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Nintendo DSi is a reversal of Nintendo DS Lite. And it brought with it a notable improvement in the performance of the system compared to its predecessor. This device had two displays with integrated joystick, a digital pen and also a photografic camera.

The console was released between late 2008 and early 2009. Its price was 150 euros roughly. What’s more, it included the possibility of buying the games in a virtual store without leaving the device.

Nowadays it is difficult to get them in good condition and those available they tend to have high prices. For that reason we have created this post. In order to help you play with this platform and the hundreds of titles available there are.

List of the best emulators for the Nintendo DSI that you can install on Windows

List of the best emulators for the Nintendo DSI that you can install on Windows

If you always dreamed of this console, we want to tell you that you don’t need to take money out of your pocket. Since we will present you a free way to access the games on this platform. It is about using an emulator on the PC. However, there are hundreds of programs that circulate on the Internet that are not stable and can even damage your system.

For this reason we recommend the following:


It is the ideal application for low-resource computers. It is compatible with all operating systems and you can use it with PC controllers. Also, you have the option to save games to follow later.

Download DeSmuMe Emulator for Windows


Windows compatible, this program does not need adjustments. It is the only one that divides the screens like the original console does. In the lower one you can use the touch mode with the mouse, while the controls on the upper display are made with the keyboard. It is important to say that you will not be able to use “Cheats” in this software.

Download iDeaS Emulator for Windows


Originally was created to emulate Game Boy Advance, as indicated by their acronym. However, can be used to run games from the DSi catalog. By default it will not be configured for the latter. To change this, you must go to the menu “Cartridge” within “File” and select “NDSi ROM” The software supports touch screens which will give it more realism.

WinDS Pro

It is a functional software for the most popular games of Nintendo DS, DSi and Game Boy Color. One of the great advantages is that It is found entirely in Spanish. To access copy the following address windsprocentral.blogspot.com.


The latest recommendation for emulators on PC. It is an option that provides a compact interface. While it doesn’t support as many games as the others on this list, it does very well with the Most popular roms.

Download NeonDS Emulator for Windows

DraStic DS Emulator

It is an application that we can use from our mobile with Andriod. It is paid (4.49 euros), but you will not regret acquiring it. It is considered the best in the market. The emulator even manages to improve the graphics and rendering quality of the original device. In addition, when emulating with another touch device such as Smartphones, the gaming experience is very similar.

The best Nintendo DSi games to test your new emulator

The best Nintendo DSi games to test your new emulator

Once you make up your mind by any of the previous options and you have downloaded it, will be the time to look for the games. But as we always want to save you work, we have compiled a list of the best five games.

Take note of them:

Zelda, Phantom Hourglass (2007)

In this new link’s adventure (That’s right, her name is not Zelda) We will sail in the seas of the magical world of Hyrule. Between lost islands and fierce enemies we will have to forge our sword to defeat Bellum. The game features a great gameplay and amazing graphics quality for the platform.

New super mario bros

In this installment, Nintendo’s number one character It will show why you have earned the fame of the king of platform games. A kind of reversal of Super mario world with new enemies and a completely revamped environment. With improved game mechanics, you must advance between levels defeating enemies And how to do it? Mario style, running and smashing.

Mario Kart DS

The plumber and his companions come together again to compete on the track. The game has 32 circuits (16 more than the Nintendo 64 version) and gives you the ability to compete against your friends or family. You can do through a Wi-Fi or Network connection . Most of the emulators that we recommend meet this requirement.

Pokemon Black and White 2

Before the madness of Pokemon go, the players were already fans of this saga. The story takes place two years after the previous installment ended. Although the mechanics remain the same, we can find new characters in unknown places like the ice region called Unova.

Chrono Trigger

A game one of the most valued among expert users. In this RPG we will have to restore the temporal order. Our character was sent to the past, where he must defeat hundreds of enemies in order to change the destiny of the world future. Battles per turn will keep you from moving from the computer until the threats are ended.

Is it possible to play Nintendo DS titles on the Nintendo DSI?

In the case of emulators, the answer is resounding: yes. Some of them will even allow you to play titles of previous portable devices of the same brand. However, when we talk about physical consoles the answer changes, but only slightly. Well, the previous version of NDSi, the NDS possessed a slot compatible with Game Boy Advance game cartridges.

It was eliminated with the exit of the newest device. This, because it had already been more than 7 years since the launch of GBA. This decision was somewhat criticized by fans. However, all original games released for Nintendo DS are valid on NDSi. With the exception that they are acquired in different regions. In which case we run the risk that the phases do not coincide PAL or NTSC.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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