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Network operating systems or also known as Network Operating System, are considered as software components of a computer capable of handling a resource series in a network with more computers.

All this has become extremely important for most users since through this system they can carry out different network management and maintenance tools, among many other functions.

Because the importance of networks and systems within society and all its ability in computing here we are going to teach you a little more about what are they, what are their types and what are they really designed for.

Network and systems What are they in computing and how are they different?

Network and systems What are they in computing and how are they different?

A computer network is defined as two or more computers that are connect with each other and share resources, files, applications, hardware, among others. This allows several users to exchange information in a very simple, fast and very low cost way. All this has facilitated communication between companies, workers, thus reducing costs significantly and taking care of the security of information data.

In other words, a network is referred to as a set of nodes that can intercommunicate with each other at great speed. While a system is the WWW. Where they exist clients and servers that offer a service within the network and these systems operate on computer networks.

We can find the following differences between these two terms:

  • A network consists mainly of a group of computers that access files and resources from one or more servers, but each of the machines is running your own processes.
  • In the case of work stations This does not become a burden on the system, since when everything is executed independently such as applications and tasks, the server is dedicated exclusively to control data storage and retrieval.
  • A system corresponds to a mini or big computer which is responsible for centralize all processing, that is, it is in charge of carrying out any type of task, either data processing, file access, data transfer, among others.

Types of computer networks How many are there and which are the most important?

Types of computer networks How many are there and which are the most important?

Computer networks They are divided into different types according to their use, ownership, location and type of access, for it here We explain each of these types:

For its use

  • Exclusive networks: Those that connect two or more points exclusively, that is, they are private either for security, to maintain their speed or due to the absence of other types of networks.
  • Shared networks: Those where you can join a large number of users without any restrictions.

For its properties

  • Public networks: They usually belong to state agencies and are available to anyone, they are from free access.
  • Private networks: These are usually provided by people, companies or associations and they can be accessed only with the authorization of their owners.

Because of its location and coverage

  • Local Area Networks (LAN): Those where computers are connected to each other at small distances no greater than the 10 meters and usually they usually connect domestic or office machines.
  • Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN): They are made up of several LAN networks and they are usually much more extensive than these previous ones, thus covering much wider distances.
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN): Are those that cover larger areas in cities and they are available for a large number of teams.

By the type of access

  • Wireless: The devices are connected to the network via electromagnetic waves that are transmitted by air and that is called as it allows to carry connections without the need to use cables.
  • By cable: The computers are physically connected to each other using wiring that provides the signal.
  • Wireless and wired combination: In this case, the network has a wireless access like WAP and a point with cable connections.

Types of computer systems How many are there and which are the most important?

Types of computer systems How many are there and which are the most important?

It is important to mention that a system is a set of parts that interact with each other with a main objective and its parts are the hardware and software. There are different types of systems that are extremely important and which we present below:

  • Management information system: They are oriented to solve business problems. Where the SIG or MIS, It differs from common information systems because they use other methods that they use in the operational activities of the organization.
  • Transactional system: Transactional system, transaction processing system, is designed primarily to be able to collect information, store, modify and retrieve any type of data that is generated by the transactions of an organization. A transaction is a process that generates or modifies the information that is stored within a information system.
  • Decision support system: Named as Decision support system (DDS), which is a computer system used to serve as support rather than to automate the decision-making process.
  • Strategic systems: Its main function is not supporting the automation of operational processes nor provide any type of information to support decision making. In addition, it is able to achieve advantages that competitors do not have, such as advantages in costs and services at the entrance to the business.

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