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While it is true, Microsoft Access has been listed as one of the best tools that operate as a management system for databases Y has the ability to organize, search and present information, while taking advantage of the graphical power of Windows. With which, it provides excellent options, simple and direct, to work and present information.

Thus, it is a program of Microsoft what offers tables, queries, forms, reports and many more utilities for data management. Therefore, it provides notable advantages that range from effective and easy data storage and management, to the possibility of use pre-designed solutions, obtain different formats from the same report, update and collect intuitive and agile information, etc..

Added to that, Access offers the necessary option to open a file or document in exclusive mode and thus, achieve an optimal job of your databases. Which, as the name implies, it is ideal to acquire a greater privilege on the document in question. So to know how to use this tool correctly, we invite you to read this post.

What is Microsoft Access Exclusive Open Mode and what is it for?

As well as all the software it offers Windows, in Access the possibility of open or import documents that have a format compatible with this tool. However, in this case, users have the ability to open their files in various ways and one of them is known as the “exclusive mode”. In this sense, the exclusive opening mode of Microsoft Access consists of a way to open documents in the program to gain greater power over them.

Therefore, it serves to ensure that other people cannot open that file and, in addition, it is used when a database is on a network and some property needs to be modified. As a consequence, if you open a file in Access through exclusive aperture mode, no other user will be able to enter the database as long as you keep it open. Which, provides you a higher level of security and privacy to manage your documents in Microsoft Access and thus do a better job.

What are all the Access document opening modes?

What are all the Access document opening modes?

Now, just as there is an exclusive way when accessing a document from this program, you can also use other opening modes that have certain peculiarities to ensure some parameters for users.

That is why, so that you can learn more about the subject, we let you know what are the other options available in Microsoft Access:

  • “Open”: This is the most commonly used option to open any document in Windows programs. Microsoft. In this case, once you access the file from there, they are choosing to open it in a shared way and, therefore, other people can also enter the database with complete freedom.
  • “Open as read-only”: If you click the drop-down arrow on the button Open, You can find this and the other options that we will indicate below. In the case of “Open as read-only” refers to an alternative in which you can simply see the database, but do not modify or make corrections.
  • “Open in exclusive mode”: As we indicated previously, this is an opening mode that it is characterized by preventing access to the database by other users. Apart from that, it is used to modify one or another property of the file.
  • “Open in read-only exclusive mode”: As a last option, you will find this way of opening Access with which You can only view the document, without other people being able to access it. However, it will not be possible to make modifications or change its properties.

Learn step by step how to open a document in exclusive mode in Access

If, above the other available options, what you prefer is access your document exclusively In order to acquire the aforementioned privileges, you need to know which are each and every one of the steps to follow to achieve it properly.

In this sense, we proceed to explain what you have to do to do so, in detail:

  • To start, you have to enter Microsoft Access as you commonly do and, after that, locate the tab that says “File” to select it.
  • Then among all the options available there, you have to click on the one that says “Open”.

Learn step by step how to open a document in exclusive mode in Access

  • Once this is done, the dialog box will be displayed Open and, from it, you can start find the Access document to click on it.
  • Later, go to the bottom of the dialog box where you are and click the down arrow next to the Open button.
  • Once you see the options available in the small drop-down menu, you must proceed to choose opening mode. In this case, click on “Open in exclusive mode”.

Learn step by step how to open a document in exclusive mode in Access

  • By last, after a few seconds, the file in question will be opened and thus, you will have the database in exclusive mode so that no other person can enter it while you are managing or modifying it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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