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It seems incredible the sequence of ups and downs that Microsoft operating systems have had. In the case of Windows 7 it meant a resurgence after the little acceptance that its predecessor had. Such was the difference, that within hours of being launched, the W7 reservations exceeded the numbers Vista can’t get in 17 weeks.

Due to the reception that users made of this OS, is considered “the new XP” which at the time meant resistance to change. A problem that Microsoft has decided to fight hard.

We say this because in 2019 the company of Bill Gates announced the end of Windows Seven support. He announced that it came to fruition only in mid-January 2020.

List of all the news that the Windows 7 operating system introduced

As we mentioned in the beginning of the text, this version far exceeded the sales of its predecessor. But this was not left to chance, much less to the whim of the public. Here are the reasons for such success:

List of all the news that the Windows 7 operating system introduced

Speed ​​and stability

The operating system could be used extensively for hours (in its latest versions) without collapsing. In addition, it ran more agile, even on outdated computers that already had Windows Vista.

Device recognition

The system analyzed the components installed (or placed in the case of peripherals) and looked for and it installed the necessary drivers for its use automatically. To a greater or lesser extent depending on each device.


Although Vista produced a resounding change in the interface, the developers of Windows 7 believed (correctly) the no need for sidebars with the calendar and time in the form of an analog clock.

Taskbar redesign

In W7 it allowed to anchor programs to the bar, group windows and preview them just by pressing the cursor.

Programs included

Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 12 came by default with the Operating System. In addition, improvements to Paint, WordPad, among others.

Jump list

A contextual menu that was displayed by pressing the left button on a program in the taskbar. It offered a list of options that competed with the indicated application. For example, show the most visited sites in Internet Explorer.

Available networks

Visualizing the available networks was possible in a simple way. By clicking on the networks icon, showed all available wireless connections. In addition, it allowed linking to them through a few steps. This option was visible as long as the computer had a Wifi card.

XP mode

Windows Vista had constant compatibility problems with programs and services offered in Windows XP. To solve this problem, Microsoft incorporated XP Mode in 7. With this tool, the system pretended to be working with him. This was one of the main reasons users overlooked Vista.

Aero Peek

A button and a function that many of us overlook. It was introduced by Windows 7. This is the little box at the far right of the taskbar. We know that when we press it we will go to the desktop and all the windows will be minimized. Further, by placing the cursor on this button we can take a look, removing it from the site will return to normal.

Home Group

With this tool, the OS automatically gave us the steps to create a shared internal network connection. The devices within it created a giant library of shared files, as well as the use of a single printer for all computers involved.

Device Stage

With this tool, the operating system could display more details about the devices connected to the PC. Manufacturers could also customize the way some items were displayed.


It wasn’t just a name change for “My Documents.” But also added a more consistent and efficient way to sort files. Also adding the possibility of creating libraries that group elements from different disks and even from other computers in the Home Group.


Greater consumption efficiency than previous versions. Further, the system turned on, off, and suspended faster. In the case of laptops this was a great advantage, as it also extended the life of the batteries.

Play on

It consisted of the possibility of playing multimedia content on another device within the network. Even on a connected TV.

Remote media streaming

An external controller of the computer over the Internet. With this tool it was possible to have remote access to the PC. In order to use it, both devices had to have Windows 7 installed.

Direct XI

One of the best APIs released by Microsoft. It made multimedia tasks in games and videos much easier.


It incorporated the already known touch screen system the possibility of simultaneously touching at different points on the display. It opened the doors to a way that we still use today. Can you imagine a mobile without this ability?

Improved search engine

In addition to doing it on the internal drives of the computer, it did it on the shared folders within the Home network.

Defender improved

Considering the vulnerabilities presented by sight, the improvement in Windows Defender and BitLocker were considerable.

Goodbye to Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 Is it still convenient to use this operating system?

Goodbye to Microsoft's support for Windows 7 Is it still convenient to use this operating system?

The main reason Microsoft has let go of Windows 7 is primarily business. The maintenance of this system entails expenses in personnel, development and servers that the company has decided to target its most current products like Windows 10.

The answer to the title question is simple: no way. The operating systems that have been discontinued becomes vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. That said, we can break down a few issues.

It doesn’t matter which version you use. As of January 14, 2020 it is no longer supported.

In the event that the security of your data and files, as well as the life of the computer are not among your concerns. We can tell you that you can continue using W7 as normal. The only problem you will have is that little by little the applications will also stop having a support service. So it is likely that they will stop working on your computer.

If you own a Windows 7 Pro or Entrerprice license, Microsoft is about to offer an extension of the updates until 2023. The bad news is that you must certify the originality of the product and pay a sum of money that the company has not yet specified.

Another negative is that the time in which upgrade your system to Windows 10 for free it was possible. The same ended July 29, 2016. Although you can do it by following the steps of this post.

If you use machines or electronic devices that only run on Windows 7, we are facing a complex situation. The first alternative is to ask the manufacturer for updated drivers for more modern systems. The second is to try the “troubleshoot compatibility” tool available in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. And finally use a “virtual machine”. It is a tool capable of emulate a physical computer within an operating system. In other words, you can have a Windows 7 PC on your computer that runs Windows 10. However, it carries some privacy risks.

You can always consider purchasing a Windows 10 license. In official stores, this software does not go below two hundred dollars. However, you can legally buy it for a substantially cheaper price. Sites like Kinguin or G2Play offer original activation keyss for thirty dollars.

Take advantage and update your computer. If it is within your means, this is a good opportunity to change machine. If you’ve been using Windows 7 for a long time, your PC is probably somewhat out of date with regard to components. In many stores, desktops and laptops include Windows 10 as an operating system already installed and activated.

The last option and to end the post, is wait for source code to be released. While it sounds wonderful, it has never happened with an OS since the company’s inception. However, by way of color data, the Free Software Foundation sent an empty hard disk to Microsoft in February. The goal is for them to copy the source code of Windows 7. This request is accompanied by the support of thousands of people who have demonstrated it on social networks.

And although it is a very remote possibility, it must be remembered that the company has already released software such as the Calculator or Windows Terminal.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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