Netscape Navigator  Internet Origin Story ▷ 2020

Netscape Navigator was one of the first browsers to gain popularity and acceptance on the web; heir to the pioneering browser Mosaic.

This explorer became the first option as a tool when making any kind of consultation on the web, thus spreading among many computers. Everyone really wanted to get started in the fascinating world of hypertext.

It became the main competition for the Explorer browser, but until 2003, when AOL made the decisive decision not to authorize new versions for that program from that moment on. Later, Mozilla inherited the patents hoping to be part of the market.

What is Netscape Navigator and what did it do in the early days of the Internet?

Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator was the first dealer result for the giant company Netscape Communications, this web browser whose creator was Marc Andreesen; co-founder of the aforementioned company and co-author of Mosaic, it was innovation by being a pioneer in terms of commercial-type browsers, being the total dominator of that market, widely surpassing Internet Explorer.

It is true that at that time there was a small number of Internet users, according to data provided by Our World in Data, this number was just over 50 million users around the world. But this fact was directly responsible for the emergence of the Internet.

If you want to inquire about the history of browsers, as a fundamental fact is the rivalry that existed between them, since there was always one who dominated, the others were just alternatives trying to compete at a distance.

It was a reality that in the 90s Netscape Navigator was the leader of all there was, due to the compatibility it presented with other platforms and the tools that it gradually incorporated.

By the time the latest versions are released, this explorer incorporated the options for mail clients, reader for newsgroups, editor for web pages and others, all of these with a lot of popularity and a lot of acceptance for that moment. Thanks to them it was renamed as Netscape Communicator.

What were the most interesting features that this browser had?

Netscape Navigator's coolest features

Some of the most interesting features of Netscape Navigator were:


Among its most outstanding characteristics was undoubtedly its speed, since it used an engine for the interpretation that was responsible for doing all the loading of the text and graphics at the same time. Unlike the other browsers, whose operation was based starting by loading the text and later by loading the graphics. This for slow connections was great, especially for phone networks.


The Netscape Navigator managed to efficiently integrate both CSS, JavaScript and HTML, fully joining the rhythm, which for that specific moment came to mark the entire design of the web pages. In addition, programs such as Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader also known to all, managed to open those files of type Flash and PDF, so that it handled variety in terms of different types of content was possible.

Easy to use

Easy to install and its design was mostly pretty clean and very simple. Effectively achieved integrate absolutely all search engines to adapt to the requirements of the most used search engines such as Google, Ask and Yahoo, with their respective blocker for annoying pop-up pages. Its toolbar had all the ability to be personalized.


It used SSL encryption in order to provide the best protection for all sensitive information. Likewise, this system was able to verify the identity for both parties prior to sending passwords for bank accounts, among others. It integrated the so-called anti-spyware and anti-adware, with the firm intention of giving everyone the opportunity to receive the ideal conditions to truly obtain safe navigation.

Causes of shutdown Why was the Netscape browser project canceled?

Why was the Netscape browser project canceled

The cause without a doubt of the closure of this pioneer in terms of navigation is concerned, it was a resounding victory for Internet Explorer, and it is that this war brought the AOL colossus to the final only an acceptance rate of 0.6%, which made it a project with little profitability and was discontinued for 2008. This in turn made way for its successor Mozilla Navigator.

One aspect that could affect Netscape was its business model, since the distribution of this was carried out for free, but the business was based on the sale of the software for all the servers.

For this reason, Microsoft’s next forceful action was to attack its competitor for profit; incorporating servers for the Internet Information Server web, completely free of charge and included within the servers under the Windows environment, so they would obtain clones for the total of the proxy servers without making any payment or with juicy and attractive discounts.

Subsequently, Microsoft managed to establish important agreements with all the companies that manufacture licenses for computers, so it was necessary at all times to include the desktop icons exclusively for IE, it was even possible to receive penalties for including Netscape.

What were the contributions of the Netscape browser to today’s online browsing?

What were the contributions of the Netscape browser to current online browsing

It should be noted as a really significant contribution from Netscape Navigator the access of all the public to the navigation, since before 1994 this was limited only to closed communities.

Later this year and due to the contributions of this project, the laws opened the doors of access to any individual and although other companies did not open themselves to this possibility, Netscape did take advantage of it and thus became the open door to welcome them. everyone to the web world.

He also accustomed everyone to constantly receive product updates, from new advantages to elements that were more complex and much more innovative. Details that are still observed today when all companies periodically present to all of their customers new versions that adapt to all types of tastes and needs.

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