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Use the computer, mobile or any device to surf the internet gives us a feeling of comfort. But confusing this for sure can be a mistake. This is because sometimes we do not have the necessary protection to enter the web.

exist multiple threats that threaten our privacy and valuable data. The unsuspecting and careless are often the first victims from this danger.

In this post you will learn what they are all these threats, where they lurk and how to protect yourself from them. In this way you can make use of all the benefits of the Internet without suffering in the attempt.

What are the main vulnerabilities in web browsing?

What are the main vulnerabilities in web browsing?

The methods to exploit vulnerabilities in computer security systems, servers and web pages are varied and are updated at all times. In turn, there are pages that use protocols that are more vulnerable than others. It is the case of Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP. This type of site does not offer the necessary security for you to enter your data. They look exposed to possible attacks on the page itself.

On the other hand, the combination of the latter with others such as SSL Y TLS They manage to encrypt the information, so that it can only be read by the browser and the server. You can find it with the acronyms HTTPS. Many programs like Chrome, Firefox among others, omit to show it and replaced by a padlock icon. Sadly this not enough to safely use the Internet. Experts have managed to compose a list of the most harmful softwares for browsing.

These are:

  • Malicious sites. These are pages created with files harmful to the user. In addition, they are often combined with other items on the list.
  • Tainted scripts. It is when the attacker manages to introduce a malicious code in legitimate web pages. In these directions, the visitor is often directed to other malicious elements, such as virus downloads.
  • The latter can be auto executable and contain packages that obtain personal data from the victim’s device.
  • Within the category of virus, it is possible to be a victim of trojans. These malwares open the back door of the security systems of computers and servers. Allowing the entry of other harmful programs without raising suspicions.
  • Finally, we find the Adware. While they may seem harmless, as their purpose is to fill windows and popups the Navigator. They often manage to destabilize the system completely. Sometimes it is so difficult to get rid of them, that it is best format.

Security aspects to take into account when browsing the Internet How to protect ourselves?

Security aspects to take into account when browsing the Internet How to protect ourselves?

For minimize the risks of entering the global network, the most sensible thing is to follow some basic safety tips.

Try to incorporate them every time you use email services or when you go online:

  • Not accept cookies additional. Although, many times sites use them without us noticing, these small files store personal information.
  • Don’t click misleading ads. They can lead you to an unwanted page or in the worst case download malicious software.
  • Do not use default password and create them as strong as possible. Forget your birthday or your pet’s name. Use combinations of letters, numbers, lower case, upper case, and symbols.
  • Use alone private networks or trustworthy. You don’t know who else is connected to it.
  • Do not visit suspicious pages. Sites for watching pirated movies, for example, have hundreds of Exploits which are techniques to deceive the visitor.
  • Do not open emails marked as spam or of doubtful origin.
  • Do not download pirated programs. These use cracks to unlock utilities or licenses. But they don’t stay there as they usually are accompanied by malware.
  • Do not enter confidential data if you use a alien device. It would be the same as leaving a sheet of all your passwords stuck to the desk at work.
  • Above all, bear activated and updated the antivirus. It is the main ally to prevent access by cyber criminals.

What are the main security threats in online browsing?

What are the main security threats in online browsing?

If you do ignore our recommendations, it is likely that you suffer one or more of the many threats that roam the web.

Next, we will name some of them:

Obtaining private data

It is from most common Internet threats. Although it is not very aggressive, it is a violation of personal information. The sites can have access to your name, age, address, likes, etc.

These data are then collected and sold to advertising agencies, social networks or in the worst criminal cases. The main cause of this falls largely on the user. A bad configuration of privacy permissions in social networks, connect to open or unknown WiFi networks or deliberately entering sites HTTP are the main ones.

Stolen passwords

They are among the most valuable information that can be acquired from a user. Believe it or not there is a black market extensive where this type of data. Imagine all the access an attacker will have if he can get your keys. We are not only referring to social media profiles or emails, but also to bank accounts and credit cards.


It is a method with which one web page impersonates another, copying as much as possible the design and direction. In this way an unsuspecting user will enter their data on a regular basis, but will be providing it to a fraudulent site. It is also possible to receive email with this technique. In it, you will request essential data such as keys, bank accounts or just the phone number. They usually have a button linked to a website with the same characteristics.


That term encompasses harmful programs such as viruses, worms, spyware, among others. Internet is the preferred medium for this type of software to move to devices. They are from threats more serious than you can be a victim. Similarly, companies and governments with deficiencies in information security are also.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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