MOVE My APPs from Internal Memory to SD Card  Guide ▷ 2020

One of the biggest problems with smart phones is that Although today they are used as a computer, they do not have the storage capacity of one. It is something that manufacturers know, but with the technology we have it is still not possible to give them more space than the more than 100GB that high-end smartphones have.

However, fortunately we have the option to increase the 16Gb or 32Gb that most mid-range terminals have with a memory MicroSD that allows doubling this storage capacity. This means that in it we can save photos and even applications to reduce the load on the mobile. We will talk about the latter here.

In this article we are going to teach you how to move applications from your smartphone’s storage to its MicroSD memory.. Thanks to this, you can enjoy more space to save everything you need in the internal memory of the device.

Advantages and disadvantages of moving application data from internal memory to an external card

The time has come to see a subject that many of us are very interested in. Despite many alternatives that we have, we want the best and the one that facilitates our work as quickly as possible.

Support for microSD cards has become more and more “friendly” and common in the world and more and more manufacturers are choosing this system to offer users the possibility of expanding the capacity of internal storage.

The advantages

There are many advantages related to moving the applications to the MicroSD memory that we insert in the corresponding slot.

Here we tell you what all of them are:

  • You save space: the most obvious of all is the possibility of being able to save storage space in the internal memory of the mobile, which is a very important point that we must always keep in mind.
  • Improve mobile performance: the internal memory of the mobile is important because it indirectly improves its performance when it is not very busy. So by storing the largest amount of data to be executed from an external card, you will be substantially improving the performance of your terminal.
  • You secure the apps: if in the future you decide to change your device or it breaks down, you can have the same applications just by inserting the MicroSD memory in which they are stored, the only thing is that you must have the same Google account that you had in the previous device so that can be automatically updated in the Play Store. This also works the same in Apple, only in this case you will have to have the same Apple ID account, which is the service created by the Manzanita company to identify the devices of its users.

The disadvantages

  • Because Android allows many open applications to work in parallel, it makes battery consumption runs out very quickly and that it lasts much less than expected.
  • If Android releases an update, access depends on the manufacturer, which may take time for a response.
  • Android has various weaknesses such as malicious software.
  • Users regularly use the apps, but these apps are still open no matter that we no longer need them.
  • Choosing a card not suitable for installing applications would imply that the transfer speed will be much lower.

Steps to transfer my apps from internal storage to SD card

These steps are for all cell phones, customers can consult the manufacturer or its user manual for the specific steps of their equipment.

  • Before starting, what you have to do is go to “Settings”> “Applications” and select those applications that you want to transfer to the microSD card.
  • Once this is done, you have to click on “Storage”> “Internal storage”.

move app from internal storage to MicroSD

List of applications that help to transfer the apps to the external memory card

On the other hand, we have some Play Store applications that can facilitate this process, these are:

  • AppMgr III (App 2 SD): It is an application with a completely renewed design that provides the following components: Move applications, hide Applications, freeze applications and Manage applications.
  • Advanced SD Card Manager: It will allow you to display and move all the programs installed in the internal memory that can be executed from the SD card.
  • WiFi File Transfer: It allows you to upload and download files from your cell phone through a wireless connection through a very easy web interface.
  • Hellium: Allows support of applications, data and also from the SD card to the computer or Google Drive or Dropbox in the paid version.
  • App Backup Restore Transfer: It allows you to make backup copies of Android applications, as well as restore them.
  • JS Backup: It helps you recover your contacts, make backup copies in the cloud or a backup of your contacts to your computer.

transfer all applications and files from internal memory to an SD card on an Android phone

Is it possible to transfer all applications and files from internal memory to an SD card on an Android phone?

Keep in mind that not all applications can be moved to an internal card. In addition, many computers allow you to increase the memory up to 32 GB with an SD card, something that will give you more than enough space to save all the photos or files you want.

On the other hand, as I have already mentioned, we must be very careful with the actions we want to perform; We must be very clear about the action we want to take before doing it, since something we do not want could happen to our phone.

It is important to remember that not all cell phones have an internal expandable microSD memory. It is something that in most cases you will have to achieve on your own. Finally, it is possible to transfer your files to internal memory as long as you meet certain requirements, but depending on the manufacturer and the memory size of your phone.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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