My Microphone Doesn’t Work on Skype  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

The increasing use of communication networks like Skype, forces us to acquire peripherals necessary for communication through this platform, that is, webcam, speakers and microphone.

In the particular case of microphone, it is a very common error of the Skype application that we cannot configure the device, which will leave us unable to communicate in video calls or conventional calls.

Given that this error occurs mainly in the PC version of Skype, we will use that as a base, and we will show you the most probable causes for which this fault occurs, and the best methods to solve the problem.

What are the causes of my microphone not working on Skype calls and video calls?

Microphone failures when using Skype

This failure occurs in various videoconferencing and messaging services, Skype is not the only one who suffers this kind of mishap. However, the reasons why this can happen are not so many, since they are mainly security errors.

In general, the causes for which the microphone is Skype could lead to problems, can be summarized in the following categories:

  • Authorization issues: the input peripheral does not have the permissions to work on the computer.
  • Volume mismatch: the microphone input volume is too low, so it does not pick up sounds.
  • Windows audio glitch: the connected device is not set as the default in Windows, so it does not receive audio.
  • Wrong microphone settings is Skype: the microphone is not selected to function in the Skype application.

In general, when installing a new microphone and testing it with a Skype video or audio call, some of these errors are likely to occur, in part because they are settings that must be done manually.

Learn step by step how to fix Skype microphone errors from any device

Fortunately, all these errors are easily fixable. The procedure does not involve more than a series of simple adjustments to the settings of the computer, the microphone or the Skype application. All these options should be reviewed, since a mismatch in any of these sections can cause the microphone to malfunction.

Now, we present the solution to each of these possible problems:

Configure Windows audio permissions

Security and microphone settings in Skype

One of the most common difficulties that cause this type of audio errors, is the lack of Windows permissions. This occurs when, when installing a new peripheral, it has not been given audio reception permissions, so it will not work properly.

This problem is nothing more than a simple mismatch, solvable in a very simple way by entering the Windows settings and performing the following procedure:

  • Open Start on the Windows taskbar.
  • Enters in section Settings ”.
  • Opens the options of Privacy”.
  • Sign in to option Microphone”.
  • click on “Change”.
  • Active the option “Allow applications access to the microphone.”

To the authorize microphone usage permissions, we will now have the possibility of using it as an audio input method for all applications that support its use.

Adjust computer sound

Adjust volume on microphone from Windows 10

In many cases, the error may be less complex, since the microphone input volume is simply low, so our contacts they will not be able to hear clearly what we say to them through the call. This bug has a very simple solution.

All you have to do is turn up the microphone volume, through the following procedure:

  • Choose Beginning.
  • Follow the path Settings> System> Sound ”.
  • Open the option Entry”, and make sure the microphone is active.
  • Go into Input device> Device properties ”.
  • Open the tab Levels ”.
  • Adjust the sliders microphone volume as needed.
  • Choose To accept”.

One time settings are complete, it will be necessary test the microphone to make sure it is working properly. Once you’ve adjusted the volume, click “Start test”, and speaks through the mic, if the audio bar moves, the device is working properly.

Select default devices

Adjust sound input type in Windows 10

Windows 10 gives us the option selecting default audio input and output devices through their settings. While this setting is helpful for optimal use of these devices, it can become a problem when it comes to new peripherals.

To solve this problem, we must ensure that the speakers, headphones or microphone that are installed are the default devices, through these steps:

  • Open the Beginning on your Windows taskbar.
  • Go into Settings> System> Sound ”.
  • Choose Entry”.
  • Click on Choose input device “ to make sure the microphone is active and set as the default peripheral.
  • Click on Start test “ and speak into the microphone to check that it works.

When making these adjustments, the installed devices remain as predefined, allowing to use them in a simpler way and optimal for applications that support them.

Select the microphone in Skype

Select audio input device in Skype

Another of the most common errors in the configuration of Skype is when, in the application settings, the microphone is not configured that we want to use, so it is necessary to make the adjustments to be able to use it.

These adjustments are carried out as follows:

  • Open the app from Skype on your computer.
  • click about button Plus”, marked with three dots and located next to the profile photo, to open the options.
  • Choose the option Setting.
  • Enters to the section of Audio Video.
  • Make sure that the selected microphone be who you are using.
  • If necessary, also check the speaker settings, to make sure the correct ones are selected.
  • Press “To accept.

In many cases, the audio peripherals are correctly set on the computer, so when this failure occurs, it is most likely that it is a mismatch in Skype settings Fortunately, these malfunctions have an easy solution, and we will have our microphone available and ready to make the necessary audio and video calls.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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