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Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor in the world. It belongs to the Office package, created by this company along with other applications designed for daily work in the offices. In principle they were only available for Windows, today they is on all operating systems.

This software creates, edit, modifies and processes documents in different languages. It has hundreds of tools that have evolved over time.

With this program we can write texts of any kind. For example, academic, school, or storytelling. Even it is possible to add images, categories, tables and even change the size and format and then print.

What are all the document formats that Word supports?

What are all the document formats that Word supports?

As new software has appeared and evolved, Word has followed this pace adding various supported formats. This feature facilitates cross-platform performance and speeds up writing or text editing work.

These formats include the following:

  • The native .DOC / .DOCX format. It was adopted as a universal extension for the text files of different programs. Within this type of document we can include texts and images in the same worksheet. From package updates Office 2007 added the .docx format that allows greater compression, reducing its weight. In any case, you can continue to open, edit and save files with the old extension.
  • RTF. Another of the formats supported by Microsoft’s word processor. the same allows exchange of them among software from other companies such as Manzana.
  • TXT. It is a text document that does not have internal format. That is, the information written in this file does not have a font, size, color and other variants like bold, underlined or italics. They are usually very light. Editing these documents in Word will convert the content to the default font and become rich text.
  • Other formats. We can add extensions such as .dot .odt .docm .html among the main.

Steps to open a document in Microsoft Word fast and easy

There are different methods to do it. Everything will depend on the one that is most comfortable for you. In this section we will show you what they are.

Take note:

  • Go to the file The containing the document you want to open.
  • Double click on it word file.
  • If it’s one downloaded from the Internet, a warning sign may appear at the top. If it is a secure document, click on “Enable editing”.
  • In the case that you have downloaded it from the web, you can click directly on the finished download, within the same browser.

Steps to open a document in Microsoft Word fast and easy

  • Another method is by opening Microsoft Office from the Office folder inside of the start menu.
  • Once on the main screen of the program, in the sidebar, choose “Open”.
  • Choose “Examine”.
  • Inside the explorer, find the location of the file, select it and press “Open”.
  • You can also, drag the document from its location to the Word window.

What if the document is of another extension? Learn to open any format in Word

A practical way to find out if Word supports an extension is by performing the last step in the previous section. If it is, the software will display the content of the document. Changes may be made, prior warning. If not supported, an error window will appear. However, there are external methods that allow transform some files to make them compatible with the Office program.

Here are some of them:


If you have the paid version Acrobat Reader you can convert the document from the same program. To do this you must open the PDF normally from Acrobat Reader and click on “Archive”. There you will select “Convert to Word, Excel or PowerPoint.” Then you can select whether to add more files or not. In addition, to speed up the conversion, you must choose the language of the document and press “Export to Word”.


Is a extension typical of Microsoft Excel. The fastest way to convert it to .Doc It is through the Internet. You can use websites like this “”. Here you will find different formats available for both origin and output. Even though it is sensible to copy the contents of the calculation table and paste it inside the word document.

With Word from 2013

Finally another quick way to open a PDF in Word It is possible if we have Office version 2013 or higher. It is important to know that the document will not always be the same as the PDF as automatic conversion may lose some original features, eg footnotes or tables.

To do this you must choose the option “Open” in the tab “Archive” and then search your computer for the PDF you need to edit. A dialog box will appear warning you that it may delay the conversion and this will depend on the amount of graphics or images you have the PDF. In case the program does not recognize text, it may show it as an image and the content cannot be edited there.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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