, just select them to appear immediately in the text:

  • To do this we must in an email that we are writing select those phrases that we consider should be saved as “Quick elements” and we shade them with the cursor.
  • Then press the “Alt+F3” keys.
  • To insert these elements in your message when you are going to write an email, just go to the “Insert” tab and in the top menu just on the right edge you will find the “Text” option.
  • In the menu that will be displayed, click on “Quick elements” and in the next drop-down window choose “Autotext”.
  • Finally here we will choose the element to be inserted and that’s it.

Grouping messages

When we receive a large number of messages in our inbox, it can be a little difficult to locate any of these specific messages afterwards. To solve this we can use a good trick, for this we go to the main menu and go to the tab “View”.

There at the top we will find “Show messages in conversations”, this must be checked to activate it and be able to make use of it.


You have probably received messages that are not of interest to you or from people or companies bothering you with irrelevant information, or offering products and services that are not of your interest. If this is the case, you should know that you have the option to block certain users and there are two simple methods to do so.

  • From the “Start” menu, you should press on the small “Forbidden” symbol located near the left side, this is the spam button.
  • In the displayed tab, click on “Spam options”.
  • Then in the new window go to the “Blocked Senders” tab and click on “Add”.
  • In this part we must enter the email address of the user or company we want to block.

The other simplest way is to right click on any user’s mail that we want to block and select the option “Spam”, then “Block Sender”.

Intelligent cleaning

Microsoft Outlook has a cleaning system that we must configure to have the best experience.

  • To make use of this we go to the entry in the “Home” menu, select the option “Cleaning” and from here we can delete a whole series of emails as a conversation, folders and sub-folders.
  • But if after pressing one of these 3 options instead of hitting “Clean”, we hit “Configuration”, we can optimize the work a little more.
  • In the next window that will open we go down the “Mail” menu and in the “Conversation Cleaning” section we select the parameters that we need.

Personal signature

In Outlook it is possible to personalize the emails to be sent with a personal signature, this is very useful to show a good business image.

  • To do this we must create the signature in a new message, we give in the option of “Signature” located near the right edge and later in what will be displayed we click where it says “Signatures”.
  • Once there we can create or insert a signature already digitized, or even a logo can be used.


This allows us to track all messages, so that if we need to be notified at a specific time to respond to an email we can schedule a follow-up alarm.

  • If we right click on any mail, in the “Tracking” section we can choose to be notified today, tomorrow, next week or the week after that, it all depends on what you need.
  • And if we click on “Add Notice” we can choose a more specific time.


It is possible to maintain a cleaner workspace by using the notes, this to have at hand any important data that needs to be used in one or several emails a day.

  • To use them, press the “Ctrl+Shitf+N” keys.

With this trick we will certainly have support and better organization when drafting them better.

Send SMS

This is a wonderful trick that allows us to send SMS from the mail, its operation is very simple, we only need to place in the sender the contact’s phone number and email address of the operator with whom the line works.

Applying it would leave us with something like this:


Creating rules in Microsoft e-mail is a very useful trick when organizing information and messages.

  • In the main screen near the right side we have the option “Move”, this in turn displays the option “Rules”, and in the last drop-down menu is the option “Create rule”.

From here we can configure the parameters so that the software takes action when an email meets the conditions.

For example you can choose to have all emails from “X” user go to the “X” folder and so on.

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