NUKERS  What is it and how does it work? + How to Delete ▷ 2020

Just as there are biological viruses everywhere, there are also computer viruses everywhereFor a reason, both are called viruses. Its main function is to infect the PC, damage its operation and steal information, although there are some viruses with greater infection.

Those virus that are capable of causing greater damage to our equipment are known as, special malware or advanced, and among these are the Nukers. Like a trojan the main function of this potential malicious software is to destroy the proper functioning of our computer.

Due to its high danger always we must be attentive to them, and knowing how to recognize when we are in the presence of one. That’s why we leave you this post, here you will find all the necessary information so that you have a healthier PC, and know how to prevent these viruses.

What is a Nuker and what are these malware for?

Have viruses on the PC

The malware known as Nuker, are a type of virus that has a behavior similar to that of a TrojanIts function is to spread throughout the system, overloading it, overwriting it, and modifying its structure, taking the equipment to a critical state. On some occasions, where the complete infection is slower, it first affects the overall performance of the PC, decreasing all operation to minimum speed.

Depending on the type of Nuker, it may or may not have the ability to destroy and delete sensitive files. Among the different types of Nuker that exist, the one that attacks the most is the classic Nuker, used by hackers to steal information from other computers and slow them down. Other effects of this virus type, are the constant falls that presents the system in its presence. They can be eliminated, formatting the hard disk, although well having a powerful antivirus with the legal license.

Characteristics of a Nuker How are these malware identified?

We must be very alert to this type of malicious software, and knowing how to identify it before it’s too late. Like many of the virus, the Nukers Malware They have different characteristics that if we are aware of them, we can immediately identify when we are in the presence of it.

Some of them are:

  • Make modifications to the system: This is a real threat, because it alters the information that we have stored in our files or system, writing encodings, and keeping records in order for the system to crash.
  • It completely destroys the intelligent structure of our PC: This creates encodings in order to overwrite and corrupt the system. During its destruction process, it removes applications and programs really useful for proper operation.
  • DoS or Denial of Service and similar attacks: This powerful virus can also create a perfect network attack against remote computers.
  • Congests and damages special hardware components: It alters the hardware settings, causing it to malfunction.
  • They appear on the system but cannot be uninstalled: Nukers are viruses so potentially dangerous that we can identify them, but when they are already rooted in the system they cannot be uninstalled.

How do I know if there are Nukers on my computer? Main symptoms

Our PC has many symptoms when you are infected with this virus. If we read the characteristics that are in the previous section, we can know when we are or are not in the presence of a Nuker malware.

If we read, we see that one of the first symptoms are:

  • Overcrowding of the system
  • Low in performance of the team
  • Modification of files
  • Malfunction hardware
  • Uninstalling files important

With these simple symptoms, even three of them, we can know that we are in the presence of a Nuker.

How did a Nuker get into my computer? Main forms of contagion

The Nuker malware, are viruses that can enter our system quickly. We just have to have a minimum critical point so it can sneak in there. One of the main points of contagion are, caused by the vulnerability of the system, infiltrating by any download file, or a simple click. Its presence is not easy to detect, in addition it acts as a parasite, so it does not have an installation wizard and neither does it ask us for an approval permission to run.

These Nukers mainly are managed and monitored by their creators (hackers), and they do not need some viral component in the machine for it to develop. Another way to contagion, it is through the installation of another virus. As we know, every time we download a file from the Internet, a number of viruses also come with them that our antivirus detects, but the Nukers They use other viruses such as: Trojans, backdoors, parasites, to camouflage themselves and not be inoperative.

Steps to remove a nuker from my Windows and MacOS computer

Nukers are viruses that can go unnoticed, so if we don’t act fast, it will be too late even to regret it. That is why the first thing you should do is look for a good antivirus, we personally recommend all users seeking to eliminate advanced viruses install Norton Antivirus.

Let’s see the steps to follow according to your operating system:

On windows

First we must turn off our PC and turn it on after waiting at least 30 seconds, with this we guarantee that all applications running in the foreground and background have closed correctly and we avoid such a long analysis.

Then we look for the antivirus and run it as administrator. To do this we right click on the software icon and look for the option that says “Open as administrator …”. When the program runs, we look for the option that appears at first glance, which says Analyze now. We hope that the analysis is finished, and it is best not to use the PC while it is in progress. By the end we will see that the program, detected and deleted it automatically.

On macOS

In such a case that your operating system is not Windows, but be MacOS, the process is very similar. The key step is to have installed Norton Antivirus on your PC and then run it. To simply run right click on it, and we run it normally.

The same as Windows it is advisable to have the computer just started without any other programs running. We hope that the analysis is completed, and the program will solve all the problemIt will also show us a report of the different problems found, and the actions carried out for each one.

Tips to protect ourselves from Nukers and keep our computers clean

Tips to be protected from backdoor viruses on my computer

The Nukers they have behaviors very similar to other malware, so the method to prevent it is very similar between them.

The first tips that we must always apply to avoid not only Nukers, but any type of malicious software, are the following:

Install a quality antivirus

First and foremost, is to have a quality antivirus installed on our system. Many of these do not represent adequate protection, because they are not legal licenses, on the other hand if we have a purchased one we will have complete protection.

Install real-time Trojan protection

We must Activate the functions of our antivirus, so that let’s have real time protection, although nevertheless we place a lot of emphasis on this: “We cannot do without a fully licensed program, it is a total risk.”

Keep your antivirus programs updated

As always there are updates on viruses in the form of try to circumvent security protocols, We must also constantly update the antivirus, so that it strengthens the security and protection of our PC.

Perform daily scans

Many of the antivirus have the option of daily auto scan, but if yours is not the case, you will have to perform a PC scan every day, with the intention of preventing a virus from accommodating itself in the system.

Disable the “Autorun” or Auto-run

We must disable autorun, then, many of the viruses are transmitted by USB sticks, or any other external disk, so if the autorun is active, will run all viruses, giving way to Nukers.

Don’t “click” on links in emails or attachments

As long as we do not know the origin of the emails that we receive, it is better not to click or open the link because many viruses can lodge there. In other words, if we want to avoid a high-risk action on our PC, it is better delete these emails.

Browse smart

All browsers, have a protection mechanism that notifies when we are in the presence of a unsafe website, which is highly recommended that if we are in the presence of this situation do not continue accessing, and avoid file downloads at all costs, or the insertion of personal data.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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