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The computer networks, also known as “computer networks”, are those that are defined as a number of computer systems that are connected to each other to share information in packet data, via a series of wireless devices. Which admit electronic impulses or electromagnetic waves to facilitate this process.

Thus, computer networks are characterized by allowing the use of a single connection to Internet from multiple computers, as well as to facilitate the sending and receiving of messages. But, for this, they are composed of several elements that allow them to carry out these processes. Among these elements, there are the so-called “network modules”.

However, despite its relevance, many people are unaware what network modules are about and what they are for in the computing environment, like what are its main functions and the types that exist. Reason why, in this post, we will disclose such information in detail.

What is a computer network module and what is this device for?

Basically, a computer network module refers to a block of parts or a structure that is part of a system and is usually connected with the rest of the components, to facilitate the transmission of any type of data. So, it is defined as a kind of portion of a computer program that performs certain tasks based on input and output data to the system.

Therefore, this software module serves to implement a specific function in a complete network system. Among these functions, we find the most common which are: A transport protocol, a data link interface, or a network application. So, in short, they are modules that work as a provider of data and information. Considering that, can contain a variety of ports to insert routers, for example.

What are the main functions that a module fulfills in a computer network?

At a general level, it should be noted that the main function that a module fulfills within a computer network is simplify the exchange of information supported by different control systems. In addition to this, they are raised to be installed, replaced or serviced separately. For example, a single memory module in line is a random access memory unit (RAM) that you can add to a personal computer.

However, depending on its design and nature, each network module can be set for a specific function, which would be:

  • Allow a communication legitimate between the IT system and the production plant.
  • Provide much higher data transmission speed to which it owns, by default.
  • Control security based on everything that the computer network emits and receives.
  • Save space in the control cabinet and reduce wiring.
  • Work like a generic communication network module.

However, it should be noted that the typical functions of modular components or network modules, include portability and interoperability, In most cases. Thus, the first of them, allows them to be used in a variety of systems without limitation and the second is optimal to be able work with the components of other systems freely.

Types of network modules What are all that exist and how are they classified?

Types of Network Modules What are all that exist and how are they classified?

Among other things, it is also appropriate to indicate that, at present, there are various types of network modules that is worth differentiating in the computing environment.

Therefore, in this section of the post, we will point out the main classes of network modules that are distinguished and what are their most special characteristics:

Network modules for Ethernet / IP

They are those modules that were designed with the aim of provide high performance through a comprehensive Ethernet / IP program. Which is one of the most common because it supports the most famous standard in the world when it comes to networking technologies. Taking into account that, installation is quick, easy and inexpensive.

Now, among its most relevant features, we find that these modules have a technology based on Ethernet which has the ability to work more effectively and integrate drive technology. Also, they are distinguished by their easy handling and provide great security, because they can block IP addresses to protect them against accidental modifications.

Network modules for CC-Link

While it is true, CC-Link is a group of open industrial networks that support the communication of devices from many manufacturers. Thus, these modules are characterized by integrate the most diverse automation components from different vendors and has an effective system. In this way, it meets your requirements with full guarantee and they also offer high quality.

In that sense, it is a type of network module that has automatic reset of network stations, in addition to offers reliable real-time control, provides the possibility of programming the control units from the network and supports the transfer of contact data regardless of large volumes. Additionally, it implements the connection and / or disconnection of the network units during its operation.

Network modules for EtherCat

Given the EtherCat is defined as an open source computing protocol that is characterized by its high performance, there are also network modules suitable for it. Thus, they are elements that have a reduced cost, like completely simple handling, have a flexible topology and provide great effectiveness. Besides that, allows devices to be coupled and uncoupled during operation.

In such a way, they are modules that they are suitable for central architectures and also for decentralized architectures. They even have the ability to integrate subordinate fieldbuses, support up to 65,535 nodes at a distance of up to 100 meters each, and operates under an international standard since 2007.

Network modules for DeviceNet

In this case, they are network modules based on DeviceNet, a communication protocol used in the automation industry to connect control devices for data exchange. Which are focused on the highest possible demands and thus, are based on an extensive program of networking and connectivity.

Added to that, thanks to their very nature, this class of network modules form an efficient combination of field and process. with the aim of saving money and earning as much time as possible. Among other details, they are characterized by presenting immediate integration, quick modification and extremely easy installation.

List of the best network module manufacturers you should know

List of the best network module manufacturers you should know

To conclude, we tell you that, today, there are numerous network module manufacturers that you should know.

So, in short, we introduce you to a total of two of the most famous of them:

Allen bradley

Refers to the brand name of a line of factory automation equipment that is owned by Rockwell Automation. Which, offers numerous Ethernet communication modules that are characterized by providing messaging of Real-time I / O, support harsh environments, offer secure connectivity from the control system to higher tier systems, and provide high compatibility.

Diamond SA

It arose as a company established in Switzerland and since then, it has become a leading manufacturer of high-strength materials, fiber optic solutions, and other high-precision components, such as network modules. Thus, the latter are characterized by being optical modules, basically.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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